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The PVY Z20 PRO electric bicycle is available at a spring price

PVY Z20 PRO – 10 bikes now with a coupon at a very good price

The 500-watt PVY Z20 PRO was one of last year's surprises.

PVY Z20 PRO – 10 bikes now with a coupon at a very good price

With 20-inch inflatable tires and a 500W brushless motor, this bike is both durable and powerful. Its light aluminum alloy frame and front shock absorber ensure a comfortable ride, and the double disc brake provides reliable stopping power. The Z20 PRO also has three driving modes: pure electric, power assist and cycling mode. In Hungarian, you can choose how much help you want from the engine, or whether you ask for help at all.

PVY Z20 PRO electric bike 1

The removable 36-volt 10,4 ampere-hour battery provides a range of 50-60 kilometers in pure electric mode (according to factory data) and 80-100 kilometers in power assist mode. The charging time is only 4-6 hours, so you don't have to wait too long if you have drained the battery. The Z20 PRO has many convenience features such as a rear luggage rack, a mobile phone holder and a waterproof tarpaulin.

PVY Z20 PRO electric bike 2

The Z20 PRO is easy to fold and transport, making it perfect for commuting or storing in small apartments. The recommended maximum speed is 25 kilometers per hour, but of course you can go much faster than that, as the engine's power and torque make this possible. The bike is suitable for people with a height of 165-190 centimeters and can carry a maximum load of 120 kilograms.

PVY Z20 PRO electric bike 3

Overall, the PVY Z20 PRO is a great electric bike for anyone looking for a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Its durable construction, powerful motor and many functions make it an excellent choice for commuting or leisure cycling. And with the CE certificate, you can be sure of the quality of this electric bicycle.

PVY Z20 PRO electric bike 4

So far, the official information, but let's see what makes me choose this one. The motor is 250 watts instead of the weak 500 watts, and the manufacturer did not mess around with making it EU compliant. There is no restriction on the top speed or the power output, which is considered a virtue among many worn-out bikes these days.

PVY Z20 PRO electric bike 5

I know this doesn't comply with the rules, but an adult, and not a 65-kilogram person, quite simply needs this strength and energy for dynamic movement. If you're not frivolous, you're going to wear a helmet to ride a bike anyway, regardless of whether or not there's a built-in power limiter.

PVY Z20 PRO electric bike 6

500 watts is not the starry sky anyway, it will move the bike, but the top speed will not exceed 30 km/h anyway, which is what even a normal scooter can do. If we dare to "speed" so much with a scooter, why not with a bike?

In short, this bike hits, it's strong, it's handy, it can do everything and it's not expensive. In the spring sale, I begged for a coupon for it, with which we can even further reduce the sale price. THE BGRJANZ20P using the code, this price is HUF 246. In the event of an order, the delivery is naturally made from an EU warehouse, so there is no additional VAT and no customs clearance. Purchase by clicking on the link below:

PVY Z20 PRO electric bike


You can find my test and video about the PVY Z20 Pro here: PVY Z20 PRO BIKE TEST: EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF 500 WATTS!



BrandPVY extensionWheel size20 x 2,3 inch inflatable tire
ModelZ20 PROThree driving modesPure Electric Mode, Power Assist Mode,
Cycling Mode
FrameAluminum alloyEngine power500W brushless motor
BrakeDouble disc brakeTorque50 Nm
Vibration damperFront shock absorberRated speed335 r/min
Speed ​​systemSHIMAN0 6 speedFactory speed25 Km / h
Max climb angles25°RangeAuxiliary mode: 80-100 Km
Electric mode: 50-60 Km
Full size1570 x 620 x 1070-1230 mmBattery36V 10,4AH removable battery
Collapsible size890 x 380 x 645 mmCharging time4-6 hours
package size910 x 400 x 670 mmMax. load120 kg
Suitable for height165-190 cmNet weight22 kg (without rear basket and fender)

30 kg (with rear basket and fenders

USB chargingYesGross weight34 kg
Rear luggage rackYesColorGrey, white
Iron fendersYesCertificateCE
Phone case
+ raincoat

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