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Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns!

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns!

The Tronsmart T6 is still my favorite, but the successor is here.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns!



When I relaunched my site and started writing tests again, Tronsmart was one of the first manufacturers to contact me to try one of their products. It was the Tronsmart Element T6.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns! 1

I hadn't even heard of the company until I made the inquiry, it turned out that it is a relatively new manufacturer who started building Bluetooth speakers with big plans. It was at that time that they asked Luis Suárez to be the advertising face of the company, and they were already a year past the presentation of their first product.

That's when the Tronsmart Element T6 arrived, which for me has been a benchmark among cheap, portable speakers/speakers ever since. At the time of its release, the price did not even reach 50 dollars. Even today, this would be barely more than HUF 20, but at the time of publication it was less than HUF 15.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns! 2

I had doubts about the quality, but then I got one that the wall gave the other. Warm sound, full tones, booming, quite amazing depths for its size came from the small, thermos-shaped structure.

Since the manufacturer did not ask for this product to be returned, I kept it after the test, and have been using it ever since!

However, now, roughly four years after the introduction of the T6, its successor, the T7, has arrived. It's a little bigger, it's waterproof, it's got a bunch of innovations, and interestingly, its price is just over HUF 15, which means it's practically cheaper than its predecessor when it was introduced.

The question is, was Tronsmart able to perform a miracle again, to re-create the benchmark for cheap speakers? I hope the article will help you too!


Packaging, accessories and exterior

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns! 3

The cardboard box is of the usual thickness, which means it is convincing, as with all Tronsmart products. At the same time, we can forget about the magnetic closure of the predecessor, this is just a plain box, the lid of which can be lifted.

Anyway, the packaging is informative, and luckily we only look at it until we start using the speaker, so the lack of a cover with a magnetic closure can be forgiven.

However, there are essentially no accessories. I must note that, despite this, I don't miss it, even the charging cable feels a little unnecessary when all phones use the same USB Type-C connector. So, I won't even unpack the cable, and then I'll also charge the T7 with the phone charger! In addition, we only find a small booklet with a description of the product.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns! 4

The exterior has not changed much in terms of shape, but somehow it feels less quality than the T6. I would say that time makes everything better, but it's not like that, since I have the T6 here, so I don't have to rely on my memories.

The cover of the speakers has not changed, but the plastics of the T6 have been given a slightly softer, rubber-like coating, while in the case of the T7 we get hard, knocking materials. Many people don't like the rubber coating used on the T6, it can start to peel off after a while, but on the T6, at least for me, it's like when I took it out of the box. I emphasize after four years of use! So there was no problem with the quality here.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns! 5

I liked the shape better than its predecessor, and I still like it now. The new design is more angular and thermos-like, while the old one was more reminiscent of a half-liter soda (beer) can. The controls have been moved from the roof to the side of the structure, which again does not fit.

The only positive thing is that the T7 already has a wrist strap, although it hangs right on the buttons in a slightly disturbing way.

To be honest, I have not fainted so far, in fact, I admit that I am a little disappointed, in my opinion, the manufacturer has taken a step back rather than forward, which is a disappointment four years after the release of the T6.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns! 6

At the same time, I wouldn't dare to say that the T7 was poorly done, it was beautiful and high-quality, but somehow the euphoria caused by its predecessor was not managed to be evoked. Maybe his voice!


Paper form

The Tronsmart T7 is a surround speaker, which means that according to the manufacturer (and in my opinion) it practically does not matter which side you listen to. This is true in reality, even though there are only three speakers. I want to say from an active speaker, because we get two more pieces from a passive radiator. These are under the active speakers, on the side of the cylinder, and the remaining active one is in the lower part of the box, towards the table.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns! 7

In any case, this is an improvement compared to the T6, because in addition to the two active radiators, there were three passive ones, two to the side, one down. Unseen, I expect the musical experience to be completely different. We'll see about that later.

We get more watts than its predecessor, 25 instead of 30. It's already IPX7 waterproof, and the T6 wasn't waterproof at all, so that's a really big red mark. Bluetooth is now 5.3 (in the T6 it was only 4.1), and of course we get the TWS function, with which two T7s can be connected, and with this we achieve serious stereo sound and an overall power of 60 watts.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns! 8

Due to Bluetooth 5.3, it should be mentioned that there is almost no delay or slippage in the sound, and this can clearly be attributed to this new Bluetooth technology. In the same way, the new Bluetooth can also make the range 10 meters instead of the usual 18, which is about right, at least in the open field, in the garden, where I tried it. On the manufacturer's data sheet, the battery capacity is 2000 mAh, according to the description, ~12 hours of use can be achieved, which of course can be greatly influenced by the volume used and the light effect used.

Looking for changes, we can notice two more things. One is that the LED light of the predecessor was plain blue, but with the T7, we get RGB, i.e. variable, colored light. It can display four effects, it can be single-colored or circular, variable-colored, or called a sigh, in which case its brightness increases and then decreases, approx. at the same rate as when we breathe, and it can also be pulsating.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns! 9

Another important thing is that the T7 can already work together with an application. I note that we cannot adjust many things on this, essentially only the tone control, which is why we should pair it with our phone. In it we find 5 pre-programmed sound images and there is a manual setting, where we can influence the pitch of the sound by dividing it into 5 channels.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns! 10

For this reason, I will not cover the application separately, it does not bring anything that would make it worthwhile to deal with it in a separate chapter.

We can therefore observe serious changes in the field of paper form. True, these are not important things, rather we only get development that meets expectations. A little bigger size, a little more power, RGB colors, an app, water resistance and even more active radiators.



As I wrote, I absolutely love the sound of the Tronsmart Element T6. Full-bodied, a little robust, with the right amount of milk. If I had to express myself in one word, I would say: warm or friendly.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns! 11

When I turned on the Tronsmart T7, I got something completely different. The first thing that came to my mind about it was that it was sterile. If I had to describe it somehow, I could compare it to the kind of image we see on a projector and what we see on a TV.

The projected image of the projector is a bit blurred, giving a cinematic effect, while the sharp image of the TV is much more sterile. Many times, watching films seen in the cinema on TV is a painful experience, because the image is too sterile, the actors almost jump out of the set. Well, the Tronsmart T7 gave something like that feeling, although in the case of the sound, I hasten to point out that the "blurring", that is, that some parts of the music almost disappear, cannot be called an advantage or a positive.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns! 12

The Tronsmart T7 sounds amazingly clear, if I compare it with the T6, then the right indicator for the difference will be amazing. The vocals sound nice and are completely separated from the hum, the fullness of the T6 does not permeate the entire sound image. But this, now that I can hear the two side by side, is not disturbing, in fact, in terms of enjoying the music, it is clearly beneficial.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns! 13

In the case of the T6, I always admired the immense depth that they were able to get out of this small tube. At first hearing, the T7 doesn't have that much, but if I emphasize the low bands and lower the high ones, it turns out that there is indeed a hum here too. The only difference is that this hum doesn't settle on everything, even the high bands.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns! 14

The sound is therefore much sharper, sterile and clearer, the vocals are not overwhelmed by the cavalcade of bass tones. The bass isn't pushed too far either, so you can easily turn up the volume even in the case of a harder, rockier sound, our thermos won't want to break apart. Perhaps the tinkling of the high notes could be a little more, if it were, it would really border on perfection.



I have mixed feelings about the Tronsmart T7, but I can thank myself for that. I was expecting something like the impactful experience I got from the T6, but this experience was not there.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns! 15

The exterior is basically perfect, the speaker cover is nice and adequate, maybe the plastics could have been a little less noisy.

The knowledge and performance of the Tronsmart T7 are absolutely fine. We get the SoundPulse bass enhancement, we get the TWS function, only the Tune Conn Link is missing, with which we can connect up to 100 identical speakers in one system. I don't particularly miss the latter, I consider connecting two speakers with TWS to be just enough.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns! 16

There is RGB light, there is increased performance, and compared to its predecessor, the sound is much (by an order of magnitude) clearer. Even at high volume, there is no significant distortion, which cannot be said about the Tronsmart T6.

All in all, Tronsmart gave us a decent speaker that's pretty damn good for its price, but not revolutionary, which is an improvement over its predecessor in terms of knowledge, quality, and sound. In other words, the mandatory task was completed.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker test - the legend returns! 17

If you want to buy it, click on the link below, direct to this article NNNHOCT7 you can add it to your cart for HUF 17 with a coupon code. It is a great pleasure that we can now order from the Hungarian warehouse, so we really only get it in a few days, plus free shipping. Of course, we do not have to pay customs duties, VAT is included in the price.

To buy, click on the link below:

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker

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