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Mini projector for the children's room - Blitzwolf V3 test

Mini projector for the children's room - Blitzwolf V3 test

The BlitzWolf V3 is like a gaming projector, but it projects an HD image with usable brightness.

Mini projector for the children's room - Blitzwolf V3 test



After the Blitzwolf V2, which was the manufacturer's last projector (that is, it was the last to arrive, so far), the next one, the V3, was presented. I was excited because V2 was a really good piece. Convincing brightness, combined with an appearance that I really like, and the price was pretty good, despite the fact that it was an Android smart projector.

Mini projector for the children's room - Blitzwolf V3 test 1

Then I received the V3 specification and I was a little confused because I expected the v3 to be an even better projector, since the numbering is one higher. But the three after the two in this case did not mean the development of knowledge, at most the sequence, i.e. which was published first, which later.

The only thing that improved my bad mood was the price of the projector. However, when the manufacturer asked if I wanted to try it, I said yes. If only because in recent years they have sent almost all of their new machines, and I didn't want to be ungrateful by saying that it's better not to do that now.

Mini projector for the children's room - Blitzwolf V3 test 2

So the projector has arrived, it's here on my desk (so now it's hanging from the ceiling) and I have to say it's exactly what I expected. In this article, I'll tell you what it's like so that you know what to expect if you buy it.


Packaging, accessories

Mini projector for the children's room - Blitzwolf V3 test 3

It is suspicious that the copy that came to me did not come in the commercial packaging, because the box is completely white, there is nothing to indicate that the name of BlitzWolf is on the machine. Inside the unmarked packaging, the machine is also not embedded in the usual impact protection, but has been placed in an air-inflated bag. There is no question of satisfactory protection, but it is suspicious that if you buy it now, you will not receive it in such packaging.

There are some accessories in the box, but they are not extras. There is an HDMI cable, which is good if you don't already have one at home. I have about 20 pieces, so I would just put this one in the others.

Mini projector for the children's room - Blitzwolf V3 test 4

There is a power supply unit, a smaller cube, that is, the power supply is not inside the projector. Fortunately, there is an EU plug at stake. We get a description, we get an AV cable and we get a remote control. The story ends here.

The remote control, which may be worth mentioning, but this is rather uninteresting. It's a simple, even cheaper piece. Let's say he knows what he needs to know, but no one should expect much extra.

Mini projector for the children's room - Blitzwolf V3 test 5


Exterior and knowledge

The BlitzWolf V3 is not a big machine, to put it mildly. Its dimensions are 165 x 128 x 66 millimeters, and its weight is less than one kilogram. So it's not only small, it's also light. The information about the weight is in the specification table anyway, but I think the person who gave it was quite modest, because the weight under 1 kilo can mean roughly 60-70 deka.

Mini projector for the children's room - Blitzwolf V3 test 6

The exterior is not very interesting either. It is as if the house was snapped together from two parts. The lens is on the left side of your face, don't even dream of a protective cap, there isn't one. Nothing was placed above the lens to adjust the manual focus and keystone correction, because it is not possible to adjust the keystone correction.

On the back of this page are the physical buttons for operation in case you can't find the remote control. On the right side are the connectors, USB, HDMI, AV and the headphone jack. The power input is on the back panel.

Mini projector for the children's room - Blitzwolf V3 test 7

The only thing worth mentioning is the standard threaded connector, which can be used to mount it on a tripod or, in my case, hang it on the ceiling mount.

The knowledge is a bit more interesting, since, as I wrote, despite the small angular body and the low price, we get HD resolution, which is good. The brightness of 5000 lumens is still acceptable, even for much larger machines only 6000 lumens are written. This is 250 in ANSI, according to the manufacturer, which is not an amount to be underestimated. The lighting was, of course, entrusted to LED, which has a lifespan of 50 hours. Plenty of it.

Mini projector for the children's room - Blitzwolf V3 test 8

The projection distance ranges from 1,2 meters to 3,2 meters, it is not worth going below the smaller value, because you cannot set the focus. I wouldn't experiment much with 3,2 meters either, the brightness seems insufficient. Depending on the distance, the diagonal of the projected image can vary between 1,2 and 3,2 meters, if you listen to me, think of a maximum of 2,5 meters, this will already give you a fairly large image diagonal.

Mini projector for the children's room - Blitzwolf V3 test 9

It is really gratifying that the machine has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the former for wireless image transmission from a phone, the latter for external audio devices. There is also a built-in speaker, but I can't find any information about what it is. As a tip, it can be mono or 2-2,5 watts.



Well, the BlitzWolf V3 is not a projector that I should write enthusiastically about, because there is not much to be happy about in terms of operation. Of course, this sounds pretty silly, so I'll shade it quickly. The picture is quite good for the price, in fact... However, the price is quite low, so from this point of view, I couldn't expect too much just because of the price.

The brightness is adequate. If I didn't want to project a large image diagonal, it could still be used even when it was half darkened. I think 250 ANSI is an exaggeration, I've seen quite a few similar machines recently, this one can't do that much. I'd rather say something like 200, but in the end that's not bad either. Contrast is appropriate for the category, the sharpness of the image is also good.

Mini projector for the children's room - Blitzwolf V3 test 10

I would say that 720p is not so bad, but in this case we really only get entry-level knowledge and nothing more.

An absolute positive is that the screen mirroring went smoothly and quickly, there was no problem with that, I was able to transfer the YouTube image from my phone to the projector just fine. It ate the FHD materials, of course downscaled it to 720p, but that was no problem either. I tried some formats, MP4, H.264, etc., and there was no problem with them. According to the factory description, H.265 does not work, but this is not surprising, it probably requires more advanced hardware.

Mini projector for the children's room - Blitzwolf V3 test 11

The speaker is again completely normal, not a hi-fi, but it is good for suppressing the sound of the relatively quiet cooling. It's clear, but that's about the most I can say about it.



I could say the BlitzWolf V3 is a super projector, but I'd be lying, it's not. BlitzWolf V3 is just a good projector for its price. It doesn't knock down walls, it doesn't tear the screen, but the brightness is adequate, the colors are adequate, the contrast is also good, so overall it gives what a cheap, entry-level HD projector should give.

Which definitely benefits the price. In the introductory sale, they ask for it for just under thirty thousand, and this is such a low price that it is much more in the area of ​​480p resolution machines than HD machines. So from that point of view, the BlitzWolf V3 is not a bad projector at all.

Mini projector for the children's room - Blitzwolf V3 test 12

Who do I recommend it to? For those who, say, would take a projector with them for their work, because the small size and the pill's light design make it absolutely portable. For those who would like to watch a movie every leap year with a screen diagonal larger than the TV, but don't want to spend a lot of money on it. For those who would like to replace the slide projector in the children's room with something more serious.

I would like to add here that the image of a projector projected on the wall is much easier on the eyes than staring at the TV, which is a good enough reason to buy it.

If you're looking for a home theater projector and think you can get away with it for less than HUF 30, you're wrong. You won't get a home theater projector for that much money. At the same time, if it is not the purchase of the century, the BlitzWolf V3 is not a bad deal if you manage the knowledge and the price in the right place.

Mini projector for the children's room - Blitzwolf V3 test 13

If you liked it, use BGWPV33 coupon code by clicking on the link below. The projector is currently in the pre-order phase:

BlitzWolf V3 HD Projector


Product features
General specificationSizes165 * 128 * 66
Net weightKG 1
Projection parametersDisplay techniqueLCD
Natural resolution1280 * 720
Aspect ratio16: 9
Average and uniformity of brightness100LM / 63%
White color temperature6800K
Work noise44dB
Contrast FOFO/
Color space/
Lens (type)F80
Aspect ratio1,25:1
Projector size40 ″ - 120 ″
Projection distance1.2 - 3.2 M
Focus methodHand
Optical keystone correctionnincs
Other functionsATV (optional)
Interface parametersCsatlakozókAV /Earphone/HDMI/USB/TYPE-Power input/DC
Remote control typeInfra-red
Distant distance and angle7m/45°
light sourceLampLED
Light intensity of bulb5000 LM
Life50000 Hours
System parameterSystem/
Central tile6710
WiFi2.4G + 5G
Supported video formatsMPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4/H.263/H.264/AVS/VC1/MJPEG/RV 30/RV40/HEVC
Supported audio formatsMPEG1 / MPEG2 / LPCM / MP3 / WMA2 / AAC / WAV
Supported image formatsJPEG / PNG / BMP
Voice support/
AirSharingAndroid wireless same screen, IOS wireless same screen, support screen projection
Other functions/
Electrical SpecTotal operating energy consumption50W±5W
Standby power consumption1W
operating voltageDC (18V-22V)
Package dataThe size of the package277 * 176 * 104
Gross weight1KG
packing listAdapter/remote control/User manual

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