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Both BlitzWill ceiling lights are on sale this week

Blitzwill CLT1 already had a good price last week, now we got a coupon for CLT2 as well.

Blitzwill BW-CLT1 and BlitzWill BW-CLT2 may already be familiar to you, as I wrote an article about one of them, but the other has been available for quite some time. The CLT1 has been lighting up my kitchen for a while now, I really like it, good stuff. This could be why, since Christmas, such lights have been lighting up the garage and the laundry room. The materials are very good, the light is good, I like that it is smart, and I can (was able to) adjust the brightness, color temperature and RGB color lighting to the room, which gives a nice mood light.

BlitzWolf BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light - suspiciously cheap! 9

The BlitzWill BW-CLT2 is essentially the same lamp as the CLIT1, the difference can only be discovered in size, and due to the size, there are more LEDs (78 pcs SMD2835 + 42 pcs SMD5050 RGB vs. 210 pcs SMD2835 + 60 pcs SMD5050 RGB) , so the small one gives a maximum of 2200, while the larger one gives 4100 lumens. The CLT1 has a 30-centimeter diameter, while the CLT2 has a 40-centimeter diameter, and there is also a difference in terms of accessories, since the CLT2 can be controlled not only by phone, but also by remote control. Of course, you can switch both of them with a simple wall switch, just like any other traditional lamp.

The CLT2 is bigger and therefore more expensive, but the difference is so minimal now that I don't think it's worth saving, at most if you consider the CLT1 more suitable for the room due to its size. The difference between the two lamps is currently barely HUF 3000.

If you want to buy one, first read my review of the CLT1 here: BLITZWOLF BW-CLT1 SMART PLATE LAMP - SUSPICIOUSLY CHEAP!

Purchase at the following links:

BlitzWill BW-CLT1 ceiling light - Coupon code: BG5406d7

BlitzWill BW-CLT2 ceiling light - Coupon code: BG8ac841

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