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We tried: EEMOV ESM-Micro - movies run smoothly

We tried: EEMOV ESM-Micro - movies run smoothly

Before we present the device, we have to present the manufacturing company, if only because we are talking about the sons of our country. Let's see what they write about themselves on the company page:

"If you want to know, we’re not: a big, impersonal company that advertises itself on radio, TV. If you want to know what we are: a small company that knows the needs of smaller video, film companies, studios, amateur videographers and independent filmmakers. We offer quality products and services: for less money, more. Our goal is simply to do our job well and offer our products at an affordable price. That is all.


We are a team of enthusiastic young people operating at Processfilm Kft. Building on our significant product development, CAD engineering and independent film experience, we have developed the EEMOV® camera stabilization system and product line. Our own independent film experience has led us to create the EEMOV® product family. While more and more people are making high-quality movies due to the widespread use of high-quality HD cameras, image stabilization is still limited to superproductions due to the unlikely high cost of the devices. We have realized that our expertise and ideas, using state-of-the-art technologies, enable us to develop a family of sobercam products that make it possible for anyone to make quality moving recordings.


When designing the computer, we made sure that the products were embodied in an extremely easy-to-use, durable, light and modern form. Combining state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies with our creativity, we strived to produce the best value for money product on the market. We have reduced the amount of parts for more reliable operation and longer life. Long service life is extremely important because we have opted for a 2-year full warranty. We have entrusted the production of parts to companies with a world-class work culture, where the strictest quality standards guarantee accuracy and reliability during production processes.

Our quality assurance system covers even the smallest details, the quality of our work is guaranteed up to 100%. Our staff is trained and experienced. The quality of each component is carefully checked and those that do not meet the specified parameters are filtered out in time.


A number of inspection points on the production line ensure first-class quality. Routine post-production inspections and certifications are responsible for ensuring that each product that is taken off the production line delivers world-class performance. EEMOV is made “our name you can trust” by our commitment to quality. ”


Since we visited them, we can prove the quality of the products and the sympathy of the team to a great extent. One by one, their products are as if they were made for themselves, and perhaps that is why they are becoming more successful.


Of course, we didn’t undertake to try out more serious vest products, not least because, as the article shows, you need good practice to use Steadycam or the simplest EEMOV Micro presented.

Tested: EEMOV ESM-Micro - movies run smoothly 1

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