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Vakole Q20 – electric scooter with a powerful motor and a range of over 100 kilometers

Vakole Q20 – electric scooter with a powerful motor and a range of over 100 kilometers

The main virtue of Vakole Q20 is that it takes you out of the world with a single charge.

I already owned an electric scooter last year (that is, two, but the first one was more of a bicycle), so I already have a rough idea of ​​what to expect with the Vakole Q20. Pleasant suspension, comfortable travel, easy and almost completely maintenance-free operation. And of course for a long range, because the In the case of Vakole Q20, I think this is the most important thing.

After my test last year, I got hot and cold because I dared to love the little "bell", which of course does not ring because it is driven by an electric motor. I dared to say that little by little these machines will supplant the 50 scooters, which I still have. I'm not saying that they are already replacing the little robics in every respect, but I am saying that, for example, they are already a good alternative for me. However, the one I use has a much smaller battery and a weaker engine than the Plaster Q20.

In this machine, the motor is 750 watts and there are two of the batteries, each with a capacity of 20 Ah, so together (short mental calculation) they have a capacity of 40 Wh. I must not forget to mention that the batteries are made from Samsung cells, not some noname crap, so there will be no complaints about the quality in this regard. According to factory data, the 40 Wh and 48 volt system can mean a range of up to 170 kilometers with assistance or up to 150 kilometers purely electric.

Even if we calculate carefully, knowing the reliability of the factory data, we can still calculate 100 kilometers on a single charge, which, in my opinion, will be enough for most people to go to work or run errands. The manufacturer does not specify a top speed (that is, the permissible 25 km/h), but my experience says that we can expect roughly 40-45 km/h on flat roads. This is not bad either.

What else? There is Bluetooth and there is an application for both Android and iOS, in the case of the latter we already get the tracking, that is, we can see where the bike is going on the phone. This obviously doesn't have much use as long as we don't go with it, but if I were to bind it, then the ability would immediately make sense. There are front and rear shock absorbers, there are front and rear disc brakes, fortunately hydraulic. The water resistance is IP65, the recommended body height is between 155 and 200 cm. The net weight of the machine with the double battery is 40 kilos.

If you want such a machine, then a You can make it yours with the coupon code BBGNEW. It is sent from an EU warehouse, the price with the coupon is 1763 euros, which is approx. It means HUF 686 on the link below:


Vakole Q20 electric scooter

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