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gocomma Lilliput-001 - Full HD camera for home for pennies

The gocomma Lilliput-001 is only 11 inches tall, but it knows everything you would expect from a home camera.

gocomma 1080P WiFi Wireless Security IP Camera- White US Plug

We’ve already shown you a camera for home use these days, now here’s the next one, for which we really only have to pay the price of a mekis menu. Good, not the cheapest, but even then, at the current exchange rate of $ 19,99, ie 5618 forints, it's ridiculously low.

gocomma 1080P WiFi Wireless Security IP Camera- White US Plug

The camera looks good, it has a bit of hair on one of Xiaomi's solutions, but it's much cheaper, it's about half price. It doesn’t detract from its value because its resolution is good, it can be controlled from a phone, it sees in the dark and it also has motion detection. Control from the phone in this case means that you can remotely rotate and tilt the camera head with the optics and sensor in the image displayed by the included application by pulling your finger.

Among the abilities we also find extra things, such as patrol mode. This means that you can set points that you want to monitor, and the camera automatically traverses them. Like all good indoor cameras, the gocomma Lilliput-001 can function as a baby camera. To do this, it was given two capabilities, one for two-way voice communication and the other for crying detector. Sure, there are times when the baby cries alarms us and we can rush if we have to.

gocomma 1080P WiFi Wireless Security IP Camera- White US Plug

So, overall, the capabilities are okay, the look is not only acceptable, but we can say it is downright cheeky, and the price is also very okay, as we don't get much like that for 5600 forints in Hungary.

If you want one of these, look here: gocomma Lilliput-001 - Full HD camera

gocomma Lilliput-001 - Full HD home camera for pennies 1

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