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BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar test - something is missing

BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar test - something is missing

Listen to music from your phone to your computer, notebook or just smoothly.

BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar test - something is missing

Check out our video tutorial and listen to the Blitzwolf BW-SOD1 soundbar!



Blitzwolf can no longer be called a beginner in the field of soundbars. I have already met three of their TV solutions, and I was very satisfied with them. Then, at the end of last year, their smaller solutions, developed specifically for computer use, appeared.

BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar test - something is missing 1

The BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 introduced in this article is the same, although I think the scope can be extended, but more on that later. Let's see now what we get for our money.


Packaging and accessories

Who knows why, the blitzwolf’s green and white colors don’t come back out of the box. Along with that, a caption at the top of the speaker proclaims that Designed by Blitzwolf, so BW is a product of this, just for something the box is different. Let's move on!

Inside we find a speaker (still good), a short description, a micro USB cable and a 3,5 jack-jack cable.

They didn't overdo the accessories here either, but that's enough, we can use essentially every function with that much.



This is a point that will divide the audience. There will be those who will like it, but others will not.

For some reason, Blitzwolf was thought to break with the tradition of making their speakers look like either a modern, quality piece or a modern, cool gadget because the BW-SOD1 doesn’t meet either requirement.

BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar test - something is missing 2

At first, I'd rather say crappy. Well, not in the wrong sense of the word, but rather that the cool speakers looked the way they did 20 years ago. So crappy in the sense that it’s a full plastic, dusty, retro feeling radiating something. I don't really understand.

I don't feel a problem with the quality of the plastic guts anyway, the matte surface of the frame and the grid are good, just erre So I'm saying it's going to be divisive, because from not coming in, I'm sure there will be a lot of people going crazy for the retro line .

BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar test - something is missing 3

The volume control also fits the design. The manufacturer says it’s Elevation Design, it means anything. In addition to the scroll, we find a five-point division with strange-shaped numbers, of course the volume can be adjusted steplessly, all you have to do is put a large, five-position, click switch in it. Well, that would be really retro!

The only thing that doesn't fit so far is the flashing RGB light in the center of the scroll wheel. Here, it was as if the designers had lost a bit of the yarn, or someone had told them not to release something out of their hands without RGB because they would end up like a stick.

BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar test - something is missing 4

The light flashes to the beat of the sound (about sacc / approx.), But I couldn't figure out what was changing the color based on. Maybe Blitzwolf is already preparing for type 3 encounters (if you’ve seen the movie for you).

So far the excitement, now turn the gadget over! At the back we find a Micro USB connector and 3 jacks. Of these, one is the audio input (i.e. line in), one is the microphone and one is the headphones.



There are two active and two passive speakers in the speaker. The former has a power of 2 x 3 watts and the latter are passive. The quality of the sounds will be discussed in the next chapter.

BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar test - something is missing 5

We find a Bluetooth 5.0 connection in the widget, which is good. The delay is low and the consumption is low. The latter does not have much significance at first, as there is no battery in the speaker, it can only be operated from a fixed 5 volts, i.e. USB.

BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar test - something is missing 6

In addition to the Bluetooth connection, there are also cable connections. I mentioned these in the previous chapter. Line In is used, for example, to connect to your computer's sound card. The headphone output is understandable, but the microphone input is a little weird.

BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar test - something is missing 7

I thought a lot about why the microphone input came here, but in addition to e.g. karaoke feature may not come to mind other. Let’s say this area of ​​use couldn’t even be further from me, but maybe someone wants to hear their voice through that speaker, who knows.



We are finally here and I can write the point out!


So, for me, the design of the BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 is the usual category. Not ugly, I’m not going to be bad about it, but this retro line isn’t my line. Of course, it doesn’t hurt the eyes, and at least it’s not a gamer’s horror that even makes your ass flicker.

BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar test - something is missing 8


I thought about this a lot, it’s hard to convey the feeling. Of course, I listened to it with a bunch of styles from electronic music to pop to slam rock and then ventured into even tougher areas.

The speaker is characterized by a strange duality.

The high tones, speech tone, and middle are good. Of course, understand the good so that compared to how big the box is really specifically good! Balanced in every way, nothing exaggerated, frank as it is.

BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar test - something is missing 9

Fortunately, the volume cannot be raised to the skies. At the maximum it is already strong enough, but not very strong, one does not have the feeling that one wants to fall apart. There’s already a tiny distortion at the top volume, but it’s really tiny, so that’s good too!

What’s not good is that the pounding depths are nowhere to be found. There is, of course, as deep a sound as passive radiators can. Instead of the pounding deep, we get some humming - I can’t write that much more sensitively. So it’s deep there, just so weird.

Most of all, I can compare the sound image to when we suddenly take the subwoofer out of a good hi-fi set and the good quality medium and high remain, and of course the depth that the mid-range speakers give.

BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar test - something is missing 10

Of course, it also depends on the music. I mostly listen to rock, so I’ll give an example of that.

The AC / DC sounds a little annoying, clumsy, and lacks bass. Billy Idol sings pretty clearly, the overall effect is good, and if I don’t turn up the volume it’s quite enjoyable throughout. What’s weird, though, is that the Foo Figthers are quite balanced, they’re even deep and the soundtrack doesn’t tip over.

Okay, but then what can we filter out so far?



In terms of quality, we can filter that it doesn't matter what kind of music we listen to. That’s the downside of cheap speakers, they just can’t serve anything, so if you want quality music, don’t listen to this, but I think you’ve guessed so far.

BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar test - something is missing 11

Overall, the stuff sounds particularly good compared to its size and price.

I wrote above that this is a fictional soundbar for computers, which is also true. On the other hand, what is very good is that it does not need a 220 power supply, but only a USB, so the range of uses expands. All you need is an external battery.

BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar test - something is missing 12

Well, here comes the picture of Bluetooth 5.0 and energy saving. With an external battery, you can take the little Blitzwolf soundbar to the terrace or the beach, but you can also listen to it in the evening while frying bacon. In a word: mobilizable. Its size and weight also make it suitable for this, it fits nicely in a backpack.

Finally, the price, or the question of whether it is worth buying.

The price of BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 is a little over 10 thousand forints. That’s why there’s not a big selection of soundbars for the money, more precisely, but what I’ve heard so far are almost in the unacceptable category.

BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar test - something is missing 13

The BlitzWolf BW-SOD1, on the other hand, is not unacceptable at all, at least considering the above. The desk between the monitor and the keyboard will be just as good, as I think it will stand on the terrace with an external battery.

If you liked it, you can buy it with coupon code BGHU0410 for ~ 9000 forints at the following link:

BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar

The price of the product with delivery and insurance is US $ 41,26, so if you buy a piece, we can still buy it duty-free (in March the duty-free limit will be US $ 44,8, and in April it will be US $ 43,15).


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BlitzWolf BW-SOD1 soundbar test - something is missing 14

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