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The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test

The Blitzwolf sound projector is a beauty award-winning piece with a thousand types of connectors and a remote control, and now you can get your price back!

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 1



Anyone who doesn’t have the money for a high-end TV will unfortunately have to live with box sound. Even if you don’t get an external speaker for your television.

In flat screen TVs, manufacturers can't make normal speakers just because of the lack of space. Neither the size of the membranes nor the size of the space behind them is enough to get properly filled, don’t let God get sufficiently deep sounds.

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 2

When I bought my Xiaomi TV, I was already expecting it. The LG so far hasn’t excelled in this area either, and while the Xiaomi is better than I expected, it still turned out to be a good decision to order the new Blitzwolf speaker.

The pictures and the paper form are convincing, and since my predecessor was on test with me - it really came in - he thought I was taking advantage of the low prices before Christmas and the Czech stock.

Since the TV also came from the Czech warehouse, I received them one day with a discrepancy, so right after the TV article I was able to write the essence about it, that is, how it sounds.


Packaging, accessories

The BlitzWolf® BW-SDB2 XR soundbar comes in an elongated carton, not surprisingly because of the shape of the tube. What’s more surprising is that the box doesn’t carry the colors of Blitzwolf, but the turbidity soon came to light, there was another box inside the colorless cardboard, already Blitzwolf dressed in green and white.

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 3

Inside the second package you will find the tube and accessories. We get quite a lot of the latter exceptionally! A remote control and several types of cables are lurking in the package, essentially all sorts you might need for a soudbar. Nowadays, this is not typical, in many cases they give a cable, and then if we need another half, we can go to the store.

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 4

Of course, there is also a description in English, but if you read this article all the way, chances are you won’t need it.

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 5



Already the Blitzwolf speaker I tried last year earned my recognition in terms of looks, but the BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR was able to put it on with a shovel.

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 6

The front and top are covered in one piece with a terribly demanding metal grille. Plastic at the bottom and pozdorja at the back. On the left is a not-too-ostentatious Blitzwolf logo on the left, and on the right is the display and manual (touch-sensitive) controls. Metal cover with circular pattern on the side.

The whole structure radiates a premium feel. There is a noticeable material in it, and great care has also been taken to ensure that the assembly is also flawless. Let’s say this is quite important for a speaker, because if the assembly is crappy, it will rattle when it sounds.

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 7

In terms of dimensions, the length of the pipe is 90 centimeters and its height 6 depth is 9,8 centimeters. This length, essentially the width of a 43-inch TV, is a little shorter than that.

The connectors are on the back, facing the front on the right. Nothing interesting below, here we find only the rubber pads that serve the legs.

So far, the structure deserves a star five, but let’s see what it knows, at least in terms of paper form!



The fact is that one of the most attractive features of the BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR is the presence of plenty of types of connectors and inputs. It knows essentially everything that such a structure can know today, it is also prepared to receive analog and digital signals. The former is likely to be needed less frequently, but it doesn’t hurt to have one. Let's see what kind of connectors we can find at the back!

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 8

We will move from left to right. The first is a subwoofer output, which immediately after a very pleasant surprise, I even thought about the fact that in time I will definitely connect a subwoofer here.

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 9

Next up is an HDMI connector, it has ARC support, which makes it extremely convenient to use, but more on that later. Next is a USB port for, say, a flash drive, then comes the analog input, and finally two digital inputs, an optical and a coax.

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 10

In addition to these, of course, there is also a wireless connection, the usual Bluetooth, through which we can send music directly from our phone to our speaker. This isn’t going to be so good for TV, but about it later. This includes a lot of Bluetooth profile support, including A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.6, GAVDP V1.3, HFP V1.7, HID V1.1, IOPT, SPP V1.12

Now comes the part about how many speakers there are, and now comes the part where I’m unsure. The situation is that the manufacturer's site mentions 4 active speakers, but I see 6 pieces in the pictures.

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 11

There is a tweeter on each side of the front panel, i.e. a high beam. On the cover, the outermost speakers on the right and left are responsible for the midrange, the interiors for the bass. Inside, in the middle, we find the passive radiators that need to “brummog”.

So, whatever I count, it’s 6 active and 2 passive radiators. The only explanation may be that tweeters are not counted, otherwise math will not come out.

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 12

Regardless, you can be sure that the sound projector has 40 watts of power, which is definitely encouraging data!

The display was also left out. The display behind the plexiglass on the right shows what input we are on and the volume value is also displayed here. There are buttons at the top, they are touch sensitive, and you can switch between the inputs with them, change the volume, and turn off the structure.

That was the paper form, let it be the point, the use and the experience!



I mentioned above that there is an ARC mark on the HDMI input. I think that’s the best thing that could have happened with this sound projector. Nowadays, we don’t use an analog connection much anymore, maybe we even connect our phone sometimes through the headphone output, but we really don’t.

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 13

Digital connectors are good, but it doesn’t matter which one knows what. Some swear by coaxial input, others say optics are best, less so HDMI. In this case, however, arguing on this is completely unnecessary because it is just a sound projector, even if it is one of the better ones. In other words, there will be no noticeable difference between the quality of the inputs.

What makes them different, however, is the presence or absence of comfortable use, and this tilts the scale language strongly towards HDMI.

This is because via the HDMI ARC connector, if your TV supports this, you can easily control the soundbar with the TV remote control. If you turn on the television, the speaker also turns on; if you turn it off, it turns off.

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 14

You don't need a separate remote control to control the volume, the TV remote control directly controls the volume of the sound projector. You don’t have to worry about switching the built-in speaker on the TV to the outside, if the TV detects an ARC compatible speaker, it will automatically play the sound on it.

In short, a more convenient solution doesn’t really exist, so the fact that the BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR knows this deserves a more powerful red dot.

I also wrote that Bluetooth will not be good for TV. This is not a bug in the BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR, it is a common problem. Even though the TV also knows the speakerphone is in Bluetooth mode, it won’t be good either, because with Bluetooth, even with the current new technologies, there’s a bit of a slip. Not much, just enough to make it annoying that the image is shifted relative to the sound. So, Bluetooth should stay just for your music!

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 15

I haven't spoken up from the remote yet, I'm replacing that now. There are too many important things to do with it, if we use the HDMI connection mentioned above, we won’t even come across it very much.

The only thing you might want to use is to switch between different pre-programmed audio images. Okay, there’s not much of it, and for me, there was only a minimal change, but I still had the option to switch from text or cinema sound to a sound image programmed for listening to music.

In addition, of course, you can also change the volume, you can switch between the inputs, switch the machine on and off, so you get the usual buttons.

And then now comes the part that probably cares about everyone, that is, how the little one is talking.

The BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR is characterized by a rather significant duality. We need to choose between low volume and normal or high volume quality. And the reason for this is probably to be found in passive radiators.

I’ll try to explain this, but if you don’t care, go a little further, highlighting the point there!

If someone buys a more serious sound system, speakers, an amplifier, they do it at best (at least that’s why I bought it) so that they can listen to music in good quality at any volume. And no, in vain do most people here think that this is so that there is no distortion or crackling at high volume. The big challenge is not in the high volume, but in the low volume.

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 16

That is, in making everything sound even at low volume, as if we were winding the potentiometer, it is full when it is softly humming, the sound is harmonious, we can hear both the deep and the high, not to mention the middle. Achieve this with real magic!

Well, the BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR doesn’t achieve that, but it’s no wonder it requires a much larger speaker physically, with much larger cavities in the box, well-designed reflex openings or radiators. There is not enough space and space for this in a sound projector.

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 17

But that is why passive radiators are used in these. They work by the central radiator moving the air inside the box, and this air moves the large diaphragm of the passive radiator. The large membrane moves the air around the box and we get pleasant full and deep sounds.

Well, the only problem with this is that the passive radiators sound when there is enough air pressure change in the box to move them. If not, they are worth nothing.

I apologize for the lengthy reasoning, but I cannot justify the duality mentioned above otherwise. That is, why the volume is so flat up to a volume of roughly 7 to 8 (this is the quiet range) and why it opens above eight (this is the normal volume), why the sound becomes full, dynamic, and enjoyable. Because that's exactly what happens.

Basically that’s not a problem, we don’t use it at a volume below 8 either, at most if we’ve already laid our guys down. At low volume, it’s okay if there’s no rumbling during the action movie.

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 18

Basically, the problem only occurs if you want to listen to music at a low volume and in a quality way. Okay, I know we’ll never listen to music in a quality way on a sound projector, but there are grades even then.

So, in order for the music to sound in an acceptable quality, we need to turn up the volume a bit.

The explanation begins to be a little long, so in short, the situation is as follows:

At low volume, the sound is a bit boxed, flat, completely lacking in dynamics and deep in it. At the same time, it is clear, the speech is understandable and the high range can be felt. Watching a soft movie is good, listening to soft music is lousy.

At normal or medium volume, the power of the BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR comes. Of course, we don't get deep lungs that vibrate our lungs here either, but the sound becomes really full and warm. Dynamic, really enjoyable stuff. It gives an almost perfect quality for movies, a quality that is still acceptable to the hollow-eared, and especially enjoyable for everyone else.

At high volume, essentially nothing changes, and that’s a great virtue, it shows that there’s nothing wrong with building a radiator. When pushed to the maximum, there is already some resonance and distortion, but at that volume, it is not appropriate to use a tube with such tiny radiators.


Sum it!

From the above, it turned out that if I want to look for a negative, I can mark listening to music at low volume alone. This, although I had to describe it for reasons of fact, I even classify myself in the search category of the poop knot.

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 19

So apart from this, the BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR is a flawless structure. Nice sound, good materials, exclusive exterior, plenty of connection options, remote control, even a subwoofer can be connected to it if you want to get really resonant bass, so you know everything.

I always say I examine everything to see if his knowledge is right for the price. Well, the BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR far outperforms in this regard because I would have been satisfied with much less knowledge for the relatively low price.

The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 20

What’s also good news is that we can order from the Czech warehouse at the low price, and the icing on the cake is that thanks to the good Banggood connection, the store will give back the price of the soundbar to one of the buyers at the link below. The winner will be raffled live on my YouTube channel!

Use to purchase BGCDC030 coupon code, so you can buy it for HUF 33 instead of HUF 600 by clicking on the link below:

BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR sound projector


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The audible difference - BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR soundbar test 21

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