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The BlitzWolf BW-V34 FHD projector is sold again for 5

BlitzWolf BW-V5 is quite worth the money.

BlitzWolf BW-V5 - new FHD projector from BlitzWolf

BlitzWolf V5 is an FHD projector, i.e. a native projector with 1920 x 1080 pixels. We don't get any information about whether it can receive a 4K signal, which could also mean no, but I'd rather vote yes blindly. The manufacturer states 9000 lumens for the brightness, but it is much more crucial that we also get a 200 ANSI lumens figure than the brightness characteristic of at least 65 percent of the picture.

By the way, this 200 ANSI cannot be called bad in this price category (let's say typical), even if it cannot burn out our eyes. With the correct dimming, this light stream can create a normal cinema atmosphere. There is no Android on the machine, which is a little painful, but it bothers me more that the Wi-Fi connection is not mentioned in the specifications, so this is a real "I'm going to put it under my house, take it and project movies from a pen drive with it" piece. At least Bluetooth 5.0 and there is a 15-degree (down and up) keystone correction, although only vertical, but at least there is. The trapezoid and the focus can also be adjusted manually, but again, this is not disturbing, we are talking about a cheap machine.

Among the connectors we find two HDMI, two USB, AV and AUX, so we can import movies from quite a few sources, and if all the ropes are broken, we can also connect an external speaker with a cable, an active one of course. The BlitzWolf V5 is a very small machine, its width is 22 cm, its depth is 19 cm, and its height is only 9 cm. Its weight is only 1,6 kilograms.

I would say that the structure is not very steely, or that it is disappointing, but on the one hand the price is acceptable, and on the other hand it is a typical portable projector which, if there is no other solution, can also be used for home cinema. If we could also get a fourth machine from the manufacturer, which is, say, a bit bigger, more powerful, with Bluetooth-wifi, with higher brightness, then I would be completely satisfied, because in this case it would be a good little machine for home, albeit without Android.

If someone told me a year and a half ago that they were going to charge $5 for a projector with BlitzWolf V110 capabilities, I would be a bit dumbfounded, but I would accept the fact, especially since it would have been HUF 30 at the time, or just a little more. Nowadays, 110 dollars for such a machine is not much at all, but the fact that 110 dollars means 41 forints in the meantime is a bit painful. Let's say we don't have much choice, the weakening of the forint has also left its mark on all other technical items, so if someone wants to buy an entry-level FHD projector, he swallows one and pays the forty thousand. Or buy something used.

In the current spring devaluation, the projector costs this much, for the purchase of  BG808c3a we have to use a coupon code, with which we can get it for HUF 34 here:

BlitzWolf V5 FHD projector

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