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One of the best tablets on the test deck is Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus

One of the best tablets on the test deck is Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus

It's a fabulous machine from a reputable manufacturer, unobtrusively cheap.

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 6



I recently bought a Teclast tablet. I liked it was a good machine, it was very useful that Windows 10 and Android were on it because it was good for work and entertainment. Excellent resolution and a sufficient muscle mass for everyday work. It had a big problem, the battery, which was already very weak in its early days. We had to spend a lot of time using it while we were charging, and this was the result of a year and a half.

As I thought about buying a cheap tablet for the smart home project I decided not to buy a used tablet, but a new one, and Teclast would be good enough to run smart. It was clear what the new tablet would be like. It looked good on paper, but knowing the sales statistics I knew I would have to order my Lenovo tablet. Such a customer can not be mistaken; in the webshop the reviews are also excellent, because of the price as you will see the end of the article as a real gift, so I can not go along with it.



The Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus box is average but powerful. The cardboard is thick enough and protects the board with the inner "drawer". On the front you can see the machine, and on the back there are two stickers that tell us about the main capabilities. Of course, I'll write these later, so now I do not increase the number of words.

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 9

The box is opened in an internal pull-out drawer. Below we find two pamphlets filled with plain Chinese punctuation. One is to start up and the other is a warranty booklet. The line of accessories is short, just a Chinese standard charger and a USB cable. It is worth noting here that in the webshop we get cheap converters to the charger at the end of the article, I will give you a link to not buy it, but also something that can be used.


Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus - External

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus is a fully customized 8 tablet. By the hand it is immediately felt that we are not pushing any of the emerging machines. The materials used are of a very good quality, the joints are accurate, the machine does not clog, it can not "bend" a bit.

The front panel is completely glass with a very thin metal frame. The screen is, of course, smaller than the front panel, and has not yet reached the frameless craze. Bottom and up one and a half, half a page half the actual frame.

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 5

The back is made of plastic, the surface is saturated. It's all good for fingerprints, and it does not slip, so it's a small chance to drop it. The power button and the volume control are on the side edge, right where you would look for a phone. In the lower part, there is a microphone opening and an opening of the stereo speaker, while the top of the USB connector, a headphone output and the other stereo speaker slot are on the top.

The memory card and SIM card slots are hidden. The LENOVO label on the back can be snapped out, below which is a pull-out tray similar to that of phones, into which you can snap the cards.


Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus - Hardware

When I first encountered this machine on GearBest's virtual shelves, I found that it was one of the best tablets of recent times. I was dazed because it just started marketing, so no practical experience was available. To my excuse, based on the information provided, it was a machine with a very strong, balanced, competing components.

Fortunately, my hunch did not cheat, as the sales figures also show. For me, it's very important for a tablet or even a phone to make the manufacturer do not want to show too much and give little to this. Many times, a very good camera or battery is inserted into a device, but the price is kept low, so the pants are pulled for other parts. Then strange configurations come out. It is much better if all parts of the machine match the performance. In an entry level machine, have all parts at entry level, and in a mid-range on a mid-level level. If so, then we will be guaranteed to have no complaints about one or another component.

snapdragon 625 3

For this Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus, this balance has come to a standstill. As for the main components of the hardware, it is basically the same as my favorite Xiaomi phone, Redmi 4. The central unit is a MSM8953, better known as Qualcomm Snapdragon 625. This is not a very young, but more popular, tile that we find in a lot of branded phones. This is no wonder, as it has the right power, though it has a moderate energy consistency, and its capabilities make it possible to build high-quality devices around.

The Snapdragon 625 14 is made of nanometer strip width, with an eight-core, 64 bit processor that has been seeded into two clusters. In each of these, there are four Cortex-A53 cores that can clock up to 2 GHz depending on power requirements.

snapdragon 625 1

Next to the processor, you'll find an integrated video controller running on the Adreno 506 that works on 650 MHz clocks. The GPU is also supported by a H.264 and HEVC decoder, which makes it possible to play even 4K videos.

The chip has a dual channel memory controller that supports LPDDR3 memory. Of this, I have a 3 GB with a 16 GB built-in repository for Lenovo, which is naturally expandable with a memory card that can have up to 64 GB.

snapdragon 625 2

Image processors have also been integrated into the central chip, to which a 24-megapixel and a 13-megapixel camera can be fitted. It also includes a Cat-7 LTE modem for LTE connection and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

As I wrote, this chip is not young, its official show was round two years ago. At the same time, its performance to date is satisfactory for the mid-range of both tablet computers and phones.


Let's see the other abilities!

The machine is equipped with an 8 colos IPS technology 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution display. IPS panels are known for their excellent viewing angles, and their color fidelity is good. These statements are true for Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus, so nobody will miss the screen.

In the field of radios, it is important to mention the presence of Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS. this also means that we can use navigation with the tablet. In the central unit there is a LTE modem, so we can use the mobile phone but unfortunately does not support the B20 800 MHz connection, so there is still a strong 3G speed in Hungary.

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 4

Built-in cameras are not too steep, but one tablet may not have much more than that. The front panel unit is 5- and the rear 8 megapixels.

Which is especially important for the battery. Apart from the display, this machine can be considered as a single phone, as the hardware used in it is essentially the same as that used in many mobile phones. Compared to this, the 4250 mAh battery is abundant and, indeed, during use, I did not feel uncomfortable with the battery charger.


Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus Tests

I do not like synthetic tests because they have almost nothing to say about how to use a computer or tablet. However, I admit, there is a need for some kind of comparison, so of course I did not let myself run some or exactly two programs. One was already an Antutu, and the other was the current version of Geekbench.

geek bench

For the results of the last one, you can find the online datasheets here:

You can see the Antutu scores in the picture below.


The results clearly show that this machine was not primarily intended for gaming. It did not, for example, cause an Asphalt Nitro problem, so let's not talk about the popular Candy Crush Saga. So basically it will be good for the game as well, but sometimes we have to make a small compromise by pulling down the graphics. The Android 6.0.1 installed on your tablet works well. Of course, everyone is happy to get the latest Android version of the hardware you purchased, but this version is perfect on this machine. It should be added that although it is not the most recent operating system, Lenovo has not forgotten the machine so yesterday I uploaded an 33 MB update via OTA. This is definitely positive!

I did not experience any hiccups during the operation, I did not even use the programs, nor was it running smoothly while the table was scrolling. Installing programs is also fast, but this is basically expected from a great eight-core Snapdragon processor. Multimedia tasks were running well, and Youtube and HBO Go were also perfect. The stereo speaker is not a HiFi, but it does provide a good performance, even if the true dynamics are missing. So, if you want to listen to music, I'd rather recommend a ear, but if you have a party party, your tablet's speakers will do the wrong thing.


Camera / s

This specification has already described the hardware features so now only the views of the images are left behind. In good lighting conditions, P8 makes absolutely acceptable photos. In sunny surroundings, the f / 2.2 aperture lens gives enough light to the sensor, so the software automatically configured ISO 100 is fully automated. Exposure to Landscape is extremely fast but close to photos, but it's not too slow, it's easy to do a good depth reading. True, this is automatic, we can not influence it, as we have only one camera. The pictures taken are not just in the middle, but on the edges are sharp enough to praise the optics. In the corners this is no longer the case, but I would not say bad either.

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 1

In a dark environment, the situation is different. The software sets the ISO value to 2400 in both auto and night modes. In the former case, the image remains quite clear, but the exposure is so long that it is impossible to shoot from hand without movement, in the latter, in night mode, the exposure time is shortened, but the image becomes unenjoyablely noisy.

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 10Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 11Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 12
Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 13Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 14Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 15
Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 16Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 17Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 18

The Seed camera is another pasta. The 5 megapixel sensor does not give too much, but with the lens mounted over it, you can shoot self-portraits that are sufficiently detailed and with good colors. Do not want to make landscapes, not for that, and bleed during the task.

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 19Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 20Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 21


The Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus is not just a paper machine, but it's a very good machine in life as well. The eight-core proci provides enough cocoa, and I did not feel the 3 GB memory, either, so we can not complain about performance.

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 3

The machine is really a really good quality piece. I've had some cheap Chinese tabs in my hand, something that knew at least this in hardware, but it was a completely different world. Here, the plastics used are of perfect quality, are sufficiently thick, the whole machine feels solid, we do not feel that it falls into our hands immediately. The design is like a tablet should be. Large front display, large rear back. The only small crap is the disk that holds the memory and the SIM card tray, giving you as much playability as possible, making it a bit more exclusive.

You can see the performance of the camera yourself. We think that it is perfectly positioned in a sufficiently bright environment, so if we only have this machine to scratch something fast, we do not have to be ashamed because of the result.

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 2

Finally, the price. Specifically, the only version with a WiFi version is priced somewhere in the 38 500 forints, and the LTE modem version will cost $ 45 (B20 not supported) if you order it from GearBest and European warehouse with 3-5 working days . Although this machine is in a less-favored home institution, currently 61, and the LTE modem version is 71 in thousand forints. This is a big difference. The worse thing is that in this well-known retail store, even this Lenovo is the cheapest eight-inch display with 1920 x 1200 pixel display, the others have a price of 80-90 thousand forints.

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 7

I think everybody now understands why I dare to say that this tablet is the best buy in recent times. Strong, fast, quality piece from a good-selling manufacturer and its price matches the Huawei MediaPad T1, the configuration of which is shown below. I think we can safely say that the machine is a very different world, not in the good sense of the word.

Try this link first, here's the cheapest now (2018.08.17): Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus

The Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus Wifi version from European warehouse with 3-5 workday delivery time is here: Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus Wifi Version

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus LTE + WiFi version of Chinese warehouse here: Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus LTE + WiFi

You can find cheap cases and traditional and glass films for your tablet here: Accessories for Lenovo TAB3 8 Plus

We do not have to pay VAT on the tablet, as we do not have to pay VAT on EU warehouses (warehouse GW), the delivery time is 3-5 business day! If you order from China warehouse, look for the shipping options Priority Line - EU express so you do not have to pay additional costs, customs and VAT!


Now the stock is up to GBsale073 with coupon code only 34 thousand forints here: Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus


Lastly, the comparative table, which clearly shows what kind of tablet we get today for Lenovo TAB3 P8 Plus. I think the numbers speak for themselves!



Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus

Huawei MediaPad T1
Display is diagonal8 inch8 inch
Display resolution1200 x 1920800 x 1280
Central unitQualcomm Snapdragon MSM8953 625Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8212 200
Number of processor cores84
Processor cores clock2 GHz1,2 GHz
Memory3 GB1 GB
Disk Arrays16 GB8 GB
Kamerák5 megapixel front, 8 megapixel rear5 megapixel front
Operating SystemAndroid 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean)

WiFi version

Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac (2,4 and 5 GHz)Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n (2,4 GHz only)
Price38 500.-39 900.-

On a test bench, one of the best tablets of recent times is the Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus 1

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