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Excelvan BL-59 HD Multimedia Projector - the cheap android

Excelvan BL-59 HD Multimedia Projector - the cheap android

If a silly projector isn’t enough, don’t buy anything worse than that.

Excelvan BL 59 1

Just this week, our article on another Excelvan projector has become relevant, so it's worth taking a look at what the company has to offer. The new BL-59, for example, is nothing more than the Q7 machine presented in the article in terms of hardware, but it is much better in software. The simple reason for this is that while the Q7 is a “silly” projector, the BL-59 is smart because of the Android running on it.

Excelvan BL 59 2

Anyone who has used an Android TV box already knows that we get a lot of cleverness, we can turn essentially any device into a multimedia center, and with a sufficiently strong hardware, we can turn it into a game console. Well, the Excelvan BL-59 can be used for that as well. The central unit is an Amilogic S905X, which operates with four ARM Cortex-A53 cores and a 1,5 GHz clock. In addition to proci, this graphics is accelerated by a Mali-450 GPU. Anyone who is a little familiar with the world of ARM processor cores knows that this configuration won’t be enough to run the latest games, but if we assume that we don’t have to serve an FHD display, but “just” an HD display, it’s already much more reassuring to thing. So, a little silly about the graphics, this iron will still be able to run a lot of games, so we can consider the console part completed.

Excelvan BL 59 3

Of course, most will not take advantage of the player side of the projector. I think it's obvious that there won't be a problem with an HD or FHD video, on paper this configuration may be enough for up to 4K. This is of course only theoretical, as the official specification promises 1080p compatibility, so it's not worth trying with 4K, especially that the real resolution, as I've written above, is only HD, i.e. 1280 x 720 pixels. Among the capabilities of the projector, it is important to highlight that this structure is not LED, but lantern. The bulb has a lifespan of 20 hours, according to the manufacturer. This means a little more than 833 days, meaning more than 2 years of continuous use. If we take domestic 5 hours of television a day as an average, we can expect to not have to replace light bulbs for 4000 days and 11 years. I think these are good values.

Excelvan BL 59 4

The Excelvan BL-59 is an entry-level but already smart projector with Android, and it is very well priced in this segment. Projectors with similar hardware are more expensive than this in most cases without Android, we only have to pay $ 59 for the BL-200. So the Excelvan will still be worth paying attention to, because the projector we visited was also convincing, and this BL-59 also looks particularly good.

You can find more information about it here: Excelvan BL - 59 HD Multimedia Projector

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Excelvan BL - 59 HD Multimedia Projector - the cheap android 1

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