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In it, relax your back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test

In it, relax your back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test

It’s a whole different world than the company’s cheaper chairs, though they weren’t bad either.In it, relax your back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test



I bought my first Blitzwolf chair last summer and have since bought two more. These chairs fell into the $ 70-110 category, ie translated into Hungarian, the most expensive cost only a few thousand forints more than 30 thousand forints.

The company has sold a lot of these chairs, I also use them on a daily basis, as they are in my office and studio. I sit on these every day, writing articles, recording and editing videos.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 1

If I’m in the mood like that, I’m using the harder GC2, if I’m just different, I’m using the softer GC6 (I still couldn’t decide which one was better). Of course, I also received negative opinions, sometimes legitimate - mostly because of the fatigue of the gas spring - but sometimes they were overwhelmed that I would rather not cite.

It is quite clear that we will not get a world-saving chair for 30 years or less, which will serve flawlessly for 100 years, but, as my example shows, these seating capabilities are suitable for daily work, often for 12-13 hours of use.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 2

The chair in this article will be a whole different world than my previous pieces. I will honestly say I didn’t even buy this myself, the manufacturer sent it to me following my previous articles and the offer to try I couldn’t refuse.

I didn't say no just because the GC9 is already in the higher quality, $ 200 (~ 60 thousand HUF) category, and as such, it is expected to be even better, more comfortable, even more durable than my own chairs.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 3

Since this is also a softer chair, the Blitzwolf GC6 had to go, from now on another member of the family will be sitting in it.


Packaging, accessories

If you buy the Blitzwolf GC9, don’t buy it because of the aesthetics of the packaging, because this packaging doesn’t have one. We get a plain cardboard box with a surprisingly large weight. I’m not saying I just tossed my chairs so far, they also have iron in them, but by lifting the box of the GC9, I already had respect.

Unpacking the box is the usual order. All parts are nicely separated from each other so that they are not damaged or scratched. This is how you need it! The items come out of the box in a nice line. Star-shaped legs, castors, gas spring, armrests, mechanics, seat and back, cushions, and finally screws and description for assembly.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 4

I won't need the latter anymore, but if you're inexperienced in chair assembly, open it up instead!

Fortunately, there are no thousands of sizes of screws, so there will be no problem with mounting, it is already visible. But what else does it look like?

For example, the star-shaped foot is not made of plastic but of metal. Here I have already found one of the reasons for the surprisingly large weight of the box. I indicate, for the time being, there is nothing wrong with plastic legs either, but it is certain that this metal structure will be as eternal as misery!

The mechanics are also larger. They are also larger, the material thickness is approx. twice as much is used for cheaper chairs. Here, too, I note that my pieces in daily use are flawless so far, but it is expected that the thicker materials of the GC9 will still last longer and last longer.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 5

The swing mechanism has nothing to do with what has been used so far. Compared to them, it's a brutal piece of iron. The material is much larger, much stronger, much thicker, and of course much heavier.

The material of the seat and the back also represent a completely different level. Of course, it’s not cowhide, it’s faux leather, but its pretty good, thick, yet flexible enough. According to the manufacturer, it is skin-friendly and easy to clean, but this will be revealed in the coming months.

Overall, so far, I have found a reason not only for the higher weight but also for the higher price. Unconsciously, everything looks good, sewing, materials, pillows. And the metal parts are clearly made of more material, the springs and the rivets are thicker, which means that eternal life will not go away plus one day.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 6

Let's see the factory data before I start assembling!


Paper form

The Blitzwolf BW-GC9 belongs to the company's Exquisite Line series, which means something like an excellent (excellent) series, ie this is the premium category. This comes from the factory images, where Blitzwolf considered the heavy-duty foot, the metal-structured armrests, the swing mechanism and the comfortable cushions worth highlighting.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 7

Anyway, the chair can be tilted worthy of a decent armchair, the backrest itself can be adjusted separately, its angle can be changed between 90 and 135 degrees. Of course, the height of the chair is also adjustable, from the lowest point to 51 and the highest to 57 centimeters.

It is also important that the height of the armrest is adjustable, and if it is comfortable, it can also be turned outwards by approx. 15 degrees. If that wasn’t enough, here’s a really extra that the armrest can be moved back and forth, so from now on, if your arm is longer or shorter, it’s no problem either.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 8

I don’t mention those “extras” like rotatability or wheels that can withstand up to 120 rolls according to the factory, these are on the one hand more typical marketing bulshits and on the other hand natural things. It would be weird if you couldn’t turn the chair around or roll with it.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 9

Interestingly, with this chair, the Blitzwolf did not feel the maximum load capacity should be emphasized. You can find these in the cheaper pieces, with values ​​well over 100 pounds, of course, so we can hope that the GC9, built from better batteries, will do at least as much, if not more.

I will not list the exact dimensions of the chair, I would rather put a picture below where you can see the exact centimeters. This can help you decide if you want to buy.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 10

Now the assembly can come!



Let's start there, I made a video about the installation process, you can find it here. This will hopefully provide some help if you need to install your own.

The installation process is normal anyway. I always start with the rollers and then put the gas spring, its cover in place. When I’m done with that, I roll it aside so it doesn’t get in the way.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 11

The next step is to assemble the seat. I screw the swing mechanism to the bottom, I screw the armrests, so any parts that should be screwed from the bottom. We still have a lot of work to do with this chair, to put the lever for closing the decision (seen from the front) on the right and the lever for raising the chair on the left.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 12

When I’m done with that, I’ll put the entire seat on the gas spring, making it more comfortable to screw the side mechanisms and back cover into place.

This will also be the next step. I screw the side mechanisms onto the side of the seat. Then the backrest can come, which I screw in between the irons mounted on both sides, and finally the cover elements can come.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 13

The last step is to put on the included pillows and we’re done!

The Blitzwolf also gives the screws and also gives an Allen key for screwing. Make sure that the screws are accompanied by washers, use them as well! Good advice, screw the bolts into the holes in the seat and back before you can install the irons for him. This way, when you screw the irons into place, you will no longer have to look for the holes.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 14

That's it, let's jump into our new chair!



From my own experience, I can say that the hardness of the seat is between GC2 and GC6. The GC2 is a gamer chair in the blood, harder than the baked teal bread baked yesterday morning, while the GC6 is more of a gamer chair-shaped armchair. So soft.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 15

The GC9, although the padding looks thick (too), is still harder than the GC6. Since my GC6 article, several people have asked which chair I ended up preferring, hard or soft. As I wrote above, I have not been able to make a decision to this day. Maybe the solution will be GC9, the hardness of which seems just right for now.

So comfort is okay for me, but there are a couple of things to consider before you buy.

Let’s start there with the minimum height of the seat above the other chairs. I’m 184 inches, a little comfortable for me above the lowest point, which means you’re already swinging your legs 160 inches.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 16

This may be helped a bit by the waist cushion, which looks really good but is more uncomfortable with my leg length. Without the cushion, the backrest perfectly follows the line of my back, the length of the seat is also just good, because the edge point is at my knee flexion, so it holds my whole thigh.

If you’re lower than me, the waist cushion will probably save the usability of the chair because you sit so far forward when you use it that your feet reach the ground.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 17

I remember the GC2 was what could be tilted up to 180 degrees, so it was completely horizontal. Well, that's what makes no sense in the heavenly world. I tried it, I constantly felt like I was going to fall backwards.

I think 9 degrees of the GC135 is enough, especially if we add that the seat can be tilted, so the 135 degrees will be 145-150. In this you will be able to take a good nap, I feel that now.

Anyway, as is the case with more normal chairs, there is a roller at the bottom to withstand the tilt of the seat, with a spring in it. If we loosen it, we can swing almost without resistance, if we pull it, it will not be very necessary to fasten it with the left arm.



Well, as I wrote in the introduction, I got this chair for the test (as a gift), I didn’t buy it. Honestly, since I was happy with the chairs I had used so far, I wouldn’t have spent money on another one. So of course that I got it I am very happy about it because in terms of materials used it is much more advanced than cheaper chairs.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 18

The other chairs needed a waist cushion because none of them were good without it, but the GC9 had a back design that was made for my back. So, that's not a bad thing.

I really like the material of the seat and backrest, the gold stitching, the gold, metal-like logos look very, very good. The height of the seat is perfect for me, and there is no problem with the width of the seat.

With regard to the GC1, some complained that it was so narrow that thicker users no longer sat comfortably. The GC2 has gotten better in this respect, and the GC6 is extremely wide, it didn't even hold the thigh. The GC9 is the golden mean again, there is lateral support, but it doesn’t squeeze my thighs, I can sit comfortably in it.

Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 19

What definitely deserves a big red dot is that this is the most customizable chair I've ever had. It is good for delinquents with longer legs with the waist cushion removed and the lower ones with the cushion inserted. The height-adjustable armrest that slides back and forth and even folds out helps us to customize it. I didn’t mention it, but the height of the back cushion is of course adjustable, it’s also an added option.

The big question is whether it's worth the double price!

Well, in terms of material quality and comfort by all means. For me, the previous cheaper chairs were also quite comfortable, so there was no crazy big progress in this, it wasn't possible. If you want to be sure, and you can afford the $ 100 instead of the $ 200 category, don’t think about which one to buy, clearly the GC9. You will not regret it.

Of course, if you spend less money on the thing, you can stay with the cheaper pieces. As I have written several times, I have had chairs in daily use for more than a year now and have dog trouble. All right, approx. I had to tighten the screws twice afterwards, but it also happened the first time, I don’t even remember exactly when.

At the end of the article, I’ll put a link to my writings about chairs, I’ll give you a link to buy, and where you have it, there’s also a coupon code to save you some money.

If you liked the chair, buy it now because I got a price that we haven’t come close to before. This means that instead of the original HUF 66, the BGHU1113 With a coupon code we can buy HUF 53 from an EU warehouse, so we can forget about customs administration. The price includes VAT, of course.

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Relax in this back - Blitzwolf BW-GC9 chair test 20

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