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We tried: EEMOV ESM-Micro - movies run smoothly

We tried: EEMOV ESM-Micro - movies run smoothly

It is easy to use and the calibration was not complicated. True, it also required me to get a quick-start course when I brought the structure. Then, it took about 20 minutes to tune the frame and weights to our own camera. As we wrote, the low weight of the camera was a problem for us, the attenuation could not be shot perfectly. Although the weight of the frame is small, it is still disturbed in the setting. The point would be that the weight of the frame is negligible compared to the camera on the top half of the frame and the weights on the bottom. The counterweights are large enough to offset the weight of the quick-release foot, as the weight of the foot and our camera together make up the weight of a more serious DSLR machine.

We also wrote earlier that treatment is required for practice. This is certainly true for vest solutions, but unfortunately it is also true for ESM Micro. There is only a ball joint between the grip and the frame, so the camera, with both ends bearing. This is the solution we need to be able to perform the finest movements possible. The disadvantage of the bearing, however, is that the camera rotates freely with the frame. However, the bearing cannot be left out, so we have to live with it. By practicing, you can learn to influence the rotation by gently moving the handle, or if you run with the camera, you can gently touch the frame with your other hand to prevent the rotation.


When we run with the camera, we don’t do it like when we play sports in the park. Our upper body, along with our arms, should be relatively rigid. While the handheld camera stabilizer can eliminate vibrations and bounce our hands, it doesn’t do the bigger waves. Of course, running is only the extreme task for the EEMOV ESM-Micro. Normally we rarely have to run around, it is much more common to make family, travel or wedding videos where we can dazzle the family with beautiful shots.


It is also important, as we also pointed out on the quick footrest, that the vibration damping setting in the camera must be turned off, because it does not know what to do with the movements on the ESM Micro. So the vibration damping must be entrusted to the structure of the EEMOV!

Tested: EEMOV ESM-Micro - movies run smoothly 1

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