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The Tronsmart Bang is on sale at the beginning of the year

For HUF 27, it's really worth it!

Tronsmart Bang is on sale for spring

The rounded shape is just like the first tape recorder I had. It was a very cool, very modern piece… about 30 years ago. But the coolness is clearly shown by the fact that the Tronsmart Bang also operates with a similar design, of course without cassette doors and push buttons. In vain, it's a different world, but retro is eternal.

Trosnmart Bang has many interesting abilities. The first is the 60-watt power output, which is quite decent, and I can imagine that it will hold its own at an outdoor party, if only because of the size of the speaker.

If that wasn't a problem, you just have to talk to your friends and acquaintances to get a 1-1 Bang, and then, at the party, you can connect them via Bluetooth. Tronsmart Tune Conn technology allows you to connect up to 100 speakers. That's 6000 watts, so there's little room for improvement.

The Tronsmart Bang is, of course, battery-powered, with a capacity of 10 mAh. It’s not small either, I hope you feel the manufacturer says it allows 800 hours of music listening at 15 percent volume. If you also turn on the LED light that changes to the music, the available operating time will be 50 hours. It is also interesting that you can charge your phone from the battery. Of course, the Bang is also waterproof, IPX8 certified.

Which is why the Tronsmart Bang has resurfaced now, i.e. price. It was already available for HUF 33 in a sale last year, but now we can reduce its price to HUF 30. Anyway, spring is just like that. In autumn, the leaves and the prices fall into the depths, now the flower petals and the prices. For my part, I prefer spring, I leave the wilderness of the lowlands and the beauty of autumn to our wreathed poets.

Well, the bottom line is that the Tronsmart Bang is now from the EU warehouse 80QDHJUS2A can be purchased from a Czech warehouse with a coupon code for HUF 27 by clicking on the following link:


Tronsmart Bang Party Speaker


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