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Cheap DVB-T receiver from LifeView

The first phase of the switch is already around our necks, with analogue being switched off on 31 July in most parts of the country. LifeView offers a relatively inexpensive solution for the transition.


Unfortunately, the transition will cost everyone money. Of course, we also get something for our money, as there are still seven channels available for free, with good picture quality, sometimes with more soundtracks and several subtitles in different languages.


For the transition, we definitely need two devices, a receiver and an antenna. When buying a buyer, the most important thing is to decide if you want to watch pay channels. If not, we can find a suitable device relatively cheaply, for less than 10 thousand forints.


An example is the LifeView LV6TBOXHDA2 box. This indoor unit has a Scart connector so it can be connected to older TVs, and it also has a USB port for recording to an external hard drive or USB drive.


The LifeView LV6TBOXHDA2 is not only a receiver but also a player. Music, image viewing and video playback are also possible via the USB port.

Detailed specification of LifeView LV6TBOXHDA2 :: DVB-T MPEG-4 HD BOX here: specification

8119 forints can be purchased here:




Cheap DVB-T receiver from LifeView 1

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