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AGSIVO weather station with three sensors - you can even stick it on the fridge

It's not very big, but I think it's quite a showy piece, and the 3 sensors expand your options.

AGSIVO weather station with three sensors - you can even stick it on the fridge

AGSIVO Weather Station Alarm Clock is a multifunctional weather station that measures indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. This device is an ideal choice for those who want to monitor the weather conditions in their home, garden or office.

The internal temperature measurement range is between -20 °C and 70 °C, while the external temperature can be measured between -40 °C and 70 °C. The humidity measurement range is from 20% to 95%. The device can display the comfort signals indicating dry, comfortable and wet environments. The temperature display unit can be selected between Celsius and Fahrenheit (Celsius by default). The device remembers maximum and minimum temperature and humidity data, allowing the user to view historical data. Up to three external units can be connected to it (one transmitter in the case of a one-to-one order, three transmitters in the case of a one-to-three order).

There are two strong magnets on the back of the main unit, which allow the device to be attached to metal objects. There is also a stand on the back, which allows you to place the device in a horizontal position. The device has a high-sensitivity touch button control that ensures easy handling. It also has the time, alarm clock and snooze function. In addition to the comfort indicator, temperature and humidity trends can also be displayed.

The large-screen, color LCD display of the HTN has high resolution and is clearly visible from any angle. The backlight turns off automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity. The external unit can be hung or placed on a table stand. The unit XP4 is waterproof, but for long-term good performance it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight and constant rain. According to the product's purchase guide, a maximum of three external transmitters can be connected to one indoor unit. Traditional packaging offers one-for-one and one-for-three ordering options. It can be ordered by selecting the appropriate packaging configuration.

Package Contents: 1 * Weather Station Main Unit, 1 * External Sensor or 3 * External Sensor (Optional), 1 * User Manual. You will receive this package upon ordering. The delivery is made from a Chinese warehouse, the price of the three-sensor package is BGDB185 with coupon code HUF 9000 here:


AGSIVO weather station

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