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Patched Intel processors

Intel has fixed bugs in some processors that also pose security risks.

Kris Kaspersky - who, despite his sonorous name, has nothing to do with Kaspersky - last month announcedthat it will hold a very shocking presentation at the Hack In The Box Security conference in Malaysia in October, which will exploit vulnerabilities in Intel processors to run arbitrary code on remote computers. The expert has noticed vulnerabilities in some of Intel's CPUs that can be exploited even through specially crafted JavaScript and TCP / IP packages, making systems vulnerable to external attacks. Another problem is that the vulnerabilities pose a risk when using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Linux, and BSD operating systems, but it is easy to imagine that they also pose a threat to Mac OS X.

In a recent statement to Computerworld in the U.S., Kaspersky reported that Intel had been in talks for almost a month, and according to the latest information, the company's experts have already fixed the two most serious vulnerabilities it mentioned. One of these is in the cache controller and the other is in the ALU. According to Kaspersky, in addition to the two flaws, there are other vulnerabilities, although they are no longer critical. However, it is not known when Intel will eliminate these “minor” issues.

Intel has so far been unwilling to comment on the vulnerability news. George Alfs, a spokesman for the company, said last month that a separate team at Intel is monitoring and evaluating the errors that occur. Alfs said all chips contain bugs, but did not comment on Kaspersky's vulnerability. Therefore, all that was known was that Intel began to investigate the problem.

Patched Intel processors

Patched Intel Processors 1

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