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Somoreal SM-OLT9 - we give wings to our lights

It works with a solar panel, so you don't even need to bring electricity to it.

Somoreal SM-OLT9 - we give wings to our lights

The waterproof solar floodlight with SM-OLT93 head is an outdoor lighting solution that combines modern technology and practical design. The 3000K warm light model is particularly suitable for atmospheric lighting of homes, gardens and other outdoor locations. The lamp body is made of PC and ABS materials, which ensure the product's durability and weather resistance. The built-in solar panel has a power of DC5,5 V/1,55 ​​W, which makes efficient use of solar energy. The lamp contains 128 SMD2835 LEDs, which provide a total brightness of 400 lumens, thus providing enough light to illuminate the environment.

The warm 3000K light creates a pleasant, homely atmosphere, which is ideal for relaxing in the evening or for romantic lighting of the garden. The reflector's three rotatable heads allow you to direct the light exactly where you need it. This flexibility is especially useful if you want to illuminate the area from several directions. The 120° passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) provides a detection distance of up to 8 meters and a wide viewing angle. The lamp is only activated in a dark environment when it detects movement, thus offering an energy-saving and safe solution.

The IP64 water resistance rating means that the lamp is resistant to rain and splashing water, making it perfect for outdoor use. And the operating temperature range of 0 to 45 degrees Celsius ensures that it works reliably even in different weather conditions.

The lamp comes to us from a Czech warehouse, the price is BG2eb85a with coupon code HUF 6864 here:


Somoreal SM-OLT9 solar lamp

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