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Introducing: Kolink - Gamer houses

Let’s start again with the simpler pair. Breaking down the page, we can see that we don’t see anything. Specifically, we don't see anything interesting. Moreover, we have already seen better than this on the Kolink line. We can install two hard disks, two optical drives. As a matter of fact, there is a 12-inch fan that can really be screwed behind the front panel, so if we also count the power valve, four air mixers can work in the house. This isn’t small compared to the size of the house, it’s almost certainly going to be enough unless we want to do some crazy tuning.

article torso 12436_2

Let's see the more serious cottage! Here, as we have written, it is already special that the location of the power supply is below. However, breaking down the side cover brings more pleasant details to our attention. First up are the flashy green mounting tabs on the optical drives. Cheap housing this is true, but screwless mounting has been released here too! The second that appears is that we find a MOLEX connector at the end of a two-core cable. At the other end of the wire, there's a fan. Well, that's really not the case with this brand, so we can only welcome the idea that we can even stumble upon a factory-installed air intake from now on.

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What was the real surprise, however, was that above the frame of the hard drives, we found four holes in the internal bracing that, due to its shape, were highly suspect to be made for countersunk head screws. This is certainly nothing more to please here than a slot for SSD drives! I can't win, stress, we're talking about a Kolink house for just over six thousand forints!


From the inside of the three houses, so in summary we have yet to say that we did not find any sharp plates anywhere. The edges are folded back everywhere, so I didn’t manage to cut my hand as I did during my previous Kolink married show. Nowhere is the samurai feeling, but we don’t mind that much now.


Introducing: Kolink - Gamer houses 1

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