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MECOOL M8S PRO - the eight-core TV smart

MECOOL M8S PRO - the eight-core TV smart

When most televisions are smart, we need less TV smart, but there are times when it comes in handy.


The MECOOL M8S is a completely average Android TV smartphone. What is interesting about it is the size, and the fact that it received fairly strong hardware.


The soul of the machine is an AmLogic S912 SoC that received eight cores. The integrated graphics accelerator is a Mali-T820MP3, plus 3GB of memory and 16GB of storage. Based on tests found on the net, the machine is a suitable platform for running even more serious 3D games.


This is perhaps the feature that may make it worth buying a TV smart phone with a smart TV. Although, unfortunately, I have to experience that we get less and less software support for smart TV, which we despise a few years ago, so after a while we can no longer keep the TV level. Let's say such a box is the perfect solution for this, since we can find countless player programs and, of course, all other apps on it, we can run essentially everything on our phone.


The MECOOL M8S is obviously an internet capable device. You can also use an Ethernet cable or WiFi to access your network. Through the home network, we are able to transfer media content, such as movies or music, from our computer to the TV box, so there is no need for long cables or copying files.

All in all, the MECOOL M8S is a pleasant device, the price of which can be said to be completely average knowing the competing products. If it is in stock then you can buy it here for about 12 thousand forints: MECOOL M8S Android 7 TV Box


MECOOL M8S PRO - the eight-core TV smart 1

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