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We tried: Easy TV Nomad is not just for nomads!

On the pages of our magazine you have met more than once the demonstrations and tests of TV receivers, including digital tuners. In these articles, we presented the current situation of digital television in Hungary.
This article will be a little different, as we are not introducing a computing device, but a portable digital television. No, this is not entirely true, it is not just a television, but rather a pair of a television and a multimedia player within a device, this is the Easy TV Nomad.


Anno, when I bought my previous car in 2005, I was really thinking about the fact that it would be nice to have a 2 DIN player that I can watch TV with. He wanted one that had not only an analog but also a digital receiver, as we were preparing for the digital switchover at that time, and even the test drives were already in full swing. At that time, the format was still MPEG2, and there was no question that the final solution might be different.


I’ve watched a lot of in-car TVs, but even then it was clear that I didn’t want one that only had an analog receiver. Analog TVs have never been my favorite because the picture quality has left a lot to be desired. It didn't matter if it was retrofitted unbranded stuff or a full BMW factory headunit, the picture was mostly ants, the colors bounced if it didn't come in black and white at all. Sure, it was more than anything, but it wasn’t perfect, that’s for sure.
Digital broadcasting has promised an effective solution to this problem. There are no ants in a digital receiver, but if the signal strength is not enough, there is no picture. So only two extremes work, or the transmission and sound are perfect, or we don’t see anything.


Digital television has evolved a lot in the last 5-6 years. It is characterized by a normal channel supply and more and more taxes, thanks to the latter it is available in an increasing area of ​​the country. True, there are still white spots, even areas where there is theoretically digital broadcasting, virtually none at all. I myself live in a place like this unfortunately.
These developments already allow ordinary sons of the people to watch TV in good quality at home, but even while fishing or sunbathing on a lake shore. You’re right, these are pretty bad examples, because someone who can’t exist on the beach without a TV has been hit hard enough.
The device we have now tried, as its name suggests, is a portable one, so the nomadic name is very apt, if only because, thanks to the built-in battery, it can be used for a relatively long time even during wild camping, in a place where the wire doesn’t hurt. petrol.

We tried it: Easy TV Nomad is not just for nomads! 1

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