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BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap!

BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap!

That's why you can't even get a silly lamp at home, it can do a thousand things.

BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap!



The only reason I bought the Blitzwolf BW-CLT1 lamp was the price. Yeah, of course it looks good, but that's the minimum. Browsing through the capabilities, it may come as a surprise that it has become kitchen lighting for me, but there’s a good reason for that too!


Paper form

Let's see quickly what my lamp knows!

Of course, we are talking about an LED lamp, in which 78 + 42 LEDs provide light. Of these, 78 are white, they glow down, and the remaining 42 are capable of reproducing RGB, or 16 million colors.

The latter light upwards, so the colored light reflected from the ceiling gives a unique atmosphere to the illuminated room. The brightness is 2200 lumens and the color rendering is 80 Ra. The lamp has a circular diameter of 30 centimeters and a height of 3,2 centimeters.

BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap! 1

That was the dry form of paper, at least in terms of physical characteristics.

Of course, the knowledge of the lamp is much bigger and more interesting. For white light, the color temperature can be adjusted from cold to orange light, numerically from 2700 to 6500 Kelvin. In addition to the color temperature, of course, the brightness can also be adjusted.

In the case of color LEDs, I mentioned that we can “mix” 16 million colors, and of course the brightness can be adjusted here as well. We can control the lamp from our mobile, we can use Blitzwolf's own smart home application for this, but we can also integrate the lamp into Google Home or Amazon Alexa systems, in the latter of course the voice command also enters as a control option.

BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap! 2

If that still isn’t enough, it’s good to know that the lamp can be connected to both Smart Life and Tuya systems. In addition, the good news and special feature is that it includes not only wifi, but also a Bluetooth connection, so you can access and control it from your mobile phone and / or your smart home system with lightning speed.

Now, you can come to software knowledge!

BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap! 3

As I wrote in í, this is a smart light, meaning we can control it from a phone. However, the cleverness is not only in the fact that we can adjust the color, the brightness, the color temperature. We have the ability to create rules so that, for example, if we have motion or door open sensors, the lamp can turn the lamp on or off automatically.

BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap! 4

You can also set a timer for operation, set what happens when you turn the lamp back on with the physical switch. This is useful because you can specify that you remember the setting when you turn it off, but also that you start from the default each time you turn it on. Moreover, you can specify a custom setting for the connections.

BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap! 5

We also get 14 pre-programmed profiles for the lamp, such as night, work, reading, fun, and more. So these are profiles programmed for different activities, which also affect the setting of white and color RGB LED light.

An interesting option is to change the color of the RGB LEDs to the beat of the music. In this case, the lights change according to the tempo of the music played on the phone. You don't need a microphone to detect music, so it's not the sounds coming from your phone's speakers that change colors. This is important because it works even if you transfer music from your phone to a speaker via Bluetooth.



BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap! 6

The thing is, this is my first Blitzwolf lamp, so I don’t know how hard the rest is to mount, but if it’s as much as this, I’ll raise my hat in front of the creators!

BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap! 7

The luminaire is completely closed. It can be unscrewed, but it is unnecessary, it is not needed for installation.

The mounting slap is easy. At the bottom of the lamp (mounted on top) is a plastic hoop with a bayonet lock. It has two metal contact sides, and it also has the two terminals to which we need to connect the phase and the zero.

BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap! 8

The ring must be fixed to the ceiling with four screws, for which both the dowel and the screw can be found in the lamp box. I note the BW-CLT1 is lightweight, so it may be enough to have 2 dowels + screws too, if you have a ceiling that is patient to drill.

So, we screw the ring on, connect the two cables, then turn the lamp a quarter turn and we’re done. The setting may follow!



I don’t have either Google or Amazon, so I used the Blitzwolf app. The switched-on lamp is found automatically by the program, all we have to do is name the new lamp, select which room we are using and we are ready. It does not require a professional qualification or a diploma.



Okay, so now I’m answering the question of why I bought an RGB LED mood light lamp in the kitchen for the kitchen. The reason was simple, cheap.

Actually, it’s so cheap that at home I might have gotten a dumb lamp with similar lighting capabilities for that much, but I like to adjust the color temperature of the lighting myself. And if for the same money I get a silly lamp at home I can buy a smart one from outside, then of course I choose the latter option.

BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap! 9

I note the lamp also looks good. More precisely, an infinitely simple, clean shape that I thought was perfect for the kitchen ceiling. I wasn't wrong.

The 30-inch diameter isn’t huge either, not disturbingly large in the kitchen. Brightness can be enough for 10-14 square meters anyway, so it's not a bad choice for any bedroom, at least the mood lighting option can also be used there.

Anyway, although I didn’t think so, I also use up-lit color LEDs in the kitchen. The color temperature set for the color of the cabinets and walls is complemented very well by the colors. Blue makes it a little colder, orange further softens it, but not directly, as these lights bounce off the ceiling. So the stuff is good!

BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap! 10

I’ll be honest, I’m not very used to fiddling with my smartphone settings. In the living room, too, I only adjust the brightness according to what we’re doing right now. If we paint with my guys I amplify it, if we watch TV with my partner in the evening I fade.

It’s no different in the kitchen, in fact, you haven’t even changed that much there. If I want pleasant mood lighting, I use a row of LEDs mounted under the cabinet with dim warm light. I set the ceiling light once, it stays that way.

The question of why great wisdom is justified in this case may be legitimate! Well, as I wrote, I like it much better not to be the manufacturer of the lamp, but to be able to determine the intensity and color temperature of the lighting, precisely matched to the color of the furniture, the walls, the floor.

BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap! 11

If you’re not going to use it in the kitchen, you’ll, of course, be able to adjust a lot more, and you’ll be able to take advantage of all the features from timing through color profiles to color changes to music.



BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap! 12

I hope I have described everything that was important and I was able to make the decision easier. What I can still help with is the price. I have indicated several times above that the lamp is cheap, well, this means exactly that, together with all its cleverness, it can be bought from the Czech warehouse for 12 forints.

BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap! 13

Just for comparison, a 33-centimeter, 2000-lumens, round LED lamp in the Praktiker, now weaker than the Blitzwolf, now costs 8500-9000 forints. It cannot be adjusted in any form, neither the brightness nor the color temperature. It’s not programmable, there are no color LEDs, so they give the simplest silly lamp possible for that.

BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap! 14

A similar lamp from a Yomiight belonging to Xiaomi, on the other hand, will cost twice as much, so it's already wondering if it's worth spending so much on it (compared to domestic prices). So the 1 thousand HUF price of the BlitzWolf BW-CLT12 is, to put it mildly, friendly. I think you already understand why I chose this.

You can buy the lamp from the Czech warehouse by clicking on the following link:


Blitzwolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling lamp


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BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap! 15

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