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May BlitzWolf sales, if even Xiaomi is too expensive

May BlitzWolf sales, if even Xiaomi is too expensive

Lots of interesting gadgets at affordable prices!

May BlitzWolf sales, if even Xiaomi is too expensive


In the last two or rather three years, Blitzwolf has become very muscular. In the beginning, the brand that conquered mostly with car accessories, chargers, headphones and earphones has now introduced itself in many areas. Gamer stuff, projectors, household appliances under the BlitzHome sub-brand, smart lighting under the BlitzWill sub-brand, and here is also the newest name, BlitzMax, which I have no idea what products will fall under. And, then we haven't talked about AirAux, under which there are speakers, earphones, etc.

It's no coincidence that I also have more and more Blitzwolf stuff. I didn't buy a Xiaomi as a second or third air purifier, but there is a Blitzwolf smart light on the ceiling, a Blitzwolf (BlitzHome) coffee maker and hot air oven and grill in the kitchen. But Blitzwolf is my desktop and car phone holder, my charger, and I have three Blitzwolf chairs and two Blitzwolf tables in my office. But even apart from these, I have at least a dozen BW gadgets from a massager to an external battery to one of the lights I use for video.

So for the BlitzWolf adult, prices haven’t gone down, feel free to dare to say that it’s one, if not the best price-performance brand on the market today, so it’s worth counting on!

You will find plenty of promotions in this article, so this will be a long article, make some cold food and drink. Let's see!

Except for one of the products in the article (I will indicate this), all products can be ordered from the EU warehouse (while the EU stock lasts), so you do not have to deal with customs clearance, VAT or additional costs!

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  1. Open the product page in the list below by clicking on the product name
  2. Click on "Buy Now"And then at the top right of the window that opens, click"Discounts ” under the heading "Coupons ” lol
  3. The "Input coupon code ” Copy the coupon code in the box below and use the "Use ” button.
  4. Then come the “Place Order”Button and you can complete the purchase.



BlitzWill CLT1 ceiling light

May BlitzWolf promotions, if even Xiaomi is too expensive 1

The BlitzWill BW-CLT1 LED smart ceiling light is a versatile and modern lighting solution that offers many functions. The lamp has a diameter of 30 cm and is made of PMMA, PC and AL materials. The lamp has a power of 32W and produces a brightness of 2200LM with 78 SMD2835 and 42 SMD5050 RGB LED bulbs. The color temperature can be adjusted between 2700K and 6500K, and the lamp also has an RGB mood function.

The light has a high CRI of over 80 and a wide beam angle of 135°. The light connects to Wi-Fi at 2,4GHz and can be controlled via the BlitzWolf, Tuya and Smart Life apps. It also supports voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The lamp is CE and RoHS certified, can withstand the operating temperature range of -20~+40℃ and 80% humidity.

The lamp has a long lifespan of more than 20 hours. The lamp is an excellent choice for modern homes looking for a versatile and high-tech lighting solution.

The price of the lamp is a BGXIFD657  with a coupon code, you can now buy it very cheaply, for 14 forints instead of the original price of 000 forints here:

BlitzWill CLT1 ceiling light

You can read my test of the lamp here: BLITZWOLF BW-CLT1 SMART PLATE LAMP - SUSPICIOUSLY CHEAP!



BlitzWolf BW-HP5 Bluetooth Headset

May BlitzWolf promotions, if even Xiaomi is too expensive 2

BlitzWolf BW-HP5 is a Bluetooth headphone with double active noise reduction, ideal for listening to music and making calls. The innovative noise reduction technology eliminates background noise and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the music or the conversation. The headphones also feature a “Transparency” mode that lets in outside sounds so you can be aware of what's going on around you. Thanks to the 40 mm + 20 mm double dynamic speakers, you can enjoy sound rich in details. Thanks to AAC HD audio decoding and Bluetooth 5.0 version, high-quality audio transmission and sound can be realized. With a built-in 1000 mAh battery, the headphones can provide up to 50 hours of playback time in active noise reduction mode, so you don't need to recharge even during a round-the-world flight. The headphones are capable of pairing two devices at the same time, so you can easily switch between music, calls, and videos on two different devices, and the precise microphone transmits your voice clearly and intelligibly during calls.

The price of the headphones is a BG474595 can now be reduced to HUF 17 with a coupon code here:

BlitzWolf BW-HP5 Bluetooth Headset




Get ready for Christmas now, the BlitzWolf festival is here! 11

This is also a great new pacifier from BlitzWolf's witch's kitchen, I already bought one, now I use it to charge my notebook, phone and everything else that needs to be charged. It has no less than 6 USB ports and no less than 75 watts of power. A brutal piece. We provide PD3.0, SCP, QC3.0, PD2.0, QC2.0 solutions for fast charging, so it can be used for Android and Apple devices, and even some notebooks can be charged with it due to the high performance.

The price of the charger is a BG751dae now only HUF 12 with coupon code here:




Is Blitzwolf the new Xiaomi? - the 20 best deals 9

The BlitzWolf BW-S23 is a powerful wall charger with 4 ports for charging your devices. It has dual USB-C and USB-A ports and supports several protocols including PD3.0, PPS, QC3.0, SCP and FCP.

With its maximum power of 100 W, you can quickly charge your iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S22, Z Flip 4, iPad Pro 2021 and MacBook Pro 16″, among others. The USB-C1 and USB-C2 outputs support up to 100W, while the USB-C3 and USB-A outputs support 20W and 22,5W, respectively.

It also has many output combinations, including USB-C1+USB-C2, USB-C1+USB-C3, USB-C1+USB-A1 and other output combinations. This wall charger is compact, lightweight and perfect for use at home or on the go.

There is no coupon, but considering the high performance, the price of HUF 9500 can still be considered favorable.




BlitzWolf® BW-S22 Mini PD 35W GaN wall charger

May BlitzWolf promotions, if even Xiaomi is too expensive 3

The BlitzWolf BW-S22 Mini PD 35W GaN Wall Charger is a compact charging device designed for fast and efficient charging. It has two Type-C ports with Power Delivery (PD) and Quick Charge (QC) 3.0 technology, which can deliver up to 35 W of power. The charger has Type-C1 and Type-C2 output ports that support PD3.0, PPS, QC2.0/QC3.0, FCP, AFC, BC1.2, APPLE 2.4A.

It has an EU plug and is made of durable PC material, in a black design. The charger is compatible with mobile phones, tablets and other digital electronic products that support PD and QC3.0 charging protocols. The device has a compact design measuring 77,8mm x 40mm x 28mm, making it convenient for travel and everyday use.

We can now buy an EA charger for HUF 5100 if a BG944e28 coupon code is used here:

BlitzWolf® BW-S22 Mini PD 35W GaN wall charger



BLITZWOLF BW-P9 external battery (pack of 2)


BlitzWolf BW-P9 - because life is beautiful in pairs!


Summer is coming, travel, vacations, camping, dead cameras and phones, tablets on which you can't watch fairy tales, ready for brain trouble. In such cases, an external battery comes in handy, but it is even better to have two of them right away!

The BlitzWolf BW-P9 is a 10000 mAh power bank with 18W fast charging that can charge two devices simultaneously. The battery has two inputs (Type-C and Micro) and two outputs (Type-C and USB), compatible with PD3.0, PD2.0, QC3.0 and QC2.0 protocols. The battery with a capacity of 10000 mAh is charged in just 4 hours with 12V/15A (maximum) charging power.

The BW-P9 battery has reliable multi-layer protection, including overcharge, overvoltage, overdischarge, overdischarge voltage, discharge current, charge current, short circuit and temperature protection. The battery measures 139 x 70 x 15,5 mm and weighs 200 g and is easily portable, so you can take it with you anywhere. The product is CE, FCC and RoHS certified.

Now you can buy a two-in-one package of the BW-P9, so the price of the two batteries without a coupon is HUF 11 from the Czech warehouse at the link below:




BlitzHome BH-CM1503 Espresso coffee machine

BH-CM1503 - BlitzWolf's pressing machine has never been so cheap


The BlitzHome espresso machine BH-CM1503 (CMM3) is made of 430 stainless steel, elegant and robust, with an all-metal cover that is both corrosion and scratch resistant. The BlitzHome espresso machine has an NTC precise temperature control system that ensures the perfect coffee brewing temperature, so every cup of coffee will be perfect. Thanks to the 15 bar high-pressure extraction and the high-performance 1250-1450 W heating boiler, quick heating and fast coffee brewing guarantee a perfect start to the day, even on rushed mornings.

The machine's adjustable coffee quantity function allows you to adjust your coffee to your desired taste. Single-cup coffee can be set between 25 ml and 60 ml, while double-cup coffee can be set between 70 ml and 110 ml. In addition, the machine's professional milk frothing function allows you to easily froth cappuccinos and lattes with hot steam, so you can give your coffee a perfect creamy finish. The BlitzHome espresso machine is designed with safety in mind. It has overheating protection, automatic shutdown after 29 minutes of inactivity and a high temperature alarm. The machine also has a function reminiscent of descaling.

In addition to the coffee making functions, the BlitzHome espresso machine also has a hot water function, which makes it easier to clean and heat the coffee cup. The separate water tank is easy to fill and clean. The BlitzHome espresso machine is compact and lightweight, with product dimensions of 312 x 139 x 304 mm and a weight of 3,9 kg, making it easy to move or store when not in use. The contents of the package include the espresso machine, a funnel handle, a measuring spoon, two filters and a manual.

The price of the machine today is BG19a668 with a coupon code, ordered from a Czech warehouse for HUF 31 by clicking here:


My article about the coffee maker: CREAM COFFEE AT HOME – BLITZHOME BH-CM1503 COFFEE MAKER TEST




The BlitzWill BW-NL1 neon LED strip is three meters long and has RGBIC effects and music synchronization. RGBIC allows us to use several colors within one strip, so we can even create different shapes on the wall so that some parts of the shapes light up in a different color. The LED light bar is controlled by an APP, which is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can control the colors and mode even with voice commands.

The first BlitzWill product has arrived, the smart neon strip is here! 1

In the music mode, we can use the built-in microphone, in which case we will not only hear the sound of the music and the game, but also perceive it with our eyes. Six music rhythm modes can be selected in the application. With the help of the free APP, we will be able to customize the color, brightness and flashing mode of the different scene lights, so we get unique smart lights. It is also exciting that the neon strip is IP67 waterproof, so it can even be used outdoors.

The price of the tape is a BG589b2e with coupon code now HUF 19 here:





Is Blitzwolf the new Xiaomi? - the 20 best deals 11

The BlitzWolf BW-PC1 hub/USB charger is a convenient and versatile charging solution for all your electronic devices. With three power sockets and three USB ports, including one USB-C PD port and two USB-A QC3.0 fast charging ports, this power hub can charge up to six devices simultaneously. The maximum power of the USB-C PD port is 20 W, while each USB-A QC3.0 port provides up to 18 W of power.

The power connector is designed with a cable length of 1,5 m and a maximum output power of 2500 W, making it suitable for many devices. The product has an EU connector and is compatible with, among others, the iPhone 13, 13 Pro Max, 13 Mini, OnePlus 9Pro, Xiaomi MI10 and other devices. The network connector is made of PC material and is available in an elegant black color. It is easy to use and a must-have for anyone looking for a convenient and reliable charging solution.

The price of the distributor is a BG2ece3b 6300 forints from a French warehouse with a coupon code here:



BLITZWOLF BW-WA3 PRO - 120 watts!

May BlitzWolf promotions, if even Xiaomi is too expensive 4

This structure is not small, as its weight is more than 2,5 kilograms. It has a really big battery, a subwoofer and RGB lights, so it's a real party speaker that you can take with you to the campsite or to a party by the lake if you want to join in on the latest trend. Anyway, the structure is really blessed with frank abilities, because, to put it bluntly, the midrange speakers vibrate the air with a 5-centimeter diaphragm and the woofers with a 7-centimeter diaphragm. The maximum power is 120 watts, although the nominal value is "only" 100 watts, but that's not enough either.

The loudspeaker houses a battery with a capacity of 16 mAh, which can be fully charged in approximately 000 hours. You can listen for 6 hours on one charge if you use 15 percent volume and do not turn on the RGB lights. If you need the lights, you'll still have 50 hours of listening to music, so that's not enough. I don't know if anyone is interested in the standby time, but I will describe it, the manufacturer specified 12 months. The BW-WA24 Pro also has a shoulder strap, which is not superfluous, since carrying 3 kilos in your hands is not nice. There is IPX2,5 water resistance, TWS function, as I indicated, RGB lights for the party atmosphere. The battery can be used as a power bank, and if you buy two WA5 Pros, you can connect them as a stereo system, and the music is already blaring with 3 watts. You can import music via Bluetooth connection, memory card or even via a jack connector.

That's about it. I owe you one more thing, the price. The Blitzwolf BW-WA3 Pro sale is currently on, so the BG618096 with a coupon code, you can buy it here for 42 instead of 30:





If Xiaomi is too expensive, buy these instead 6

Currently, 32 GB pieces can be ordered from the Czech warehouse. As the name suggests, they have a USB 3.0 connector, which means that the writing, reading and data transfer speeds will be fine. It is important that, in addition to the traditional USB A, it also has a USB Type-C connector, which means that the possibilities of use are greatly expanded. That's about all I can say about it, and that the 32 GB version costs HUF 3500 here:





Get ready for Christmas now, the BlitzWolf festival is here! 12

It was not worth buying from abroad for a long time, but unfortunately there are no miracles, the bad exchange rate slowly seeped into the domestic prices, the old purchases ran out, so the Czech warehouseman was the winner again. Not just a little. Anyway, it's a very good machine, I can safely say that I've never had such a good entry-level machine in terms of software. There are no problems with streaming providers here, basically everything that is available in our country works. Disney+, HBO, Netflix and Amazon Prime also run without errors. I haven't tried the rest.

And the most beautiful thing about it is that M4 Sport works beautifully under Kodi, that is, if someone invests in such a projector, they will be able to watch the matches with a screen diagonal of up to 380 cm. Of course, it's not a two-forint piece, but I wouldn't call it very expensive either. THE BGXIFD580 with a coupon code, we have to pay approximately HUF 47 for it, which results in considerable savings compared to domestic prices of HUF 500+.

Buy here:




BlitzWolf BW-V5 LED Projector

This is the product that can be ordered from a Chinese warehouse, but I couldn't miss it because the price is devastatingly low! At this price level, HD projectors have been enough until now, but now the V5 is here, which is FHD and the brightness is also very good!

BlitzWolf BW-V5 - new FHD projector from BlitzWolf

The BlitzWolf V5 is therefore a FHD projector, i.e. a native projector with 1920 x 1080 pixels. The manufacturer claims 9000 lumens for the brightness. There is no Android on the machine, which is a little painful, but it bothers me more that neither Bluetooth nor Wifi connection is mentioned in the specifications, so it's a real "I'm going to put it under my house, take it and project movies from a USB drive with it" piece. At least there is keystone correction, although only vertical, but at least there is. The trapezoid and the focus can also be adjusted manually, but again, this is not disturbing, we are talking about a cheap machine.

Among the connectors we find two HDMI, two USB, AV and AUX, so we can import movies from quite a few sources, and if all the ropes are broken, we can also connect an external speaker with a cable, an active one of course. The BlitzWolf V5 is a very small machine, its width is 22 cm, its depth is 19 cm, and its height is only 9 cm. Its weight is only 1,6 kilograms.

In the current end-of-spring devaluation, the projector was a BGSAK822 with coupon code for HUF 35 here:





Is Blitzwolf the new Xiaomi? - the 20 best deals 6

BlitzWolf BW-SL3 is a dimmable LED ring light with stand and phone holder designed for TikTok, YouTube, live streaming and makeup. The device has 11 brightness levels and 3 color temperature modes to find the perfect lighting for every occasion.

The ring light is compatible with BW-BS11, BW-SL2 and other selfie stick tripods. It contains 120 surface-mounted LED light sources that provide bright and uniform illumination. The stand has a platform that can be rotated 360 degrees. The lamp can be powered by USB and is compatible with IOS, Android mobile phones and 360 cameras. The kit also comes with a wireless remote control, making it the perfect tool for content creators and makeup artists alike.

There is no coupon for this lamp, you can buy it for HUF 5300 in a flash sale here:




BlitzWolf BW-SL5 10 inch RGB circular light

May BlitzWolf promotions, if even Xiaomi is too expensive 5

It is a more advanced version of the previous lamp, which differs mostly in that we can use 10 different colors and 2 different RGB light effects with it. Due to the extended functions, the control switch is slightly different, but otherwise there is no difference. We also get a Bluetooth remote control for this, with which we can control the camera of our phone, and of course we also get a very useful tripod in the package.

What is interesting is that despite the multiple functions and colored lights, the price of the lamp is the same as the price of the version with only white light, i.e. 5300 forints are charged for this also at the link below:

BlitzWolf BW-SL5 10 inch RGB circular light





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At the time of writing, almost all products can be ordered from EU warehouses (CZ, PL, ES or FR). Pay attention, if the EU warehouse runs out of products, the link will automatically jump to the Chinese warehouse.

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