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Champions Smartwatch - Amazfit GTR 47mm test

Champions Smartwatch - Amazfit GTR 47mm test

Undoubtedly, the best Xiaomi watch so far has become the Amazfit GTR!

Champions Smartwatch - Amazfit GTR 47mm Test 1


I’m one of the lucky ones to have been able to use the first Amazfit watch, the Pace, and the second, the Stratos, for an extended period of time. The first one wasn’t too masculine, but because of its size, it didn’t look good on a woman’s wrist. The second, the Stratos, became a bloody, male-handed watch, though he didn’t go too far ahead of his predecessor in his abilities. At Xiaomin, they tried to answer all the objections so far with the Amazfit GTR. It is available in two sizes on the one hand, 47 millimeters for men and 42 millimeters for women. On the other hand, the form became neither too feminine nor too masculine, but they brought together an extremely beautiful structure with an exclusive appearance. How successful this was is well illustrated by GTR’s popularity.

Although I wore the previous two Xiaomi watches for a long time, I won’t take the GTR. There is a simple reason for this, I will be raffling off this class in our Facebook group. After being able to vote on what the game’s grand prize should be, the Amazfit GTR won towers high, even though readers could have chosen a Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner or a tablet that was much more expensive than an hour, yet, the GTR became the finisher. It also shows that Xiaomi really paid off with this watch, they were finally able to launch a product that is acceptable to all tastes, men and women.

After that, the question is what the clock itself has become in terms of its capabilities, and in this article I will try to answer that.

Packaging and exterior

The Amazfit GTR comes in a nice black box that informs you of key features like small waterproofs up to 50 meters, AMOLED display or long life. At the back we find the exact type, in this case the A1902, we get information about the charger voltage, the Bluetooth version (Bluetooth 5.0) and what version of the system is the minimum requirement on our phone.

Amazfit GTR 47mm 14

A thick-walled, white box slides out of the black, thin cardboard. Lifting the lid, we will immediately find the clock, and in the lower section we will have a charger and a chunky booklet waiting for us, in the latter we will find the help related to the installation in several languages ​​(Hungarian is not among them).

There are no more accessories, but why, here's everything to start using the brand new Amazfit GTR!

Amazfit GTR 47mm 13

As you can read in the introduction, the GTR is made in two sizes, they do not differ in knowledge, but the smaller ones, due to the physical dimensions, use a smaller battery, so the battery life is also less. Currently, the female version is available in aluminum in several colors, and the male version is also available in aluminum and stainless steel enclosures. They differ not only in their material but also in their color, steel being entirely metallic in color, while aluminum is dark gray. I liked the latter better, so I bought this. For both, we get the same brown leather strap, which is just leather on top, the bottom layer is silicone.

Amazfit GTR 47mm 6

In the introduction, I also wrote about how good the watch looks. The pictures are also very punchy, but we can still do this with a good big shovel, a really serious, showy structure, the pictures can't really give back how much it is.

Amazfit GTR 47mm promo 1

He looks quite filigree compared to his predecessor, the Stratos, not so much on the wrist, nor does he want to look crazy sporty. This is very good as it can be worn during sports, running, swimming cycling, but it won't be gas at all if the suit flashes under the sleeve. What's more, the sleek look attracts the eye, so you can get some appreciative looks. This is important, of course, but it is even more important to keep the clock in place!

Amazfit GTR 47mm promo 2

Before we get into operation, there is one important thing I was really excited about with the GTR, which is the charger, which has finally become magnetic, so we can forget the snap horror of the Amazfit Pace and Amazfit Stratos. The new magnetic cradle sniffs the watch with confidence, without having to cramp at last.


Xiaomi, more specifically Amazfit, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, has long been producing smartwatches. Or, to be precise, these aren’t even smartwatches in the traditional sense, as we can’t install different apps from the Google Store on them, for example. These are blood sports watches, closed, though with an Android-based system. Because of this, we don't have to look for a lot of memory, buffalo-sized storage in Amazfit watches, they won't be, and they won't be. The big advantage of a clock-tailored operating system is that it can handle even more modest capabilities in terms of hardware, but more importantly, its energy hunger is also ridiculously low. Because of this, it is possible that the manufacturer will give you 24 days for a larger hour to withstand a single charge, and my experience shows that this is a fairly conservative estimate, because with a little sport, a little GPS use, we can slip into a one-month run. . It’s a huge gun fact when at other hours we’re so happy for the two days to beat our backs to the ground.

Amazfit GTR 47mm 1

Before we get into the spirit of the software, it’s important to mention the window you’ll see through, and that’s nothing more than the huge AMOLED panel. We get incredibly good brightness with very good resolution. Nothing is hairy here, we don't see a trace of pixels, the picture is beautiful and even. You can also adjust the light intensity manually, but the automatic control also works perfectly. The latter, of course, is good for uptime, and if we wear the watch at night (it can also sleep monitor), we won't always wake up to the power-on display. When the display turns off, you can use the Always on Display mode when a simplified, low-power interface appears. Well, that’s what I think makes no sense, because the dial turns on nicely when you raise your hand or double-tap, meaning there’s nothing unnecessary on the display if we don’t look at it anyway.

Amazfit GTR 47mm 4

The watch is very easy to use. Of the two physical buttons, the upper one is the backside of the dial and the on / off, while the lower one is programmable, here you can do many functions from step counting to heart rate measurement, which we like.

Amazfit GTR 47mm 3

Most of the features are accessible from the dial, which is, of course, touch sensitive. Scrolling from top to bottom for quick settings like brightness, mute and the like. From the bottom up we find ourselves in the menu. Here you can choose between heart rate measurement and 12 sports for sports, though they include indoor and outdoor modes, such as swimming or whitewater swimming, outdoor running or treadmill running. You can view our logged activities, there is a well-read weather forecast. Here you will find the incoming messages as well as the remote control of the multimedia player of your phone. Last but not least, here are other clock settings that allow you to fully customize your work.

Amazfit GTR 47mm 5

Phone App

We need to download the Amazfit app to our phone and we will pair the watch with it. Pairing itself is not a complicated operation. Theoretically, a QR code should appear on the watch display, which can be read with the phone’s camera. Because in theory, because I really didn't want the code to appear. Fortunately, there are other simple ways. From the program menu, you can select the clock to be used, then the program will search for the activated activity meter, and after accepting the pairing request, everything will work.

amazfit gtr 47mm screen 1amazfit gtr 47mm screen 2amazfit gtr 47mm screen 3
amazfit gtr 47mm screen 4amazfit gtr 47mm screen 5amazfit gtr 47mm screen 6

The Amazfit app, by the way, is one of my favorite phone programs related to watches. Everything is perfectly transparent, easy to set up, and if we connect not only a clock but also a smart balance, it gives a complete picture of our development. Not only do we see the workouts we’ve run through it, not just how many calories we’ve burned according to math, but also how our body fat ratio changes, what our muscle mass is, and the like. So whoever buys an activity meter like a Xiaomi Amazfit GTR and a scale next to it can feel like in a complete sports lab.

amazfit gtr 47mm screen 7amazfit gtr 47mm screen 8amazfit gtr 47mm screen 9
amazfit gtr 47mm screen 10amazfit gtr 47mm screen 11amazfit gtr 47mm screen 12

Fortunately, the program can speak Hungarian, thanks to the continuous update I have not found English parts in the new version any more, as it should be.

Instead of more text, the screenshots should come, I think they are talkative enough to convince anyone that the program works great!


For a few sentences I went up to use, but come here all zanzas!

Amazfit GTR 47mm 9

First and foremost, it’s important to mention that the GTR is awfully comfortable to wear. The strap, which looks like leather on the outside, is comfortable silicone on the inside, does not irritate the skin, does not sweat under the wrist, or at least not in an uncomfortable way. It’s important that if you take your watch for swimming, order a full silicone strap right away, because according to online info, the leather strap doesn’t like water, at least not for sure. For me, it was tested with a shower or two, but I didn’t want to over-tighten the string because, as I wrote in the introduction, I’m drawing the watch and I don’t want to give the happy winner a worn strap.

Amazfit GTR 47mm 10

If we use the watch everyday, the quality of the display is most influenced by the quality of the display, but since it is a very good AMOLED panel, the display is perfect. The messages are clearly legible, and the clock face is clear. There are hundreds of the latter available, both flashy and digital, and depending on how athletically we use it, we can select one that displays a bunch of data, even indicating the weather with a tiny pictogram.

Amazfit GTR 47mm 11

I've written about stepless backlighting above, I suggest you try the auto mode and only use the manual setting if you don't like it.

If you play sports, you can start the sport from your phone as well, but you probably won’t do that, as there’s GPS in your watch so you don’t have to take your phone with you to run. The first step is to select the sport, then wait for the GPS to find the satellites. Of course, this only applies to the outdoors. At this point, feel free to start warming up, because it will be quite a few minutes before you have the damn satellites. It’s also a bit annoyingly long, but you can still survive.

Amazfit GTR 47mm 12

Once the satellites are in place you can start running, swimming, cycling or whatever you want to do. You can set an alarm for your heart rate as the clock continuously monitors this during your workout. When the set value reaches the heart rate, you will be alerted so far and no further!

Amazfit GTR 47mm promo 3

While in use, GPS works great, accurately plotting the route, but not only in length, but also in altitude, so the program can calculate calorie burn by running uphill or downhill. Also included is that no matter how much I tried, I couldn't make the GTR count as swinging my arm while sitting at the table. This is a big positive over cheaper watches, and it also shows how accurate the operation is.

Amazfit GTR 47mm 8

I also compared my heart rate with an upper arm sphygmomanometer and my TicWatch watch used today. The conclusion is that both GTR and TicWatch measure accurately, at least in the resting position when I used a regular blood pressure monitor.

After a few days of testing and running while cycling, I say that although the operating modes have not changed much compared to the previous hours - but, of course, there is no major difference in the main functions - the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR is the most comfortable watch ever. Not too big, not too heavy, really comfortable to wear, plus it looks pretty good.

Amazfit GTR 47mm 15


I regret for a bit that my readers chose GTR as the grand prize of the sweepstakes, I secretly hoped that, say, Xiaomi’s cap would be the finisher and the GTR would stay with me. It’s not like I don’t want my TicWatch watch - in fact, I really like it - but the GTR somehow still fits better. It doesn’t matter to me if I can’t install all sorts of programs on the clock, I don’t get used to it anyway, there’s plenty enough of what these advanced structures know by default. However, the fact that compared to TicWatch’s two-day uptime, even a month available here is quite amazing. I’m not saying it’s a problem to put an charger for an hour every two days, but more than once I’ve forgotten the charger at home on multi-day country tours. So the Amazfit GTR is clearly a winner in this regard.

Amazfit GTR 47mm 7

If that weren’t enough, there’s the huge and beautiful AMOLED display, the externally forced masculine yet male wrist exterior. It simply became perfect.

Finally, as with all our articles, prices follow! Of course, we’re still looking for the best coupon promotions, Below you’ll find the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR in the article for the 47mm male and 42mm female versions. Shipping is free and you don't have to pay customs or VAT, and if you order now, it will definitely arrive for Christmas!

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Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 42mm (women) - Coupon code: AMAGTR42 - 39 288 Ft

You can also win the class mentioned in the article in our Facebook group here: Buyers group from China

Here's how to use the coupon code:

  1. Click on the male or female version, use the on the page that opens Add to Cart button
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  3. Click a Check Out button, enter the coupon code in the window that opens Enter Coupon Code box and press yellow Apply button
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Champions Smartwatch - Amazfit GTR 47mm Test 2

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