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New wifi 6 rotors from Xiaom and Huawei

New wifi 6 rotors from Xiaom and Huawei

Wifi 6 is now not only the technology of the future, but of today, so prices have dropped to affordable levels for Xiaomi and Huawei as well!

New Xiaomi and Huawei wifi 6 routers

In the present case, this price reduction should be taken seriously, so much so that the price of the new Xiaomi router is essentially the same or just minimally higher than the previous one, wifi 5, AC2100.

New wifi 6 rotors from Xiaomi and Huawei 1

However, the routers that are now on offer are nowhere near the top, as the quad-core Snapdragon proci-equipped Xiaomi AC3600 beats them for light years, but in return it costs twice as much. Both the Xiaomi and Huawei routers have a weaker processor, less memory and storage, and fewer antennas to serve parallel data traffic.

New wifi 6 rotors from Xiaomi and Huawei 2

However, although the iron is weaker, the point is not lost. That is, the new ac standard used by these wifi 6 routers has been designed to meet the challenges of today. They are able to serve an increasing number of wifi clients simultaneously, without interruption, with low latency, making them perfect for households where many smart devices work, such as a smart home system.

New wifi 6 rotors from Xiaomi and Huawei 3

Now, of course, the physical ports have surpassed the long-peak 100 megabyte speed in the home environment, so the routers' WAN port (external foot, to the Internet) and LAN ports are capable of gigabit speeds. However, it is not surprising that the new routers have enhanced protection against external attacks, so to mention perhaps the most important, they use the new, more secure WPA2 encryption instead of the old WPA3 encryption.

You can find the routers here:

HUAWEI WiFi AX3 Dual-core WiFi 6Plus Wireless Router

Xiaomi Router AX1800 Qualcomm Five-core Wifi6 router


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New wifi 6 rotors from Xiaomi and Huawei 4

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