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AMD surprised China with a unique SoC

AMD surprised China with a unique SoC

Zhongshan Subor is dedicated to affordable gaming computers.

Zhongshan Subor Console


In the extremely powerful chip, AMD combined the power of Ryzen and Vega: four processor cores (8 logical threads, 3,0 GHz tempo) and 24 Vega NGCUs, or 1 stream processors. The 536 GHz GPU can be powered by a 1,30-bit memory bus wired to 256GB of GDDR8 memory. Vega IGP of course has DirectX 5 and Volcano support, obviously FreeSync is also available.

AMD Semi Custom Vega Zen SOC 8 740x408

Subor believes there is another unfilled gap in the player market; classic OEM gaming PCs are too expensive for the Chinese market, while consoles don’t offer enough versatility for everyone. A chip running under the codename Fenghuang, on the other hand, can now be built on a PC that has the positive features of desktops, but is as easy to use and looks like a console - probably even adapting the user interface to it. The machine name will simply be SUBOR. The stuff comes in two editions in principle: a truly cantilever-looking machine and a classic PC.

With the above specifications, the SUBOR can be a great gaming PC, while the high degree of integration also keeps consumption in check. The machine was unveiled at China Joy 2018.


AMD 1 surprised China with a unique SoC

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