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Tronsmart special offers at Geekbuying

Tronsmart special offers at Geekbuying

We are used to having the best Tronsmart prices here.

Tronsmart Element T6 Max - when the bass rips your face off 1

Geekbuying takes Tronsmart very seriously, many times I feel maybe too serious. I mean, I don’t mean to be crappy and shouldn’t be taken seriously, but rather that I’d sometimes be happy with other promotions than just Tronsmart. Of course, you shouldn’t cry if the price of something is taken down, so I’m not bitter anymore either.


In the action today, two speakers and two earphones were added to the list, the latter being Apollo Air and Apollo Air +.


Tronsmart Apollo Air TWS ANC Headphones Qualcomm QCC3046 aptX Bluetooth5.2 IP45 - White

Franco with small Bluetooth ear Qualcomm QCC3046 lacquer kit, aptX support and Bluetooth 5.2, 10 mm graphene membrane and of course active noise reduction. Tronsmart has traditionally had a very good price-performance ratio, and it doesn’t stand out. With coupon code 658ETYCU HUF 9700 here:





Tronsmart Apollo Air + ANC TWS Earphones Qualcomm QCC3046 35dB Noise Canceling aptX Adaptive Customized Graphene Driver - White

Honestly, I have no idea what the difference is between the + and plain versions. The plus is a little more expensive, but the essential capabilities are the same for the two ears. If anyone knows the solution, write a comment to the article recommendation in our Facebook group.

In the meantime, if you need the plus, use coupon code 67QZSPB9 and buy it for HUF 11 here:




We also get two types from the speaker. One is the relatively new Bang, the other is the long-favorite Element T6 Max.

Trosnmart Bang has a lot of interesting abilities. The first 60-watt power mentioned in the title, which is quite human, I can only imagine that it will stand out at an outdoor party, not least because of the size of the speaker.

Tronsmart Bang 60W Outdoor Party Speaker

If that wasn't a problem, you just have to talk to your friends and acquaintances to get a 1-1 Bang, and then, at the party, you can connect them via Bluetooth. Tronsmart Tune Conn technology allows you to connect up to 100 speakers. That's 6000 watts, so there's little room for improvement.

Tronsmart Bang 60W Outdoor Party Speaker

The Tronsmart Bang is, of course, battery-powered, with a capacity of 10 mAh. It’s not small either, I hope you feel the manufacturer says it allows 800 hours of music listening at 15 percent volume. If you also turn on the LED light that changes to the music, the available operating time will be 50 hours. It is also interesting that you can charge your phone from the battery. Of course, the Bang is also waterproof, IPX8 certified.

Tronsmart Bang 60W Outdoor Party Speaker

I just wrote about Tronsmart Bang for three reasons. One is that they are relatively new pieces, the other is that there has been no news about it on the site, and the third is that we are getting a discount now. In practice, this means that 4MGX4R4G with a coupon code the price will be HUF 37. Of course, you can order from an EU warehouse, so no customs, no VAT, no customs clearance. You will receive it in a few days!

Buy here:




Tronsmart T6 Max

The Tronsmart T6 Max, as its name suggests, is great. Not that much, the manufacturer’s largest speaker weighs nearly two pounds, and the 14-centimeter diameter is associated with a height of almost 20 centimeters. There is a lot to fit in this space size, and the designers have taken advantage of the space available.

The most important thing about a speaker is the number, size, and type of speakers. Well, the Max has no less than 13 speakers, 8 of which are passive and 5 are active, meaning a real speaker. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not provide an exact specification in this regard, so I can only rely on the pictures and my experience.

tronsmart element t6 max 7

The unit responsible for the bass faces down. Next to / above it are four passive radiators that are moved by the air of the “subwoofer”. Above these, we find four small active speakers in a circle, and four passive speakers placed alternately with them. Because of their location and size, they are likely to be responsible for the mid-range top and treble. According to the manufacturer, the total power of the Element T6 Max is 60 watts, which is data to be glazed.

The exterior has done quite well, although, so far, there has been no problem with the Tronsmart product. At the same time, in the case of Max, the manufacturer has reached a level, the use of materials is perfect, the shape is pleasing to the eye.

Tronsmart Element T6 Max 60W Home Bluetooth Speaker

The controls, with the exception of the power button, are located on the roof and are all touch sensitive. There is also a button for the Bluetooth connection, a volume control, a switch between the set audio images and a microphone switch. The USB cable and the conventional jack are located on the bottom of the speaker, behind a rubber cap. With regard to the rubber cap, it is important to mention that although the speaker is not waterproof, it has received IPX5 water protection, ie splash water does not damage it.

The price of the speaker is now a NNNT6MAXMAY with coupon code HUF 24 here:

Tronsmart T6 Max

Tronsmart special offers at Geekbuying 1

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