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Introducing: Kolink - Gamer houses

A Kelly-Tech Ltd. courtesy of Kolink's houses appear on our site from time to time. As a thorough person, I describe in each article that these cottages represent the absolute entry level. Yes, but if so, how does the term gamer fit in with the entry level?



We know full well that products marked with a gamer label are usually much more expensive than average hardware. Why is this so? Because those who play on the machine on a daily basis are willing to pay the higher price, if they do, they can get some advantage in the game. Of course, that’s not the only reason, as you need better, more precise, more powerful hardware, be it a video card, a motherboard, or a mouse. Better hardware, not surprisingly, costs more, if only because it costs more to produce.

The next question is, what makes a computer case a “gamer”? Well, by default, these houses know nothing more than a non-gamer, but quality and expensive house. They tend to highlight good cooling, possibly easy connectivity to external drives, but these “extras” aren’t lacking in other, similarly priced housings either. So what's the difference? Well of course that design! A gamer house needs to be flashy, but even extravagant, because that’s what makes it special.



By the end of the introduction, there was only one question left. What makes a gamer house out of Kolink's houses? Extra features? Showy look? Maybe both? It turns out on the following pages!

Introducing: Kolink - Gamer houses 1

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