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FAFREES F28 MT – 27,5-inch e-bike at the price of 20-inch ones

If you need a bigger electric bike, but you don't want to spend a lot, then the FAFREES F28 MT could be the solution.

FAFREES F28 MT – 27,5-inch e-bike at the price of 20-inch ones

The FAFREES F28 MT electric bicycle provides comfortable use for cycling enthusiasts. The 250 W (peak power 480 W) hub motor and 45 Nm maximum torque ensure excellent propulsion, whether it's conquering mountain roads, daily commuting or outdoor adventures.

The SHIMANO 21-speed shifting system enables wide, extremely smooth gear transitions. The 14,5 Ah lithium battery is a reliable and long-lasting energy source that offers a range of 55-65 km in electric mode, and up to 90-110 km in assisted mode, according to factory data.

The backlit LCD display shows all important information, including speed, distance traveled, battery level and more. The cruise control function makes it more comfortable to use. You can even charge your phone via the hidden USB port.

The bike's front suspension with 100 mm springing easily dampens the shocks caused by road defects, thus ensuring a comfortable and safe ride on any terrain. 160 mm mechanical disc brakes provide reliable and consistent braking. The F28 MT bike has adjustable handlebars that allow you to customize your riding position. CST 27.5″ * 2.25 tires provide excellent grip and friction thanks to their unique pattern.

You can order the bike from the EU warehouse, the price is CF3JLH with coupon code HUF 267 here:


FAFREES F28 MT electric bicycle

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