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Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker - Studio Quality?

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker - Studio Quality?

Retro feeling to the eye and angelic voice to the ear with Tronsmart Studio!

Retro feeling to the eye and angelic voice to the ear with Tronsmart Studio!



I don’t remember how many Tronsmart speakers I’ve tried so far. A lot. Still, it was the very first, the ancient T6, which was the most memorable experience, because it was a cheap speaker from a manufacturer that was completely unknown to me at the time, from which I didn’t expect anything good, yet I fell in the ass with its voice.

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker - Studio Quality? 1

Okay, it wasn’t a Hi-Fi either, but show someone better in the 30 category. It has been a difficult stunt ever since.

Of course, from time to time, Tronsmart tries to jump the bar he set himself high, and I have to say, from time to time he succeeds. Let’s say these tests are no longer as relevant at first, but to this day I’m glad I got a Tronsmart speaker.

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker - Studio Quality? 2


What does Studio know?

Well, maybe let's start with the outside! I thought for a long time about where I saw this format before it fell out that in old American movies, desktop phone speakerphones looked like this. At least in shape, because those real retro pieces were big, in wooden boxes.

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker - Studio Quality? 3

If you’re curious about that, well, look for a piece of old Charlie’s Angels and you can see one!

Retroity, of course, only affects the exterior, as it is inhabited by a sound system that belies its small size. The manufacturer put a total of 7 speakers in the box, three of which are active and four passive. Passive radiators are, of course, driven by the air of the active - it’s not even interesting - but that’s the way this is solved all the more so!

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker - Studio Quality? 4

The structure should somehow be imagined as the box divided into three compartments. There is a center speaker on the right and one on the left (this is also responsible for the treble), while a full-range subwoofer works in the middle compartment.

1-1 of the four passive speakers “get” air from the center speaker box, while the other two are moved by the subwoofer. In addition, these passive speakers work into a sound channel, one on each side, between the subwoofer and the center compartments.

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker - Studio Quality? 5

Probably the space saving has shaped the structure this way, but even so, the solution has been very good because the air from the sound channels is vibrated back and forth by the diaphragms, so the stuff is essentially 360 degrees. I really like the design of this 2.1 system and the fact that they could put it in a box this big!

If you look at the paper form, perhaps the most important thing is that the speaker is 30 watts, which is not a small box of this size. Of course, it has a Bluetooth (5.1) connection, but we can input music in an analog way via a jack or even a memory card if that is more convenient for us.

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker - Studio Quality? 6

We get the SoundPulse feature we're used to at Tronsmart, which is responsible for effectively enhancing the bass, and here's a new thing called TuneConn. From the conn, it can be assumed that it will be a new kind of relationship, and we are not mistaken. With TuneConn, no less than 100 Tronsmart Studios can be integrated into one system.

What else? Maybe the battery life is worth mentioning, as the fact that we can listen to music for 15 hours on a single charge is pretty rough data. True, in return, it takes two minutes to charge, 3-4 hours before we can pump it full of electrons.

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker - Studio Quality? 7


What to use?

Let's start with the simpler things!

The buttons for control are located on the top of the speaker. They were big, they were given a rubber cover, from which we might think that the control was well resolved, but unfortunately the situation is far from true. There is nothing other than a few small indicator LEDs that would indicate where the buttons are. There is a convex symbol on top of them, but it is impossible to detect them with your fingertips.

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker - Studio Quality? 8

The only luck, but even more lucky, is that we also get a phone app for Tronsmart Studio, so you don't have to press a button much. You can adjust the volume with the volume key on your phone, scroll through tracks in the music player app, and access pre-programmed audio images from the Tronsmart app.

So you don’t really need the buttons much, but if they had already been put on the box, they could have solved it in a more normal way.

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker - Studio Quality? 9

Of course, anyone looking for a Bluetooth speaker will be most interested in what your chosen port is all about. Well, the problem with Studio is, as with any speaker of a similar size (regardless of price, I think), and because of the small size, they can't be tuned to fit all styles of music.

I mostly listen to rock, so I tried this style first. My experience is mixed. Up to about 60 percent volume is all right. Among the programmed sound images we also find rock, we also find DeepBass and SoundPulse settings, among them you will almost certainly find something that will be good for the given music.

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker - Studio Quality? 10

The stuff is quite good for electronic music. Of course, the center speakers won’t have the capability of a dedicated tweeter, but the music will sound distinctly clear and enjoyable.

The best structure is the reproduction of vocals. It returns an absolutely neutral sound as close to the real thing as possible. I don’t hear the nose that’s common in cheap speakers, and especially in male voices. Really, I listened many times with a fallen chin that came out of this little box.

Adele for women and Dire Straits for men. In the case of Dire Straits, the sound image was maximally enjoyable, but listening to Adele I really opened my mouth so velvety once in a while. In this case, the bass is absolutely not exaggerated, even the small details can be heard well, all the layers of the music can be removed nicely, and the sound of the instruments can be separated from each other.

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker - Studio Quality? 11

For those who love the beautiful bass (and the music allows it), the DeepBass feature will be a great gift, which reduces the volume of the speaker a bit, but at the same time highlights the bass, so we get a very pleasant, adequate, but not hurtful humming sound, which though not to vibrate our lungs, it still makes us believe that we can hear normal, dynamic depths.

What is independent of style, however, is that the volume should not be turned over 70 to 80 percent. I don’t know why, maybe it’s caused by the placement of the passivators mentioned above, but we get so much cacophony at a coarser volume that the filling falls out of our teeth. It is not smoothly inedible, it is outrageous to come out of the box, and it only adds to this if, for example. We're trying to bang Billy Idol. Don't do it!



I know this article didn’t last too long, but I’ve written the gist, which I’ll even summarize now!

So, the outside fits me a lot, although not in a campsite or a squash room, I can rather imagine a living room or a desk. The quality of the assembly is perfect, which is very important because a poorly assembled box can only make ugly rattles when the speakers sound.

Well, Tronsmart Studio scrubs the perfect one in terms of structure, the image is only shaded by the buttons at the top.

Which, on the other hand, is extremely compelling for the sound that comes out of this box. Although only 30 watts, it can fill a smaller living room with music, and if we connect more it will even fill the whole apartment. The only negative is the distortion experienced at the extra strong volume.

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker - Studio Quality? 12

That is, you need to buy more from Tronsmart Studio if you want to listen to music out loud, or stay below 70 percent volume. If we choose the latter, we will come across quite amazing sound quality - again, of course, only among my classmates, I would not want to compare your knowledge with a set of hundreds of thousands of speakers.

All the while listening to the test while writing and shooting, I was listening to three albums, two Dire Straits and one Adele, and listening to these was really a real experience.

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker - Studio Quality? 13

So the point is, if you don't want to run a disco with a Tronsmart Studio, if you don't want to jump your neighbor out of your pants with this, but just want the best possible quality, very nice vocals from a cheap desktop speaker, you're in the right place, you won't to be disappointed!

If you want one for yourself or surprise someone with it for Christmas, you still have time to order it. It will arrive to you from an EU warehouse (Germany-3) in about 5-6 days until stocks run out. THE NNNHOCRE with a coupon code, the price is HUF 20 instead of HUF 260, and this already includes the cost of delivery.

You can add it to your cart here:

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker - Studio Quality? 14

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