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Black Friday - Coupon for BlitzWolf BW-BL1 Bluetooth Transmitter

BlitzWolf BW-BL1 can connect to two devices at the same time.

Black Friday - Coupon for BlitzWolf BW-BL1 Bluetooth Transmitter

The BlitzWolf® BW-BL1 bluetooth V5.0 wireless audio converter is a multifunctional device that allows you to easily connect and use audio devices using bluetooth technology. This small but powerful adapter is an ideal choice for Nintendo Switch, PS5, TV, PC, laptops, headphones and even Apple AirPods Pro users.

The BW-BL1 model uses the latest bluetooth V5.0+EDR technology, which ensures a fast and stable connection between devices. Supported protocols include A2DP, AVRCP, AFH, HFP and HSP, providing wide compatibility with various devices. The operating frequency range is between 2,402 GHz and 2,480 GHz, which enables smooth audio transmission.

The adapter has two types of input ports: USB Type-C and USB A (with converter), so it can be easily connected to different devices. Its power supply is provided by the console or an external power supply, which enables flexible use. The device can also support dual streaming, which means that you can connect to two bluetooth speakers or headphones at the same time with a single converter, using the same codec.

The bluetooth range is more than 10 meters, which provides enough distance for comfortable use at home or in an office environment. With the help of the buttons on the device, it can be easily reconnected and quickly paired with the desired devices. The BW-BL1 is compatible with Nintendo Switch, TVs, laptops, PCs and projectors, offering a wide range of uses.

Its dimensions are only 30 mm x 45 mm x 10 mm, which is extremely compact and portable, so you can easily take it anywhere. The package includes a bluetooth V5.0 converter, which is available in black.

Overall, the BlitzWolf® BW-BL1 is an excellent device for those looking for a wireless audio solution for their various devices. Due to its ease of use, small size and wide compatibility, it is an ideal choice for modern technological needs.

In case of an order, the transmitter is sent from a Polish warehouse, the price is a BG020bb7 with coupon code HUF 3100 here:


BlitzWolf BW-BL1 Bluetooth Transmitter

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