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Xiaomi Mijia 13.5 inch LCD drawing board discounted today!

The Xiaomi Mijia is a real quality piece among the drawing boards, especially for such money!

Xiaomi Mijia 13.5 inch LCD drawing board discounted today!

The Xiaomi Mijia 13.5-inch LCD drawing board is great for both children and adults, whether it's drawing, taking notes or even leaving messages. This product comes in black color and measures 214 x 300 x 7,2 mm, which is an ideal size for portability and convenient use. The main material of the board is ABS plastic and polymer solid liquid crystal display soft film, which ensures durability and writing comfort. The board is operated by a button cell (CR2025), which ensures a long service life.

The Xiaomi Mijia LCD drawing board has many special functions. With the ability to write in color, users can create vivid and eye-catching drawings. According to the description, the magnetic adhesion function allows the board to be easily attached to metal surfaces, such as refrigerators, but somehow it doesn't work for me. However, the style is fixed in place by a magnet, so it is difficult to leave it.

The one-touch screen wipe function is extremely convenient, allowing users to quickly and easily erase drawings or notes. The board is light and portable, so you can easily take it with you anywhere. The dust- and ink-free design is safe and environmentally friendly, as no waste is generated during use. The long operating time ensures that the tablet can be used for a long time without replacing the battery. The package includes a 13,5-inch whiteboard and a writing tool. This product is an ideal choice for those looking for a simple yet effective tool for creative expression or everyday communication. The board's ease of use and eye-friendly display make it ideal for everyday use at home, at school or even in the office.

The price of the board is a BGDB102 HUF 8488 with coupon code. will be sent from a Chinese warehouse within 24 hours of ordering, expected arrival time between December 4th and 8th. Shop here:


Xiaomi Mijia 13.5 inch LCD drawing board

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