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The 20 best Chinese stuff of the week at ridiculous prices

Just the usual Franko stuff at surprising sales, as you're used to.

The 20 best Chinese stuff of the week at ridiculous prices

The series of articles will continue this year, in which I will list the seven best deals one by one. This week, 5 products from 20 stores were added to my recommendation. These range from tools to smart devices to electric bikes, hopefully everyone will find something of interest to them. The prices are, of course, much better than domestic ones, where there is a coupon sale, I will also give you the coupon, and I will also indicate which warehouse you can order the product from.

As usual, I wish you a good viewing!


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1. Ultenic TS1 2-in-1 mopping robot vacuum cleaner

I think this machine is the best purchase of recent times for those who want a stronger than usual cleaning ability from a robot vacuum cleaner. The icing on the cake is that for the price of barely 70, we even get a self-draining dock next to the machine.

The Ultenic TS1 is a 2-in-1 cleaning and mopping robot vacuum with LiDAR laser scanning and DTOF technology for navigation. Equipped with excellent 3000 PA suction power, adjustable cleaning modes and intelligent application control. The device has a low design, two rotating wipers and an ultrasonic device with sensors that can also detect carpets. With the help of the smart application, you can save multiple maps, set up virtual walls and schedule cleaning times. The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 3-liter dust bag and UV-bright disinfecting functions.

The product can be ordered from a Czech warehouse, the price is BG2922f7 with coupon code HUF 73 here:


Ultenic TS1 2-in-1 mopping robot vacuum cleaner


2. BlitzWill BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light

I now have 3 of these lamps in service. The best buy of recent years, sold for about the same price as a completely plain, silly LED ceiling light at home. In comparison, it is RGB LED and smart.

BlitzWill BW-CLT1 is a smart LED ceiling light that offers two light sources: main light and RGB mood light. It has an adjustable color temperature between 2700-6500K, a brightness of 2200 lumens, and a CRI of >80. It supports app control, optional and DIY scene modes, as well as wake-up and sleep modes. The elegant looking lamp is easy to install and compatible with Amazon Alexa/Google Home voice assistants.

The product can be ordered from a Czech warehouse, the price is BG5406d7 with coupon code HUF 13 here:


BlitzWill BW-CLT1 smart ceiling light


3. N-One NPad X1 Helio G99 Tablet

This tablet is currently the most powerful of cheap Chinese tablets. Plenty of memory, large storage space, strong central unit, high resolution, and quite usable cameras.

The N-One NPad X1 is a high-performance tablet that uses the Mediatek Helio G99 octa-core processor that can clock up to 2,2GHz. It offers 16 GB (8 + 8 GB virtual) LPDDR4 RAM and 128 GB UFS internal storage. The 11-inch IPS In-cell capacitive screen has a resolution of 2000*1200, ensuring high contrast. The tablet is equipped with 8.0 MP front and 20 MP + 2 MP macro rear cameras. The 8600 mAh battery ensures a long operating time. The device supports 4G LTE network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, OTG, GPS and G-sensor. The N-One NPad X1 is an ideal choice for everyday use and multimedia entertainment.

The product can be ordered from a Czech warehouse, the price is BG842dda with coupon code HUF 65 here:


N-One NPad X1 Helio G99 Tablet


4. Zeblaze Btalk 2 Lite smart watch

If you're looking for a smart watch, but don't want to spend a lot, then this watch was made for you. Classic form, very serious knowledge, the price is ridiculously low in comparison.

Zeblaze Btalk 2 Lite is a smart watch with 1,39 inch HD IPS color display. The device is equipped with heart rate, SpO2 blood oxygen and proximity sensors, as well as an accelerometer. The Bluetooth 5.2 connection ensures a stable and fast wireless connection. The watch has an IP68 waterproof 220 mAh battery that allows up to 14 days of use. The device is compatible with Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0 and newer operating systems.

The product can be ordered from a Chinese warehouse, the price is BGBTK156 with coupon code HUF 5900 here:


Zeblaze Btalk 2 Lite smart watch


5. iMars 7023B 2 DIN Car MP5 Player

If your car is not a luxury car, but you still want a flashy head unit, then this thing was invented for you. With its 7-inch display, it will be a decoration of your car, so you don't have to reach deep into your pocket.

iMars 7023B is a 7-inch LCD touch screen car MP5 player with Bluetooth hands-free function, TF card slot, USB 2.0 port, AUX input and video input function. It supports 1080P video playback and rear view camera connection. The device supports many formats including RM, RMVB, MP3, MP4, WMA, MPEG, AVI, 3GP and JPG.

The product can be ordered from a Chinese warehouse, the price is BG60e893 with coupon code HUF 10 here:


iMars 7023B 2 DIN Car MP5 Player



6. TOPSHAK TS-CH4 39-piece screwdriver set

Topshak's kit is a popular item. it wasn't too expensive in the first place, but now the final sale has started, it seems that the product is running out. For this reason, we get it even cheaper than usual. The regular price was HUF 10 at the weekend, but this has been reduced to HUF 6500, but with the coupon I found, we can get it for just HUF 5000.

The TOPSHAK TS-CH4 is a practical and versatile tool set ideal for home and car assembly tasks. The set comes in a 31 x 15 x 7 cm plastic storage box for easy storage and portability. The tools are made of chrome-vanadium steel, which ensures durability and resistance to wear.

The set includes 20 screwdriver bits, eight metric hex keys, four precision screwdrivers, a bit holder, bit connector, a hammer, a tape measure, scissors, a utility knife and the storage box. Screwdriver bits and wrenches come in a variety of sizes, making them versatile for a variety of jobs.

The product can be ordered from a Polish warehouse, the price is BGc59ceb with coupon code HUF 5200 here:


TOPSHAK TS-CH4 39-piece screwdriver set



7. MUSTOOL MT8206 2 in 1 Oscilloscope Multimeter

MUSTOOL instruments are extremely popular. This will also be the case, since we have not received an oscilloscope with an analog display at such a price.

MUSTOOL MT8206 is a high functionality device that can be used as both an oscilloscope and a multimeter. It has a maximum display of 3999 and an HD display that provides a wide viewing angle. The device has an analog bandwidth of 20 kHz for ACV/DCV/ACA/DCA measurements and 200k high-speed A/D sampling.

The multimeter features a 41-segment analog readout, 4000-count auto-ranging, and a unique record reading mode for easy comparison. It can store 100 data sets and 10 waveforms. The device has an automatic waveform recording function, a relative value measurement (zeroing) and an automatic power-off function. The multimeter also enables DC/AC voltage/current, resistance, capacitance/mF (high capacitance), frequency/duty cycle, diode/continuity testing.

The product can be ordered from a Czech warehouse, the price is BG5951d2 with coupon code HUF 13 here:


MUSTOOL MT8206 2 in 1 Oscilloscope Multimeter



8. Realme Buds Air 5 TWS Bluetooth earphones

Realme Buds Air 5 is a modern wireless Bluetooth 5.3 earphone that offers outstanding sound quality and noise cancellation. The 12,4mm large voice coil driver delivers rich bass and clear highs. The device has ANC (active noise cancellation) and ENC (environmental noise cancellation) technologies that effectively reduce unwanted background noise. With an IPX5 water resistance rating, it resists sweat and light rain, making it an ideal choice for sports or outdoor activities.

The earphones come with a charging case with a capacity of 460 mAh, which enables longer use. With a single charge, you can enjoy up to 7 hours of music listening or 6 hours of phone calls. The earphones have a 43 mAh battery, ensuring all-day use. The set includes the earphones, the charging case, the charging cable, and three sizes of earplugs.

The product can be ordered from a Chinese warehouse, the price is BG669667 with coupon code HUF 18 here:


Realme Buds Air 5 TWS Bluetooth earphones



9. Proscenic P10 Ultra wireless vacuum cleaner

The hit of the winter so far has been the Proscenic 11 Smart, this week we get another machine at a similar price. The manufacturer is the same, there are some differences in the capabilities, but it remains as good as it was before.

The Proscenic P10 Ultra is an efficient cordless vacuum cleaner. It has a suction power of 25 KPa, which is provided by a 250 W brushless motor. Two suction modes are available for different cleaning needs. The 2200 mAh battery provides up to 45 minutes of operation with low suction power.

The vacuum cleaner has a floor brush with LED lighting. The digital display makes it easy to check the vacuum cleaner's data, such as battery level and suction mode. The replaceable battery and quiet operation (<78 dB) are additional advantages. The accessories of the vacuum cleaner include a floor brush, power supply, wall mount bracket, spare battery, two air-purifying HEPA filters, a 2-in-1 dusting brush, a crevice tool, a telescopic tube and an instruction manual.

The product can be ordered from a Czech warehouse, the price is BGbce752 with coupon code HUF 37 here:


Proscenic P10 Ultra wireless vacuum cleaner



10. iMars Air Jack 3 ton air bag lift

The iMars Air Jack is a powerful and versatile air jack with a lifting capacity of up to 3 tons/6600 lbs. A lift range of 5,5-17,7 inches (140mm-450mm) allows maintenance of vehicles of various heights. The ergonomically designed long handle and two castors ensure easy handling and allow you to place the jack under the vehicle without straining your back. The valve is located on the handle for easier lifting, just connect an air compressor and operate the valve and the lifter will be up in as little as 5 seconds.

The lifter has six steel tubes that ensure stability and reliability even when lifting heavier vehicles. The air bag lifter is designed to operate reliably over the long term. The top features thickened, non-slip rubber pads that distribute force over a larger surface area, while the base features three layers of thickened airbags and a stainless electrostatically painted sole to ensure longevity.

The product can be ordered from a Czech warehouse, the price is BG3e53cc with coupon code HUF 35 here:


iMars Air Jack 3 ton air bag lift



11. WANBO X2 Max Projector

Wanbo X2 was the best HD resolution projector. The Wanbo X2 Max is no longer the best HD resolution projector, because the number of pixels has quadrupled compared to its predecessor.

The WANBO X2 Max projector is an excellent choice if you want a home cinema experience. This compact device has a native resolution of 1080p, which provides sharp and detailed images. The luminous flux is 450 ANSI lumens, which allows use in both dark and semi-light environments. Thanks to the Android 9.0 operating system, dual-band Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 support, you can easily connect your favorite devices such as laptops, game consoles or streaming devices. Automatic focusing and four-way keystone correction provide additional comfort. The built-in stereo speakers complement the visual experience with rich sound. Compact and lightweight, it is the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

The product can be ordered from a Polish warehouse, the price is NNNCEY2 with coupon code HUF 61, this price also includes a free projector holder here:


WANBO X2 Max Projector



12. LUKO OL12-BD031A Dehumidifier

I didn't look at the prices, but I felt the price was good. After one of my readers drew the attention of our Facebook group to the fact that a machine with such capabilities costs twice as much at home, it was clear that I would include it in this list.

LUKO OL12-BD031A is a powerful dehumidifier suitable for large rooms such as basements, bathrooms, bedrooms, garages or complete homes. It can remove 12 liters of moisture from the air per day, reducing problems caused by mold and moisture. It has three modes (intelligent, continuous, night), a 24-hour timer, quiet operation (<36 dB) and a child lock function, which ensures safe use.

The product can be ordered from the EU warehouse, the price is 8JAFGNFB2W with coupon code HUF 36 here:


LUKO OL12-BD031A Dehumidifier



13. Tronsmart T7 Lite Bluetooth Speaker

The Tronsmart T7 Lite is one of the cheapest thermos-shaped Bluetooth speakers, but by no means the weakest. To be honest, it sounds surprisingly good for its price!

Tronsmart T7 Lite is a 24W IPX7 waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker that is great for outdoor activities. Support for Bluetooth 5.3 ensures a stable and smooth connection. Increased bass, colorful light play, 24-hour playback time and app control are additional benefits. You can achieve even richer sound with the stereo pairing function.

The product can be ordered from a Czech warehouse, the price is NNNOKIIW with coupon code HUF 10 here:


Tronsmart T7 Lite Bluetooth Speaker



14. Engwe L20 SE 250W 20″ Electric Bicycle

The L20 turned out to be a great running, shop-walking bike. Its 20-inch wheels have thick, but not 4-inch off-road tires, so its consumption has also decreased compared to off-road machines.

The Engwe L20 SE is a stylish and practical 250W folding electric trekking bike, ideal for both urban and rural trips. The aluminum frame is light yet durable and comes in three colors. With a maximum speed of 25 km/h, the quiet and efficient rear hub motor provides excellent performance. The 36 V 15.6 Ah battery can be removed, so it can be easily charged, and you can travel up to 115 km with one charge according to the factory data. However, I doubt this a bit.

The product can be ordered from the EU warehouse, the price is BBGHOCHU3 with coupon code ~ 331 forints here:


Engwe L20 SE 250W 20″ Electric Bicycle


15. LiitoKala Lii-500 4 Battery Charger Set

At home, wherever possible, I use batteries instead of traditional batteries. With this charger, you will always have a ready-to-use, charged battery in your drawer.

The LiitoKala Lii-500 is a versatile battery charger that can simultaneously charge four batteries of different sizes and capacities. It displays the charging current, voltage, capacity, impedance and charging time on the LCD display. It has several types of protection (overcurrent, overcharge, short circuit, reverse polarity) and automatically stops charging at the end of the process with intelligent voltage monitoring. It has a USB output, so you can also charge mobile devices with it.

The product can be ordered from a Chinese warehouse, the price is ~ HUF 8700 here:


LiitoKala Lii-500 4 Battery Charger Set


16. Lenovo LivePods LP40 headphones

The LP40 is clearly not the most expensive headphone, but it knows what we expect from such a thing. In today's sale, they also give you 2 sets for the price of one.

Lenovo LivePods LP40 is a high-quality half-in-ear headphone with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The compact and lightweight design is comfortable to wear, and the touch controls make it easy to use. Lifetime water resistance resists sweat, making it ideal for sports. The 13mm dynamic driver provides stereo sound and fast charging with the Type-C interface. It offers a long battery life, so charging is required less often.

The product can be ordered from a Chinese warehouse, the price of the double package is ~6950 forints here:


Lenovo LivePods LP40 headphones


17. Xiaomi Mijia lint remover

It was a hit product for a long time, but it has been several years. Now it's back, and the price is probably lower than ever before.

The Xiaomi Mijia Lint Remover is a useful tool for caring for clothes, for various materials such as wool, cashmere or silk. The 0,35mm thick steel mesh and 5-blade floating cutting system effectively removes lint from garments without damaging the fabric. The 1300 mAh battery provides max. 2 minutes operating time. The double protection system increases safety during use. It can be widely used on different materials.

The product can be ordered from a Chinese warehouse, the price is ~ HUF 4900 here:


Xiaomi Mijia lint remover



18. Children's Bicycle - 14 Inch For Boys and Girls

When the distributor showed it to me, I didn't understand what he wanted with a bike offered at such a price. Then I looked at Decathlon and found its brother at a price of over HUF 80. I don't even know where I live when I thought this was expensive at this coupon price…

This 14-inch children's bike is an ideal choice for 2-7 year olds. The bicycle's durable carbon steel frame and fork are characterized by outstanding impact resistance and wear resistance. The resistant, grooved pattern, non-slip wheels ensure smooth progress. The bicycle's front brake system and rear brake are highly sensitive and easy to operate, which increases safety. The bike's adjustable handlebars and seat allow it to be suitable for children of different heights. The non-slip pedals and the rubber-covered steering wheel provide comfort. The saddle made of thick sponge proves to be soft and comfortable, so it does not cause fatigue even during prolonged use. The closed chain guard effectively prevents clothing from getting caught in the chain. The removable basket has a practical and human-oriented design, so the necessary things can be easily stored in it.

The product can be ordered from a German warehouse, the price is JABIKE with coupon code HUF 31 here:


Children's Bicycle - 14 Inch For Boys and Girls


19. IPX7 Waterproof Bathroom BT 5.2 Speaker with FM Radio

This modern Bluetooth speaker with IPX7 water resistance rating is excellent even in the wettest environment, it will survive in 1 meter deep water for 30 minutes. The latest BT 5.2 technology ensures a smooth and stable connection within a distance of up to 10 meters. With the built-in microphone, your hands remain free even during calls. The integrated FM radio function allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations. Due to its compact and lightweight design, it is an ideal companion for hiking, camping or waterside parties.

Speaker specifications include: BT connection, 100HZ-20KHZ frequency response range, ≥95dB signal-to-noise ratio, 15m range, USB powered, IPX7 waterproof, 5W rated power, 3,7V rated voltage, plastic and silicone external, built-in battery. Available in black and blue.

The product can be ordered from a Chinese warehouse, the price is HUF 7500 here:


IPX7 Waterproof Bathroom BT 5.2 Speaker with FM Radio


20. Xiaomi Aqara LED Ceiling Lamp

The Aqara Smart Ceiling Light L1-350 is an intelligent LED ceiling light that fits particularly well in the bedroom or study room. The most important feature of the lamp is adaptive lighting, which automatically adjusts the color temperature from sunrise to sunset. Thanks to the brightness control algorithm of Aqara Zigbee, the brightness can be finely adjusted, so the light transitions are soft and pleasant.

The lamp, which can be controlled with a remote control or an application, can be easily operated even if you forget to turn it off. It turns on automatically when you enter the room, which is advantageous from a convenience point of view. With the help of the six-button wireless scene changer switch, intelligent control of the lamp is also possible without cabling or a gateway.

The technical specifications of the lamp include a nominal voltage of 220 V, a maximum power of 24 W, a net weight of 1.23 kg, and a maximum illumination area of ​​20 ㎡. The material of the lamp body is iron and aluminum, while the material of the shade is PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The lamp has a modern, minimalist style and fits perfectly into different indoor environments, such as a bedroom or a study room. The intelligent functions of color and brightness control, as well as scene switching, provide the user with comfort and customization.

The product can be ordered from a German warehouse, the price is ~ HUF 18 here:


Xiaomi Aqara LED Ceiling Lamp





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At the time of writing, almost all products can be ordered from EU warehouses (CZ, PL, ES or FR). Pay attention, if the EU warehouse runs out of products, the link will automatically jump to the Chinese warehouse.

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