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Xiaomi Redmi 7 - it has become a cheeky good phone!

This article doesn't make you feel like enough to make my phone worse!


Before you get into the lecsó it is worth to walk around the subject a little, what can we expect from a lower-end Xiaomi phone. We were accustomed to the fact that, although it puts us with the right tools for the exterior and material use, it saves money in many areas. The exterior is not as poignant as it follows an older design, we get a weak, quad-core processor, and let's admit, the cameras aren't great either. At least this was the case so far.

redmi 7 18

When I read the Redmi 7 specification I got to my heart. I thought that with this phone, Xiaomi would cut the market for cheap phones. The cheapest cost is just over $ 100, the exquisite, the hardware is strong.

If you look on the net after that, many pages say that Redmi 7 is a low-mid-range phone, but not! The lower middle category starts somewhere between $ 150-200, which is below it, and is still the entry level. And this is a rough thing, because the phone could really be at the bottom of the middle class because of its capabilities, but its price was so low that Xiaomi was clearly going to the entry level.

After that, I was very curious about what it would be like to do, and although I am already shooting the poem I write it just like I expected. Bomb good!

Packaging, accessories

The new phone comes in a re-designed box from Xiaomi. We no longer get older orange cartons, but a much more discreet light color.

redmi 7 52

When you open the cover, you will find the device right away, and the accessories are lined up underneath. In this case, a filler head, a USB cable, a SIM tray needle, a back cover (silicone case) and a description are provided. The usual pack in this category, but no more, is much more than anything else, plus a plus foil on the front panel or even more expensive models with a wireless charger. So there is nothing special so far, everything we need to use our new phone.

redmi 7 52


When I lift my phone out of the box, my first thought is that it is surprisingly easy compared to its size. The 158,7 x 75,6 x 8,5 millimeter exterior has a mass of 180 grams, which is due to the fact that this model has no glass, no ceramic backing, much plastic. Of course, we would find a metal frame inside if we break down the cover, so there is no problem with stiffness. The assembly is exemplary, so is Xiaomis feeling. If someone has caught this category of Xiaomi, you know what I'm talking about. It feels like it's not a premium, but somehow it won't be bad for us.

redmi 7 8

Although the mobile seems to be frameless for the first time, we find a bit thicker coffee at the bottom. As soon as you see, the front panel ratio is very good compared to the category. The manufacturer specified a percentage of 86,83, which means that more than 86 percent of the front panel is the useful area occupied by the display. At the top of the panel, the notch, the camera and the sensory island that reached the top, finally disappeared. Now there is only a small drop-shaped camera island, the proximity sensor and light sensor sensors are cleverly hidden next to the top edge.

redmi 7 5

The housing is rounded at the back. This is an eye-catching solution, because from the side the mobile seems to be foolishly thin, and it is more convenient to hold it in hand. The controls, speakers and microphone are all in the usual place. Facing the right side of the buttons, the left side of the SIM and memory card tray. In the latter case, it is not usual, but it is a pleasure to add a memory card beside the two SIM cards so you don't have to think which finger to bite, have two SIMs, but there are little storage or lots of storage, but just use one card to call .

redmi 7 52

Looking at the backsheet, we're not going to meet anything unusual. The fingerprint sensor in the middle, the two cameras to the left and the flash to the left. At the bottom, however, is not the Xiaomi, but the Redmi emblem is decisive, though in lowercase, but below it is that although called Redmin, it came from Xiaomite!

redmi 7 2

Although it belongs to the hardware, I write to the exterior that Redmi 7 also got an infra port, which is good news, it can be used by the Xiaomi remote control, which knows a little million devices. This is right at the top edge where the jack connects. At the bottom of the microphone and multimedia speaker, a micro USB port was packed. That's a little hurt, you could really get into this category too! The status LED is placed in the area below the display, almost on the edge.

redmi 7 52


Processor, memory, mass storage

The heart of the phone is an eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 632, a modern, energy-efficient entry-level insert. True, it is located at the top of the entry level, as the built-in eight Kyro 250 cores cleave well as the adreno 506 graphics accelerator installed next to it is a delightful piece!

Snapdragon 632

There are several options for memory and mass storage. If we decide to have enough memory for strong hardware, we can stay with the 2GB RAM, 16 GB mass storage solution, but we can go up to 4 GB RAM and 64 GB mass storage. The best choice for your phone category is probably the 3 / 32 GB.


The only thing that made me pull the number a bit looking at the specification was the resolution of the display. It shouldn't have been, and not only because it's totally okay for that price, but also because the colors and dynamics are all in place, the brightness can't be complained about either, so overall the resolution is "only" HD +, no one can have a word. During the test, I asked a few people who have a much more expensive device than the Redmi 7, what do you think, what resolution panel is in the product and how much could it cost: Without exception, everyone thought it was a Full HD display and the phone was 70-80 étel In vain, IPS technology is proven again, we don't love it by accident!

redmi 7 7

According to the latest trends, the display has a 19: 9 aspect ratio, so the 6,26 inch imager is unmanageable. Of course, as with such size phones, one-handed use can be forgotten unless we turn on MIUI's one-handed mode. I don't like it so much, but it's a fact that we can use the big display with one hand.

The resolution, as I wrote HD +, is exactly 1520 x 720 pixels, which, in addition to such a diagonal, will result in 269 ppi pixel density. It is not worth it, too, this display has to be seen, it is really okay!

Other skills

I will not waste much of that word. Everything you would expect in such a phone and nothing that is more expensive. Maybe the navigation will only get out of the line because it not only achieves the usual GPS system, but also the GLONASS and Galileo satellites can be used (I threw the Waze up for a quick test, which found and installed in 10 seconds after installation and startup). showed the position.

redmi 7 1

The other things are customary. Wi-Fi is up to standard, unfortunately the two-channel mode is missed. There is 4,2 Bluetooth, accelerometer and gyroscope, and of course fingerprint reader. There is no NFC, but it would be good to have the infrared port in exchange for the more expensive mobile phones!

Xiaomi Redmi 7 4G Phablet 6.26 inch Android 9.0 Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 Octa Core 1.8GHz 3GB RAM 64GB ROM Front Camera Fingerprint Sensor 8.0mAh Built-in Black

Finally, it is worth mentioning the battery, which has a capacity of not less than 3900 mAh. It's not small, plus the hardware isn't an energy-consuming monster. This means that even with more active use, a charge of one and a half days is enough, but if you don't press the mobile phone a lot, a three-day battery life can be added. Big red dot!


There are three cameras on the phone. At the back is a 12 megapixel master and an 2 megapixel auxiliary camera, the latter being the depth sensor. On the front, the self-camera became 8 megapixel. These are not outstanding values, as the apertures for the lens system are not the front, f / 2.0, the back is F / 2.2.

redmi 7 19

The camera's software is the usual MIUI solution, we get AI, that is, artificial intelligence support, but of course the super slow recording and the night mode are not found here, they are just the top category for the time being.

By looking at the pictures, you can see that the quality is perfectly acceptable. It was expected that the camera would love it if there were a lot of light, beautiful pictures with rich detail. Dark, low-light photography is not the strength of the phone. However, the images are not distorted, they are sharp enough in the corners, if there is enough light, the foliage of the trees does not melt. All in all, the numbers do not lie, can be used, but the camera is not top quality. However, depth blur works perfectly, portrait mode is fine, and we can refine the automatic settings in the optional Pro menu option.

redmi 7 camera test 1kredmi 7 camera test 1kredmi 7 camera test 1k
redmi 7 camera test 1kredmi 7 camera test 1kredmi 7 camera test 1k
redmi 7 camera test 1kredmi 7 camera test 1kredmi 7 camera test 1k

Test Videos:


The phone ran the global version of MIUI 9, which is based on Android 10.2, meaning that the device is not intended for the Chinese domestic market, but for the international market. This also means that he can speak Hungarian and, of course, that he supports the B20 800 MHz LTE band, which is not mentioned in the hardware, so we can also use the 4G mobilnet used in Hungary.

The MIUI system is the usual, surprises here are no surprises. For my part, I love this software because it is friendly, transparent, easy to set up, in short, perfect.

redmi 7 screenshot 1kredmi 7 screenshot 1kredmi 7 screenshot 1k
redmi 7 screenshot 1kredmi 7 screenshot 1kredmi 7 screenshot 1k
redmi 7 screenshot 1kredmi 7 screenshot 1kredmi 7 screenshot 1k

Hardware tests

Although Snapdragon 632 is not nearly a top-of-the-line processor, it has plenty of room for everyday life. This is also confirmed by the scores achieved in the standard tests. Not only is it easy to pimp on Facebook, it is recommended for mobile, and due to its relatively low resolution, performance is enough to run even newer games.

Lenovo K5 Pro

Xiaomi Redmire 7

Xiaomi Redmi S2

Processor (SoC)

Snapdragon 636

Snapdragon 632Snapdragon 625
test Program

AnTuTu Bench. 7.x

117610 point

102564 points78051 point
AnTuTu Bench CPU / GPU / UX / MEM56382 / 21350 /
33247 / 6631 points
52658 / 13890 /
29653 / 6363 points
38051 / 12742 /
19771 / 7484 points

Geekench 4.x (single / multi)

1354 / 4852 points

1234/4220 points848 / 4022 points

PC Mark Work 2.0

5796 point5910 point4818 point

PC Mark Computer Vision

3213 point3285 point3122 point

PC Mark Storage

4023 point6507 point4812 point

3DMark Sling shot / extreme opengl / Vulkan

1475 / 953 / 935 points938 / 512 / 544 points863 / 479 / 423

3D Mark Ice Storm / extreme

19365 / MAX points14797 / 9007 points13872/8603

3D Mark API Overhead OpenGL / Volcano

135910 / 216712 points123069 / 104533 points 66188 / 175609 points


I have been pressing the phone for days and still like it! Comfortable, fast and cheap. The display is brilliant, maybe the cameras might be a bit better, but as the test images show, the situation is not at all terrible, indeed!

So the point is that this phone, as I wrote in the introduction, is a real prize. The lower-end price for a mid-range hardware that was packed in addition to Xiaomin. What's wrong with us?

redmi 7 9

I did not listen to these shortcomings either. It would be good if there was NFC and the two-channel wifi would not hurt as well as the USB Type-C and fast charging would be good. However, these are not shortcomings that could not be avoided. There are other things you might need and even get an infra port, which can be used to replace all remote controls in the apartment.

redmi 7 13

All in all, it’s hard to imagine Redmi 7 not being able to conquer / subjugate the price range around $ 100-150. There can only be one reason against the purchase, and that is the size, for someone this diagonal is simply already too big, and in this respect the difference between the “plain” Redmi and Redmi Note categories has disappeared, which we can rightly regret. Higher prices due to the initial novelty are starting to reach the level where the Redmi 7 is becoming a really dangerous weapon, and it is not yet clear which manufacturer could have a meaningful response to this level. For the best offers, it is worth constantly monitoring our site and our Facebook group.

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The tester was released by Etoren 
we have the opportunity to thank you for this!

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