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AT-G100 - Full HD sports camera for less than 5000 HUF!

It is very sympathetic that you do not want to look like a 4K camera, and the price I think does not require a special comment.

AT-G100 - Full HD sports camera for less than 5000 HUF! 1

Summer is coming, vacations, adventures, travel, so it’s time to get a sports camera. Unfortunately, the more serious pieces still start at $ 100, but if one is content with full HD, i.e. 1920 x 1080 pixees, they can buy a camera at an almost ridiculous price. This, of course, requires a little trickery, a good coupon and a miner’s vein to keep us on the net for good deals. Well, we are - among other things - so that you do not have to hike the net, but entrust this to us!

AT-G100 - Full HD sports camera for less than 5000 HUF! 2

Now we have a very cheap (coupon) camera, which really costs so little money that I dare to take the child with a calm heart, I wouldn't cry even if it would ruin or lose. The camera, as you can read in FHD resolution, doesn't want to frighten us to know more. No information is available from the sensor and the lacquer manufacturer, so we have to be satisfied that the optics are a wide-angle 140 fisheye optic, under which a 12 megapixel sensor is theoretically flat. It is capable of recording 1920 frames at 1080 x1280 and 720 x 30 pixel resolution per second. The battery is not too combo, it has only 400 mAh capacity, so it won't work for hours. There's also wifi, but I wouldn't force it because of the small battery. What's more, a maximum of 32 gigabyte memory cards can be included, and this capacity will be up to an ounce. We also get a waterproof housing as an accessory, so you can dive up to 30 meters without damaging the camera.

AT-G100 - Full HD sports camera for less than 5000 HUF! 3

All in all, this is a pretty basic structure, but it can be fun, because we can make funny videos on earth, in the water and in the air!

The camera can't be said to be expensive with its 7100 forint price, but if you use the 30JUN coupon code that came with it, you only have to ring the rather ridiculous 4976 forint purchase price for it.

Here you can buy: AT-G100 Waterproof FullHD 1080P WIFI FPV Action Camera

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AT-G100 - Full HD sports camera for less than 5000 HUF! 4

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