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AOCHUAN Smart XE - summer is here if you own this gimbal

AOCHUAN Smart XE is small, light and efficient.

AOCHUAN Smart XE - summer is here if you own this gimbal

AOCHUAN Smart XE Smartphone Stabilizer is a truly innovative device that uses the latest AI technology to track your face. This 3-axis handheld gimbal allows you to shoot professional-level, shake-free videos. The dimensions of the stabilizer when open are 273 x 125 x 65 mm, while when folded it is only 163 x 108 x 55 mm, so it fits easily in your bag. It weighs only 350 grams and can stabilize phones weighing up to 250 grams.

The built-in 3,7V/2600mAh lithium-ion battery provides up to 10 hours of operation time, and the charging time is about 3,5 hours. The device has a working voltage of 3,7V and an input power of 5V/1A and operates reliably at temperatures between 0°C and 55°C. The stabilizer offers wide compatibility and can accommodate phones with a width of 55-90 mm.

The device has both mechanical and controllable angles: the mechanical pan angle is 310°, the pan angle is 337°, and the tilt angle is 345°, while the controllable pan angle is 275°, the pan angle is 318°, and the tilt angle is 83°. All this enables versatile and precise recording of videos and photos. The package includes the phone stabilizer, a Type-C charging cable, a stand and a manual. AOCHUAN Smart XE is the perfect choice for vloggers, travelers and anyone who wants to capture high-quality footage while on the move.

The gimbal comes to you from a Chinese warehouse, priced at BGa5c14d with coupon code HUF 18 here:


AOCHUAN Smart XE gimbal


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