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TUERBB AP01 - this is a battery car pump test

TUERBB AP01 - this is a battery car pump test

According to the factory data, it is a very good piece, but what does the test say about it?

TUERBB AP01 - this is a battery car pump test

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The Danube can now be blocked with car mini compressors. There are so many of them that even if you don't want to buy one, you will stumble upon them on the virtual shelves of online stores. There are small ones, there are bigger ones, there are round ones and square ones, small ones with and without a display, but we find almost no difference in capabilities.

When I was approached with the possibility of this test, I asked for time to look at the product because, frankly, I had no desire to fool around with a mini compressor when there are so many more interesting things on the market.

TUERBB AP01 – this is a battery car pump test 1

Roughly 2 years ago, I introduced you to the device that I still use today, and I felt that even today I could not say anything new about the subject, even if the manufacturer is not the same. Then, of course, I looked at the product's data sheet, and you can imagine what happened, I got curious.

They described capabilities that made me feel like there is still room for improvement, these pumps might be better than what I've seen so far! The price was also convincing, so I gave the nod to the test. And now you can read what I came up with!


Packaging, accessories and exterior

I'm not deviating from the usual format, first let's see the packaging and the machine, then the list of specifications, and finally the test itself and my experiences.

The machine arrived in a completely normal, slightly thin cardboard box. Fortunately, the impact protection in them is fine, so we don't have to worry about injuries. Inside, the machine itself rests in one section, and the box hiding the accessories rests in the other. For us, it will be the latter that will be interesting!

TUERBB AP01 – this is a battery car pump test 2

First of all, we get a small bag in which we can pack the pump when we are not using it. Not a nylon bag, but a fabric that looks like velvet on the outside, of course it's not, my dear, it's 100 percent synthetic. But its grip is pleasant, and it's very positive that it exists at all.

Then we find another very long tube through which the air gets into the thing to be inflated. The manufacturer says that this tube is four-layered. The inner flexible tube has an aluminum foil coating, on top of that there is another layer that is flexible and whose task is to prevent the tube from breaking, and on the outside there is another layer that protects against physical impacts.

TUERBB AP01 – this is a battery car pump test 3

The end of the tube above the valve is the better type, that is, we have to bend down a small lever to tighten the rubber seal on the valve. This is not extra, but there is also a weaker solution, I am glad that they stayed with the better ones. On the side of the machine, there is a rather large silicone cover, the use of which I will talk about later!

To my great surprise, I found four aluminum valve caps in the line of accessories. I have never seen this packaged next to a pump. He's not a big eater, but it's nice to be pampered with such little things.

TUERBB AP01 – this is a battery car pump test 4

We get several appendages on the side of the pipe valve. There is a needle for blowing the balls and there are also two tubes, for mattresses, etc. On the other hand, it was very good that they provide a valve converter from a normal car valve to a bicycle Presta valve. Again, just a small thing that means almost nothing in terms of cost, but the attentiveness on the part of the manufacturer warms my heart.

Now only the pump itself, or rather the compressor, remains. We get a slightly larger house than usual, which looks like it has a rubber, impact-resistant cover. But the appearance is deceiving, the rubber cover is quite thin, there is plastic underneath, it doesn't feel too thick. So I'm not going to throw.

TUERBB AP01 – this is a battery car pump test 5

There is no problem with assembly, it doesn't want to fall apart even if I push harder and twist it. Let's just say you can't screw it up.

There are 5 buttons on the front of the machine, above them is a surprisingly large display. At the top is a lamp and the threaded socket of the tube, at the bottom is a standard USB A connector and a USB Type-C, and at the back is a grid. One of the buttons is the on or off switch, the other can be used to choose between the things to be pumped and the air pressure measurement units. Two buttons are used to change the amount of pressure, and one controls the light.

TUERBB AP01 – this is a battery car pump test 6

That's it, nothing else!


Paper form

Well, the TUERBB AP01 (let's call it that now) looks like quite an interesting structure based on the paper form! It has a lot of features that are quite average, but there are two that made me take this test. Let's start with the usual stuff!

The maximum pressure it can handle is 150 PSI, the selectable units of pressure it can display are PSI, kPa, BAR and KG/CM. It is important to mention here that according to the description, the maximum difference between the measured and the real pressure value can be 1,5 PSI.

TUERBB AP01 – this is a battery car pump test 7

We also get different profiles with pre-set pressure values, which we can of course also change. These profiles are good because we don't have to watch when to stop "pumping", the machine turns off at the set value. This is how you can set a profile for a ball, bicycle, motorcycle and car.

I will also list the dimensions of the device here, because although it is larger than the type I use, there are much larger ones. So the size is only relative. The enclosure size is therefore 185 x 85 x 55 millimeters, and the weight of the device is 650 grams.

TUERBB AP01 – this is a battery car pump test 8

That's pretty much all the usual stuff!

Let's start with the most interesting of the interesting things, let's shoot the joke! According to the description, this structure has a double compressor, which means that the motor in it (which by the way turns 30 revolutions per minute) operates not one, but two compressors, so in principle it can inflate things faster than other structures on the market.

The second interesting feature is the built-in battery, which is much larger than usual. Don't think of some crazy size here, there is a much bigger one in the external battery, but it is still big compared to the average compressors on the market. Instead of the usual 2500-3000 mAh, we get 7500 mAh!

TUERBB AP01 – this is a battery car pump test 9

This is not only good because it can work longer on one charge, but also because it can be used as an external battery in an emergency. That's why it has the USB A connector, you can plug in e.g. our phone cable.

The manufacturer mentions the various protections as an interesting feature, for example, there is also protection against overcharging, and there is also some heat protection, which according to the manufacturer is especially useful in summer. Let's say this is available somewhere, in minus twenty there is a good chance that our compressor will not overheat.

TUERBB AP01 – this is a battery car pump test 10

It is also mentioned separately that a separate, dedicated chip ensures that the detection of the pressure in the wheel, ball, etc. is accurate.

If you're already pumping, let's get on with it! According to factory data, the structure can push 35 liters of air into the wheel/ball/etc. per minute. and this means, according to them, that it can inflate a 5/195/R55 car tire from zero to 15 PSI in 35 minutes. It's not bad, maybe you're starting to understand why I became curious about this structure!

TUERBB AP01 – this is a battery car pump test 11

Another interesting feature is the built-in light, which can not only provide continuous light, but also flash and give an SOS signal. This is not yet the special part of the thing, however, it is already that blue and red LEDs are built in, so we can also light it in color.

And lastly, the sound. According to the manufacturer, using some new technology, they managed to keep the volume of the pump low. If I remember correctly, noise below 60 dB was mentioned somewhere.



Let the main point follow, that is, what experiences I gathered while using it!

The test was simple, I took my own pump as a reference structure and compared the capabilities of the TUERBB AP01 with it. I deflated my car's tire, which is the frequently used 195/55/R15 size, to 25 PSI, and then pumped it back to the normal value, 35 PSI. The pressure could be higher, but that's how I use the car.

TUERBB AP01 – this is a battery car pump test 12

Well, the first experience was a disappointment. In spite of the double compressor, the inflation time showed only a minimal difference, specifically barely 10 seconds compared to my own pump. This is essentially a negligible difference. To add to the disappointment, I can hardly imagine the 5-minute 0-35 PSI process described in the factory data, because the time between 25-35 PSI was almost 3 and a half minutes. Okay, when the pressure in the wheel is lower, the air goes faster, but even then the 0-25 PSI process won't take a minute and a half.

However, what I noticed was the difference in noise and vibration. The TUERBB AP01 is indeed somewhat quieter, but if I want to describe it precisely, it is not the strength of the sound, but the quality that is different. It is much less disturbing, not as penetrating, and the pump resonated much less in my hand during operation.

TUERBB AP01 – this is a battery car pump test 13

Here I would return a bit to the pump tube, that is, to the silicone cover that I mentioned at the beginning of the article!

Well, the fact is that these tiny little compressors convert a good part of the energy they use into heat during their operation. Not as a heat emitter, simply because of the operating principle, the pump produces heat during operation.

TUERBB AP01 – this is a battery car pump test 14

Fortunately, a good part of this heat escapes through the grids, but there is a point that is in metallic contact with the internal, heating parts of the pump. Yes, this is the end of the tube that we screw into our compressor. And this end of the tube can get very hot. So much so that if you carelessly touch it, it burns your finger to a blister.

By putting this small silicone cover on the tube in the case of the TUERBB AP01, I got a huge red dot again. You know, it's like the previously mentioned valve cap or valve conversion adapter. It's a penny thing, but it shows that the manufacturer pays attention to us, the customers, and pampers us with such little sweet nothings.

TUERBB AP01 – this is a battery car pump test 15



Let's summarize! Here's a pump that, according to the marketing material, should be quite extra, but isn't. It's actually quite average, if we don't count the mentioned "little things" that protect our fingers from burning, which we can use to transform the valve so that we can also inflate bikes with Presta valves, the aluminum valve caps, which are much nicer and, by the way, more durable than plastic ones.

If we do not look at the fact that it is quieter, vibrates less, so it is more pleasant to use, if we do not look at the fact that it has a multiple of the usual battery size, and if we do not look at the fact that it can also be used as an external battery.

TUERBB AP01 – this is a battery car pump test 16

Well, let's wait! After all, if we look at it from here, the gadget is not so average, even if we feel almost nothing from the effect of the double compressor intended for the biggest bang!

So the point is!

TUERBB AP01 is a really good thing with good features and of course a lot of average capabilities. The quality is adequate, perhaps they could have used a metal housing.

TUERBB AP01 – this is a battery car pump test 17

And finally, the price. TUERBB AP01 a 2EAJHV9L1MW5 HUF 20 with coupon code and free delivery. This is not a bad price, knowing the capabilities, although, I must admit, it cannot be called revolutionary either. The car pump I use costs about the same (it's true, it's a bit slower and the battery is a third as big), but you can find much cheaper (admittedly quite crappy) devices on the market.

So I can say that if you like it, feel free to buy it, you won't be disappointed. You get a pump blessed with pleasant capabilities and cultured operation for your money, not a revolutionary one.

TUERBB AP01 battery car pump

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