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Qualcomm 8cx weighed - faster than Intel Core i5 8250U?

Qualcomm 8cx weighed - faster than Intel Core i5 8250U?

Surprising results have been achieved with Qualcomm’s new processor for notebooks.

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Qualcomm first unveiled its 2018cx laptop processor in December 8. The chip promises to deliver double the performance of the previous Qualcomm 850, while promising 60 percent better battery life, H.265 support and the power of two 4K displays.

Qualcomm 8cx Application Benchmark test 840x472

Android Authority editors had the opportunity to compare the Qualcomm processor to the Intel Core i5 notebook proc. The measurements were done with native ARM 3 applications from PCMark and 64DMark and got really surprising results. In the test of the PCMark office suite, the two processors went head-to-head, with one and the other scoring better.

Qualcomm 8cx Graphics test 840x472

In the graphics tests, the numbers are a bit deceptive because the display on the Intel processor machine was 2K resolution, while the Qualcomm unit only used 1080p resolution. It is likely that this may have been the reason the Qualcomm machine won all the tests. Still, the performance of Qualcomm’s chip is quite surprising, as even if it doesn’t beat Intel’s solution, it will squeeze it hard. Add to this the result of lower power consumption, longer battery life, and 5G modem support, we can feel that Qualcomm can really kick a ball next to Intel in the mobile processor segment.

In any case, so far it has only sounded exciting that Qualcomm’s heart is beating in a portable toilet, but from now on it’s much more than excitement, a more realistic alternative.

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