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Toshiba players are getting smarter

Toshiba has announced that its 2013 2D and 3D Blu-ray Disc ™ players will be equipped with Smart TV features.

BDX3400SE front

The company has recognized the growing demand from consumers and created devices that combine the ability to play optical discs with convenient access to online content. This makes them a true entertainment hub even when connected to a large-screen TV without internet access. The BDX5400KE, BDX4400KE, BDX3400SE and BDX2400KE are available in black or sandblasted silver according to Toshiba's new unified product design concept. The players will hit European stores in the second quarter of 2013.


New Blu-ray Disc players have Wi-Fi® preparation or a built-in Wi-Fi® adapter. When connected to the Internet, popular video sharing sites such as YouTube® Leanback or Acetrax®, an online video library, and cloud-based photo sharing sites such as Picasa® are easy and simple to use. The Toshiba Blu-ray Media Portal helps you manage your local network content and a variety of online services.

The new Toshiba Blu-ray Disc Viewers are designed to allow users to enjoy high quality audio and video content stored on a variety of optical media (CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs). Each model is equipped with an HDMI® connector that can also transmit Full HD content. For a complete experience, the device also converts low-resolution videos to 1080p. With built-in Dolby® True HD and DTS®-HD technologies, movies deliver a cinematic sound experience. Two of the new models - the BDX5400KE and BDX4400KE - are also designed to play 3D Blu-ray ™ discs. In addition, the BDX5400KE and BDX3400SE versions support the new Miracast ™ standard data transfer, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi® adapter, allowing video and other multimedia content to be shared between devices that support the standard without wires.

BDX5400KE _front

The new Blu-ray Disc players with Smart TV features are available in black or sandblasted silver according to Toshiba's new unified product design concept. Subtle styling elements such as smooth, rounded corners highlight the airy, compact look of the devices. Additional style elements include the BDX2400KE model in glossy black and the BDX3400SE model in silver. The BDX4400KE and BDX5400KE are made with a glossy black front panel and a brushed silver aluminum cover. The latter players are also equipped with a backlit touch panel interface.

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