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Another 3D printer in the HUF 30 category

Another 3D printer in the HUF 30 category

The price of this free desktop 3D printer has gone down as well, and it can now be ordered from an EU warehouse!

 Tronxy Desktop 3D Printer 1

Tronxy Desktop 3D Printer is an entry-level solution. Its price is pretty much in line with a cheaper inkjet price, and if we’ve already mentioned inkjet printers, it’s pretty much like an A4, scanner, turntable without all the extras. Of course, this does not mean complete woodiness for 3D printers, the Tronxy device has some extras.

Tronxy Desktop 3D Printer 2

The maximum size of printable objects is 15 x 15 x 15 centimeters. For printing, the machine uses a nozzle with a diameter of 0,4 millimeters. the nozzle can be filled with a PLA or ABS based plastic wire with a diameter of 1,75 millimeters.

Tronxy Desktop 3D Printer 3

The extras of the device include that you have received an LCD display, through which you can set up printing and view the characteristics of the print job. The machine also got an SD card reader, so although it can be connected to a computer with a Windows operating system, it can be operated without entering the print data on the card.

Tronxy Desktop 3D Printer 4

The Tronxy Desktop 3D Printer, while inexpensive, is not considered a toy at all. Its printing accuracy makes it the perfect choice for home tasks. This is supported by the fact that the positioning accuracy of the XY axis is 0,012- while the positioning accuracy of the Z axis is 0.004 millimeters. It is important that the printer arrives in a “sheet-mounted” state.

Tronxy Desktop 3D Printer 5

The price remained at the end. The much-mentioned cheapness of this printer is $ 119,99, which means that at the current exchange rate we can buy it for 33 thousand forints. The printer can now be ordered from a European warehouse, with a cheaper shipping cost of just $ 5. Since yuan from an EU warehouse do not have to be scorched to be caught at customs, you are guaranteed to land duty and VAT free at you.

More pictures, information and shopping here: Tronxy Desktop 3D Printer

Another 3D printer in the HUF 30 category 1

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