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Black Friday - BlitzHome BH-CDW1 is the smart, portable, desktop dishwasher

BlitzHome BH-CDW1 has won over many people with its price.

Black Friday - BlitzHome BH-CDW1 is the smart, portable, desktop dishwasher

The BlitzHome BH-CDW1 smart, portable, desktop dishwasher offers a modern and convenient solution for cleaning dishes. With the APP Smart Control function, you can check the status of the dishwasher in real time and schedule the washing of dishes, which is especially useful during busy daily programs. The dual water inlet mode allows you to add water directly to the tank, but you can also connect the dishwasher to the faucet. This feature is ideal for smaller houses, apartments, dorm rooms, boats and RVs.

The five washing programs - standard, fast, strong, ECO and fruit - allow you to choose the right washing method according to your daily needs. The standard mode is suitable for most ordinary dishes, the fast mode can do basic washing in just 29 minutes, the ECO mode saves energy and water, while the fruit mode is specially designed for thorough washing of vegetables and fruits.

3D 360° spiral spray wash provides powerful cleaning with up and down dual spray arms. High-pressure washing and full-angle 3D spraying cover every corner and thoroughly remove stains, providing a perfect washing experience. The large-capacity dishwasher can accommodate a set of crockery for 4-6 people (20 plates) and has a basket for bowls and cutlery. The dishwasher also has a drying function that dries the dishes quickly after cleaning, preventing the growth of bacteria and ensuring health and safety. The sterilization system operates at a high temperature of 75°C, which can achieve a sterilization rate of up to 99,99%.

The specifications of BlitzHome® BH-CDW1 are as follows: 5 washing programs (standard, fast, strong, ECO, fruit washing), hot wind drying, 4-6-person dish set capacity (20 plates), 5 liter standard water consumption (energy-saving washing), 0,3-1 MPa internal pressure, touch screen control, 900 W power, 220-240 V voltage, 50 Hz frequency, EU plug, 12 kg product weight, 42,80 x 43,00 x 45,80 cm product size . Package contents: 1 desktop dishwasher, 1 manual, 1 water glass, 1 adjustable clamp, 1 drain pipe, 1 bowl basket set.

The machine can be ordered from the Czech warehouse on Black Friday BGBD089 with a coupon code, the price is HUF 94 instead of HUF 667 here:


BlitzHome BH-CDW1 desktop dishwasher

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