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Tronsmart Element T6 Bluetooth Speaker Test - Bass Hidden in a Thermos

Tronsmart Element T6 Bluetooth Speaker Test - Bass Hidden in a Thermos

The price is under $ 50, the marking on the box is 25 watts, I smile mockingly…

Tronsmart Element T6 Bluetooth Speaker Test - Bass Hidden in a Thermos



There is not much to be said about Tronsmart as a manufacturer, because they are not literally manufacturers. They have a brand that is getting more and more ringing lately, which is being pushed on the products of Chinese OEMs selected through careful testing. You could say it’s a nasty thing, but it’s not, and it’s even a pretty slippery world, it’s easy to get a slap in the face if the name gets on a product that makes you cuddly.

In the case of Tronsmart, this is not the case for the time being, based on the tests available on the Internet, we can safely say that so far the managers who supervise the product line have done their job perfectly. As a result, we get stuff from them at ridiculous prices, after which the big brands would lick all ten of their fingers if they had them.

It is already certain that I will pay attention to their products in the future because, to be honest, I haven’t done so far. Somehow they didn’t reach my stimulus threshold, but that changed when I installed the Element T6 once and for all!


Exterior and packaging

On our site, you can get used to the fact that most of the stuff that arrives for the test comes to us through GearBest. Now it happened differently, the manufacturer looked to see if I was reluctant to try their port, even if I would pay for my work, but I said no. I mean, don’t pay, just send it to your speaker, I’m curious about it for free, and I’d love to write a test about it.

Tronsmart Element T6 2

Well, the speaker arrived and I could immediately engrave a big red dot on my booklet in connection with the packaging. Hard cardboard, although not very showy, has material in it. The roof has received a MAGNETIC lock! Inside the sponge is the speaker, next to it is a box with an audio cable at both ends with a Jack plug, next to it is a charging cable and a booklet with the description. The latter will not be needed, the treatment is child's play.

Tronsmart Element T6 3

Highlighting the Element T6 out of the box, the first thing that comes to mind is how imaginative it is to put the speakers in a thermos. Of course, this is not a thermos, not so much that we can forget about water resistance as described.

The body of the structure is surrounded by a plastic grid covered by a fabric cover. It’s very good to hold, it doesn’t slip, and the fact that it touches fabric in our hands somehow immediately convinces us that we bought a quality piece.

Tronsmart Element T6 1

At the top of the structure we find the buttons needed for control, from here we can also control the player via Bluetooth connection, in my case my phone, through which I sent music to the speaker. We can control the volume by turning the metal (of course plastic) flange of the thermos.

Tronsmart Element T6 10

On the side of the structure, behind a snap-on rubber cap, you will find the audio and USB connectors. Thanks to the rubber cap, we might think it has some sort of waterproof function, but as I wrote above, the structure is not waterproof, so don’t believe the cap, don’t take the Tronsmart Element T6 with you in the shower!

tronsmart element t6 speaker t02

The sole of the structure is three rubber pads placed on the lower rim that surround a subwoofer. This pushes the bass toward the tabletop, but how efficiently I will write about it in the next paragraph.

Tronsmart Element T6 9

We can find an exploded view of the Element T6 on the net, based on this I can say that it is no coincidence that the whole structure is lattice because the speakers vibrate the air in several directions so it essentially doesn’t matter which side faces us during use.


Use and experience

After switching on, Bluetooth pairing goes smoothly. i tried several phones and tablets as well, never had a problem. Anyway, the power button is on the top, you have to hold it down for a few seconds. Switching on is indicated by a discreet blue light running around the roof. The color of this cannot be changed, so the RGB craze has not yet leaked here. It doesn’t flash to the beat of the music and there’s nothing extra, but the pleasant blue light is still enough to handle the buttons in the dark.

Tronsmart Element T6 5

On the box, I read among the specifications that it can handle 25 watts. I smile mockingly, but only until I turn it on because I’m looking for the state afterwards. Okay, it may not be 25 watts, but it sounds awesome anyway. And what’s really impressive is the bass that was brought out of this tube.

Tronsmart Element T6 7

What is the sound quality? Surprisingly good! And I could write that too to make it more expressive, SURPRISINGLY GOOD! I love the beautifully sounding music, and what comes from the Tronsmart Element T6 can safely be said to be perfect in its category. For me, there is a slight shortage in the field of treble alone, but after I downloaded an equalizer program to my phone it also improved.

Tronsmart Element T6 6

Naturally, the quality of such a small speaker deteriorates with increasing volume. At least that’s what I’ve been thinking about so far, because for a long time on the Tronsmart widget, we can feel it sounding more and more beautiful by raising the volume. We can enjoy more and more dynamic sounds. The only thing that goes into the matter at high volume is the already exaggerated bass, but I easily remedied this with the equalizer program mentioned above. The distortion is really only experienced at the maximum volume, but there’s already so much roaring stuff there that it’s pointless to roll up to that level.



Have you ever seen a flawless Bluetooth speaker? I haven’t seen it, nor is the Tronsmart Element T6, but the extent to which it can approach the perfect is quite surprising. And this surprise is also serious because the price is really ridiculous compared to that.

Tronsmart Element T6 8

So when it comes to music listening ability, the Element T6 is really among the best. The only drawback that might be expected from a Bluetooth speaker is the lack of water resistance, but if you think you won’t need it, I warmly recommend taking a look at the Tronsmart Element T6 in the shadow of the portraits of reputable manufacturers, put it in the cart and laugh a good one because you bought a free Bluetooth speaker at half price compared to the big ones!

You can find the domestic distributor here: Newteq

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