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Product recommendation: WayteQ HD-95CX

The HD-95CX is the perfect solution for receiving and recording digital terrestrial broadcasts and playing back your favorite multimedia files.wayteq hd_95cx_device_white_shadowThe decoder can be easily connected to both modern and older types of devices, and when paired with a USB drive, it also allows you to record TV and radio channels timed or instantly.

With the HD-95CX, in addition to the 7 popular digital TV channels that can be received without a subscription fee, you can also watch the subscription channels of the MinDigTV Extra service, which are broadcast in high definition HD and traditional SD quality in almost the entire country. In addition, it is possible to receive 4 additional radio channels. 

Another pleasant surprise is that the electronic program guide allows you to preview and plan the list of programs you want to record 7 days in advance.

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Product recommendation: WayteQ HD-95CX 1

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