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ALLDOCUBE M5X 4G tablet tutorial

ALLDOCUBE M5X 4G tablet tutorial

It is strong, beautiful, good, and the price of the ALLDOCUBE M5X 4G tablet is friendly.




I don’t exceptionally order a test from this machine right now, waiting for me to write about it from a similar, another manufacturer on my desk, but that’s due to lack of time so far. Nonetheless, I feel it’s important to write at least a short summary of it because its abilities are very good, it looks very good, plus the price in the introductory action is pleasant.

As I have written several times, many people bury the tumblers. Anno was thought of as a salvation, seen as a new device that would renew our devices, we would even replace our desktops with one. This did not happen in the end, but the boards found their place in the apartment quite slowly. The world has changed a lot these days, it’s not really surprising that many people talk about the end days of tablets. Phones are getting bigger, which is why the smallest diagonal tablets, the 7-inch ones, have essentially disappeared. There is often no difference of 8 inches between 2-inch machines that are currently small and an average-screen phone. For this reason, many people think that 8-inch machines no longer make sense, which I would still argue strongly about.

However, even if it were, that is, 8-inch machines make no sense, this is certainly no longer true for 10-inch machines. Not only because these hardware are getting stronger, so nowadays even a simple tablet is more powerful than the tiny but keyboard machines called netbooks that year. This is also the case with the ALLDOCUBE M5X 4G, as the rather flashy machine has a strong bite, a lot of memory and storage. It knows essentially everything a phone does, so we don't have to give up navigation, for example.

So the point is, in my opinion, tablets are not grated at all, in fact, they have an area for which they are much better, more comfortable to use than a phone, plus, although they are larger in size, the goods are nothing higher, or even much smaller, like a phone with similar hardware.



The ALLDOCUBE M5X 4G is one of the larger, ten-inch pieces, so we think it’s good for traveling, for example, so you don’t have to carry a notebook with you. This machine is suitable not only for the display but also for the hardware inside. The central unit is the MediaTek Helio X27, which employs no less than 10 cores, two of which are the combo ARM Cortex-A72, which sits in the top cluster and throws in their power when launching performance-intensive applications. These cores can spin at up to 2,6 GHz.


The modern central unit also includes a modern GPU. The power of the ARM Mali-T880 MP4 also makes the board suitable for running the latest games on it. This much muscle is needed anyway because the display is outstanding not only in terms of diagonal but also in terms of resolution. The Sharp panel, which operates in bright colors, has a resolution of 2,5K, or 2560 x 1600 pixels. Multitasking is aided by 4 GB of RAM, and the built-in storage is 64 GB.


The tablet, of course, has Bluetooth and wifi, the former is 4.2 and the latter supports 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac standards. From the ac standard, it can already be assumed that in addition to the two-channel wifi, ie the more common 2,4 GHz, we also get the possibility to connect to 5 GHz networks. Among the radios, we also find 4G support, it also includes B20, which means that the mobilnet available via a high-speed LTE connection can also be used at home. Another good news is that you can insert up to two SIM cards. From a modern tablet, at least in this category, the hardware needed to receive the signals of the already mentioned GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou satellites can no longer be left out, so the structure is even suitable for navigation.


We also find cameras on the front and back of the machine, although their resolution is a bit lower than expected today. The front 2 megapixel solution is perfect for video telephony, and the back 5 megapixel is, of course, if the lens system is also suitable for basic photography and video recording. Let’s just say it should definitely be added that the tablets were basically not invented for photography, so maybe the ability of the photographers will be the last thing we will consider when buying.

We haven’t mentioned the operating system yet, which in this case is version 8 of Android, nor have we talked about the battery, which is a 6600 mAh piece. With this, the manufacturer promises all-day use, which we accept with some skepticism. In fact, the 6600 mAh may be enough to withstand a charge of the machine per day under normal use, but it is certain that this capacity will not be able to hold the huge display for 10-12 hours. Finally, what may be more important is the sound, because a stereo speaker has been included in the ALLDOCUBE tablet as described.




What we still haven’t talked about is the look of the machine. We can say a typical tablet, large plate on the back, large display on the front. Regardless, at least based on the pictures, the stuff is really flashy, the white frame around the display evokes Apple’s solutions, and as such can be said to be elegant. The back cover is matte, which will probably collect little fingerprint and doesn’t even want to constantly slip out of our hands.




As usual we left the price to the end. The base price of the machine is $ 200, which means that a little more than 57 forints must be left at the checkout. Fortunately, the introductory promotion of the machine will take place between January 7 and 13, as part of which we will receive a 10 percent discount. Moreover, at the start of the seventh of January (which will probably be home on the sixth afternoon at 6 o'clock in time), the first 100 shoppers can carve an additional $ 10 out of the price, making it 15 percent cheaper for about $ 49.

More data, pictures and shopping here: Alldocube M5x 4G Tablet

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