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We tried: EEMOV ESM-Micro - movies run smoothly

We tried: EEMOV ESM-Micro - movies run smoothly

Although we could not make a video for the article that would have been suitable for publication, it was not the fault of EEMOV ESM Micro. When we brought the stabilizer, it was about the quick-release foot, but we judged that the weight of the camera at home would be enough for accurate adjustment. Well, we were wrong.


The first impression is important, we always add a lot to it. In the case of EEMOV products, we have already described that the quality is outstanding. Machining metal parts is not flawless, but Flawless! It’s not worth looking for burr surfaces here, but holding the pieces in our hands doesn’t even come to mind to do so. EEMOV's products could have been made in any part of the developed world, the fact that all parts are the work of domestic hands fills us with pride, even if we have nothing to do with the product other than Hungarian.

As described, the use is not complicated, but neither is it simple. We cannot stress the importance of setting! Rather, spend an hour that seems unnecessary so that the next time you can screw the fasteners into the memorized positions in half a minute. This first hour will not be a waste of time because we will experience the operation of the ESM-Micro, we will understand the basic principles of use.

As noted, use is not slap easy. We were able to practice for a week, but that time was nowhere near enough to meet the demands placed on ourselves. It can take weeks, maybe months, to become truly professional and take Hollywood-quality footage.

The final question, as always, is whether we need a relatively expensive aluminum frame. The answer is normal. If we want to make demanding videos, if we are not satisfied with the shaky, hand-held footage, if we want to make travel videos from a car or other moving vehicle, we need it.


We ourselves are not professionals, but not even semi-professional videographers. Nevertheless, EEMOV ESM-Micro is already on the list of devices to be purchased, I would be surprised if we did not save the price next spring.

One more sentence at the end. I showed my wife the recording I thought was inappropriate for the article, and she only asked one thing: You bought this thing, didn't you take it back. Real maximalist is expensive! 😉

We would like to thank the distributor To Bluechip and the manufacturer EEMOV (Processfilm Kft.) that we were able to try the EEMOV ESM-Micro! It was a real experience!

Tested: EEMOV ESM-Micro - movies run smoothly 1

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