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Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week

Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week

We open with headphones and proceed to the foil tent, so everything is here!

Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week 1

There are quite a lot of products in this article, and I have exceptionally selected from several stores. Most of the products, with 1-2 exceptions, come from European warehouses, where not, I will indicate there. Of course, duty-free delivery is also available in the case of a Chinese warehouse.

The products are of course much cheaper than buying them at home, essentially I found a coupon sale for all of them, with which we can further reduce the already high prices. If you want to see even more coupon sales, visit our coupon search page, where you will find many, many thousands of sales from several stores. Click on the link below:




2 Lenovo QT82 Bluetooth earphones

Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week 2

    The Lenovo headset is available at a double discount. If you are afraid of losing them and need a spare, or if you want to buy them for the whole family, then this sale offers a good opportunity to do so.

    Lenovo QT82 is a BT 5.0 wireless headset that offers touch control and high-quality stereo sound. These headphones are compatible with almost all Bluetooth-enabled devices and have a wireless range of up to 10 meters. The earphones are sweat and water resistant with IPX5 certification and have a 40 mAh battery that provides 6-8 hours of music listening time. The earphones come with a 400 mAh charging box that charges the earphones quickly in about 1 hour. The package contains two pairs of headphones in black or white.

    You can order the package from a Chinese warehouse, but duty-free delivery is available for free here:

    2 Lenovo QT82 Bluetooth earphones



    Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week 3

    This chainsaw with two batteries is sold at an amazingly low price of about HUF 10. The chainring is a medium size, 6 inches. I use something similar, it works very well. I use it up to a maximum branch thickness of 14-15 cm. You have to pay attention to the lubrication, because there is no automatic chain oiling, and you also have to take care of the tension of the chain, but if you take care of these things, it will serve you for a long time.

    The price of such a saw, even with a battery, is not usually below HUF 15-17 thousand even in the best sales. So this HUF 10 price is really rare now.

    You can order from a German warehouse, no coupon code is needed, purchase by clicking on the link above.




    M4 Smart Sport bracelet

    Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week 4

    The M4 Smart Sport is a wearable designed to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. It automatically monitors and records your pulse, blood pressure and sleep data. With its 0,96″ touch display and Bluetooth 4.0 technology, it displays messages, calls and social application notifications from your phone. The bracelet is light, compact and comfortable to wear for sports activities. Other features include tracking your steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned for the day, an inactivity reminder, and up to 15 days of standby time. The bracelet is compatible with Android 5.0 or later and iOS 9.0 or later, available in black, red or blue.

    Basically, it knows a lot, and looks like it copies Xiaomi's solution. I wouldn't trust my life to measuring blood pressure, but it seems like a usable piece anyway, especially for the HUF 2300 they charge for it. There is no duty-free delivery, so you may have to pay 400 or 800 HUF to the post office on arrival, but I still think the price is very good. Shop here:

    M4 Smart Sport bracelet


    SBOX N100 Mini PC

    SZBOX N100 – cheap mini-PC with a brand new Intel processor

    The SZBOX N100 Mini PC can be an ideal solution for you if there is little space on your desk. It is powered by the latest 12th generation Intel Alder Lake processor, introduced and released in the first quarter of this year, and has 8 GB of DDR5 RAM memory, making it a fast and efficient solution for running multiple applications at the same time.

    Thanks to the 256 GB SSD, you can count on fast startup and quick access to files and applications, making it ideal for simpler games and other tasks that require less resources. The mini PC comes pre-installed with Windows 11 Pro, which offers a modern and user-friendly interface.

    The machine also has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, so you can easily connect to the Internet and other devices wirelessly. The SZBOX N100 Mini PC is small in size, only 13 x 13 x 6 cm, and has a wall mount for easy installation. With all these functions packed into a compact design, the SZBOX N100 Mini PC is the perfect choice for those looking for a relatively high-performance and efficient computing solution.

    The price of the machine is a NNNSZBOXNL now HUF 59 with coupon code. Since it is really new, you can only order it from a Chinese warehouse for now, but of course duty-free Priority Line delivery is available. Purchase at the following link:




    Tronsmart Trip waterproof Bluetooth speaker

    Tronsmart Trip 10W Portable Bluetooth 5.3 Speaker, IPX7 Waterproof - Black

    The Tronsmart Trip is a high-quality, waterproof speaker that you can easily take with you. Despite its small size, the device provides tolerable performance and sound quality. IPX7 water resistance protects it from moisture and water, making it perfect for hiking even on rainy days. With the most suitable device for outdoor use, you can listen to music for up to 20 hours. The speaker provides high-quality sound and allows you to receive calls via telephone. The device has a high-quality battery that is sufficient for up to 20 hours of use.

    The price of a GKBTSHU05 only HUF 6180 from the Czech warehouse with a coupon code here:

    Tronsmart Trip waterproof Bluetooth speaker



    VEVOR Walk-in Tunnel foil tent

    VEVOR Walk-in Tunnel Greenhouse, 10 x 7 x 7 ft Portable Plant Hot House w/ Galvanized Steel Hoops, 1 Top Beam, Diagonal Poles, Zippered Door & 6 Roll-up Windows, Green

    The VEVOR Walk-in Tunnel Greenhouse is an easy-to-assemble greenhouse that measures 304 x 2137 x 213 cm with galvanized steel arches, 1 top beam, diagonal bars, a zippered door and 6 roll-up windows. The plant house provides excellent air circulation, equipped with 6 mesh windows that provide cross ventilation. The galvanized steel frame with a diameter of 2 centimeters and a thickness of 0,5 millimeters provides a stable structure. The PE cover is high quality, waterproof and protects your plants from ultraviolet rays, snow and rain. It includes all the necessary tools for easy assembly, including screw covers, ropes, fasteners and corner straps for stability. The plant house is suitable for growing vegetables and flowers and protects them from cold, freezing and hail in all seasons.

    The price of this foil tent is HOCHU now HUF 33 with coupon code, delivery is free and from EU warehouse. To purchase, click on the link below:

    VEVOR Walk-in Tunnel foil tent

    Important, the foil tent is available in several sizes. If you need a bigger one, you can choose a bigger one, with the coupon code you get a discount on the price of each tent!



    GUUDGO 4-camera, Wi-Fi security system

    Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week 5

    The GUUDGO 4CH 2.0MP 1080P wireless surveillance system includes 4 wireless cameras with 1080P resolution, which have a transmission distance of 800 meters in an open area. The kit is an easy-to-install, user-friendly system that is plug-and-play and configurable at the push of a button. The resolution of the NVR (Network Video Recorder) is 1080P, and it supports the simultaneous use of 4 1080P/960P/720P IP cameras.

    All cameras feature a 1/2,9″ 2,0M pixel CMOS image sensor, a 4mm lens and a horizontal 75° field of view. The kit includes a wireless monitoring card with stronger anti-jamming capabilities. The system supports alarm motion detection and alarm output (voice / email / FTP, etc.). The kit supports LAN and WAN visiting and control of Android / Apple mobile phones and tablets. The kit is easy to install and includes necessary tools such as Ethernet cable, USB mouse, mounting bag, waterproof cap, etc.

    The price of the package ordered from the Czech warehouse is HUF 31 if you use the BG1270d0 coupon code here:

    GUUDGO 4-camera, Wi-Fi security system

    The indoor unit does not include the hard drive required for recording, which is worth purchasing in Hungary. The hard disk can have a maximum capacity of 4 TB.



    Proscenic T22 hot air oven

    Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week 6

    The Proscenic T22 air cooler has many valuable functions. With TurboAir technology, the 7 times air flow rate increases the cooking efficiency by up to 30% and reduces the fat content by up to 90%. The application can also be controlled remotely, where more than 100 recipes are available. It also supports Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.

    The intelligent SuperDenoise technology reduces the noise level by up to 20%, making kitchen work pleasant and not annoying. The device has 13 different functions and the bowl can be easily removed and washed in the dishwasher. The app has a "Shake Reminder" reminder, which reminds you to turn the food depending on the cooking time. The design of the device allows you to save space on the kitchen counter. The 5-liter capacity meets the needs of a maximum of 3-4 people, including fries, chicken wings or other dishes.

    The machine is a BG270217 You can buy it from the Czech warehouse for HUF 32 with a coupon code by clicking here:

    Proscenic T22 hot air oven



    KROAK battery high-pressure washer

    KROAK has a cordless design with a rechargeable Li-ion battery, suitable for around-the-house, outdoor cleaning, including car washing, household appliance cleaning and more. You won't need not only an outlet, but also a faucet if you use this, since it even sucks up water from a bucket.

    It is light and small, has a silicone coating that improves the feeling of grip, and is comfortable to use even for women. The pin and groove structure effectively reduces noise, and the air inlet and outlet design effectively dissipates heat. The product package includes a battery, charger, filter, water pipe, extension rod, quick connector, two angled nozzles and manual. Its range is 6-8 meters, and its peak pressure is 50 bar.

    The price of the machine is a BGe040d3 18 forints ordered from the Czech warehouse with a coupon code here:

    KROAK battery high-pressure washer



    AIRAUX AA-HE4 double driver wired earphones

    Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week 7

    AIRAUX AA-HE4 3.5mm earphones, in black color, are equipped with dual 8mm dynamic drivers, microphone and controls. The in-ear design and technology that excludes ambient noise ensure comfortable wear. The advanced central chip and powerful output ensure accurate decoding. Control is simple and convenient. The earphones with a 120 cm long TPE cable are light and portable, ideal for playing music, playing games or talking on the phone. Triple linking of high, medium and low frequencies results in clearer sound and better quality. With the help of the microphone, uninterrupted communication is possible. The 20-20kHz frequency range is ideal for enjoying music.

    The price of the tab is a BGcf9611 with a coupon code is quite friendly, since we only have to pay HUF 2400 for it here:

    AIRAUX AA-HE4 double driver wired earphones


    Thermometer for cooking food for baking

    Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week 8

    The meat and food thermometer has a digital display that helps you accurately measure the temperature of food, thus ensuring perfect cooking, grilling or baking. The device is equipped with a touch button, LCD waterproof backlight and a precise sensor so that we can easily follow the change in the temperature of the food. Pre-set temperature settings allow food to be cooked to the perfect consistency, and the timer function allows you to control food more precisely and set the timing. The design of the product is very good, as the thermostat box is not only used to store the batteries, but can also be used as a holder, it has 2 very strong magnets, which can be used to fix it on the outside of the refrigerator and the oven. The temperature sensing range is 0-250 degrees, and the 40-inch long 304 stainless steel probe can withstand high temperatures and is waterproof.

    The price of the thermometer is a BG10e311 BG0d0117 with coupon code HUF 3470 here:

    Thermometer for cooking food for baking



    ELEGIANT SR300 PLUS computer speaker

    Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week 9


    ELEGIANT SR300 PLUS computer speakers offer versatile connectivity. 10W stereo speakers (5W * 2) provide powerful 3D surround sound with excellent bass quality. A more penetrating and powerful sound is achieved thanks to the new generation bass-improving membrane. The speakers have RGB LED lights that can be adjusted in 3 levels. The lights are changed to the rhythm of the music, naturally or in a fixed color.

    USB Plug and Play and Bluetooth 5.0 support enable easy connectivity. The speakers can be powered via the USB port, and the 3,5mm audio cable can be connected to the headphone jack of a computer or smartphone. Bluetooth 5.0 is compatible with most Bluetooth devices and provides a 10 meter wireless connection. The integrated volume and light controls allow you to increase or decrease the volume, turn the lights on and off, and start Bluetooth mode and prepare for synchronization with the push of a button.

    The price of a pair of speakers is BG5ee7f8 HUF 6950 using coupon code here:

    ELEGIANT SR300 PLUS computer speaker



    Solar fountain pump

    Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week 10

    The 200L/h solar water pump is available in black and is a perfect choice for decorating garden ponds, pools, aquariums or fountains. With the help of the 7 V/1,2 W monocrystalline silicon solar cell and the 7 V/1,5 W slip ring pump, the pump can flow up to 200 liters of water per hour, up to a maximum delivery height of 120 cm.

    The eco-friendly pump works automatically with solar energy, so no batteries or electricity are needed. The product comes with six different heads that can create diverse water patterns. The pump can be easily cleaned, moved and used in different places, so it is also suitable for birdbaths, small ponds, garden decorations or water circulation purposes.

    The price of the product ordered from the Czech warehouse, a BG8df722 with coupon code HUF 5566 here:

    Solar fountain pump



    KING DO WAY 4-piece clothes storage package

    Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week 11

    The KING DO WAY 4-piece clothes storage bag is an excellent choice for home use, but also for traveling and moving. The black storage "boxes" measuring 60 x 43 x 35 cm have a capacity of 90 liters and are divided into two parts, so you can easily organize and find the stored clothes. The reinforced handle is made of double-layer material and is heavy-duty.

    The bags are made of three-layer, odorless and breathable composite non-woven material, which protects the stored clothes from moisture and dust. The clothes racks are equipped with stainless steel zippers, which are durable and can be used for a long time. The multi-purpose, collapsible storage bags can be used in closets, under the bed, and in bedrooms, attics, basements, and even dorm rooms.

    The price of the product in the Polish warehouse is BG2e4758 with coupon code now HUF 5566 here:

    KING DO WAY 4-piece clothes storage package



    YFM teeth whitening gel set

    Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week 12

    With the help of the YFM teeth whitening gel set, you can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home and get a bright smile, if you haven't had one before. The five powerful LED bulbs effectively remove various stains, such as discoloration caused by coffee, wine, soda, tea or smoking. When using the kit, the integrated 10-minute timer allows you to read or do anything without the teeth whitening in your mouth interfering. According to the description, you can expect whiter teeth by 2 or more shades after the first use. The package contains 1 blue LED lamp, 11 teeth whitening gels, 2 soothing gels, 1 dental tray and 1 case for the tray. When using the teeth whitening gel, avoid contact of the gums with the gel, the duration of the treatment is 10-20 minutes.

    The price of the package ordered from the Spanish warehouse is HUF 3477, if the BGgh0413fyou use a coupon code here:

    YFM teeth whitening gel set



    COASTA T18 electric bike for the price of a scooter

    Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week 13

    This little thing is not specifically designed for children, but of course not only adults can use it. It's not suitable for longer trips, but cycling a few kilometers on the city baby can be perfect, especially since, like a scooter, you can easily take it to your apartment or workplace.

    The COASTA T18 is a 36V, 7,8Ah, 250W electric bike with 12" wheels that offers a maximum speed of 25km/h and a maximum range of 50km (will be good for 25 too) , with a load capacity of 120 kg. The aluminum alloy frame, 12-inch tires, front and rear disc brakes ensure comfort and safety. The bike has both a front light and a rear light, the maximum climbable incline is 20°. The 36 V 7,8 Ah battery has an IP54 water resistance level and offers a range of 25-30 km in pure electric mode and 50 km in assist mode. The electric bicycle can be fully charged in 3-4 hours and can be operated at temperatures between -10° and 40°. The COASTA T18 can be folded for easy storage and transport.

    The price of the bike from the Czech warehouse, a BG7a8f62 146 forints with a coupon code, that is, it really costs as much as a smaller scooter. Purchase by clicking on the link below:

    COASTA T18 electric bike



    UALANS Sonic electric toothbrush with 8 spare heads

    Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week 14

    The UALANS Sonic electric toothbrush comes with 8 replaceable heads, so you won't have to worry about buying replacement heads for a while. The device offers 5 modes and 3 intensity levels, 65dB low noise, 2-minute smart timer, 4-hour quick charge and 45-day battery life. The electric toothbrush takes into account different cleaning strengths and comfort, so it provides a solution for all oral problems and needs. The toothbrush has an IPX7 waterproof design, which allows safe use in the bathroom. The device with an 800 mAh battery and IPX7 water resistance is ideal for use at home, but thanks to the hard case included in the package, you can easily take it with you on your travels.

    The price of the package from the Czech warehouse is HUF 7600, if the BG0328c you use a coupon code here:

    UALANS Sonic electric toothbrush



    Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week 15

    The SunShade Sail square sun sail is made in the size of 3 x 3 meters, with excellent UV protection and 4 fixing ropes for shading the garden, terrace or lawn. The sun sail is made of 185 g/m² UV protected high density polyethylene (100% HDPE) shading fabric with strong stitching. The sun sail effectively protects the skin from harmful UV rays and direct sunlight with up to 95% UV blocking. The waterproof and durable material provides 90% water resistance and the weave prevents water from pooling. There are stainless steel D-rings in each corner of the sun sail, the edges have been reinforced with seams. For easy installation, just connect the D-ring to the hook with a rope, but leave a slight slope (20-40 degrees) for proper drainage. The package includes the sun sail, 4 ropes of 1,5 meters and a storage bag.

    The price of the package in the Polish warehouse is BG35c9c6HUF 10 with coupon code by clicking here:



    NAWAY NX5 mini Wifi camera

    Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week 16

    The Mini Wifi Camera is a wireless 1080P resolution security camera with night vision, motion detection, 160 degree viewing angle and audio recording capabilities. The NX5 model manufactured by NAWAY has a CMOS image sensor and 420 TVL horizontal resolution. The minimum illumination of the camera is 0,001 lux, the resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The 3,6mm lens lets you take 160-degree wide-angle pictures. The operating temperature of the camera is 25℃ and requires 5V power supply. The ABS camera can be powered by a power bank or household power source. The package includes the security IP camera, a USB cable and a manual.

    The camera can be ordered from a Chinese warehouse, the price is BGd4fb93 with coupon code ~ 7600 HUF here:

    NAWAY NX5 mini Wifi camera



    BMAX MaxPad I10 Pro tablet

    BMAX MaxPad I10 Pro UNISOC T310 10.1'' Full HD IPS Screen Tablet 4+64GB Android 11 4G LTE Network 6000mAh

    BMAX MaxPad I10 Pro is a 10,1-inch Full HD IPS screen tablet that offers Android 11 operating system, UNISOC T310 processor and 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The tablet has a 4G LTE network and a SIM card slot, supporting multiple frequency bands. The screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 provides a sharp and contrasted image, while 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage space are enough to store applications and media files. The device also supports dual-frequency 2,4 GHz / 5,0 GHz WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, OTG and GPS. The front camera is 2,0 MP and the rear camera is 5,0 MP. The 6000 mAh battery ensures a long operating time. The tablet weighs 400g and measures 242mm x 164mm x 8,9mm. The package includes the BMAX MaxPad I10 Pro tablet, charger and country-specific adapter.

    The price of the machine, ordered from an EU warehouse, is now HUF 34, for the purchase a 6VQKD6QP use the coupon code at the link below:

    BMAX MaxPad I10 Pro tablet



    Geemax C2 treadmill

    Take a look, these are the best deals on Chinese gadgets of the week 17

    Unfortunately, the sale on this excellent treadmill, which I myself use daily, is only available for four days. Until then, we can buy it for 152 thousand instead of the original price of 118 thousand. We don't get a running or even a walking bench for that much money here.

    The Geemax C2 is a foldable treadmill perfect for walking and running at home or in the office. It has a 3,0hp motor and a 120kg load capacity, while the LED touch screen and dual controls allow us to track our progress and adjust the speed.

    The folding treadmill has a 2-in-1 function that allows it to be used as both a running and walking bench. No assembly is required for use, just open it and you can run it at home or in the office. The widened, 105 x 40 cm shock-absorbing treadmill ensures a comfortable and safe workout, while the built-in Bluetooth speaker allows you to enjoy music or movies during your workout.

    Be sure to read the article and watch the video embedded in the article!

    The price of the bench is a BGHUGE26 now 118 thousand forints from a Czech warehouse with a coupon code by clicking here:

    Geemax C2 treadmill





    This article is not a test, the recommendations were written based on the data provided by the store, and the store can take maximum responsibility for them. The article is just a product recommendation, in which we have listed the most interesting discount products of the week.

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    At the time of writing, almost all products can be ordered from EU warehouses (CZ, PL, ES or FR). Pay attention, if the EU warehouse runs out of products, the link will automatically jump to the Chinese warehouse.

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