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Discounted Tronsmart stuff for the weekend

Discounted Tronsmart stuff for the weekend

Geekbuying provided coupons with two half-bricks and a noise-canceling headphone.

Discounted Tronsmart stuff for the weekend 1

If someone claims that Tronsmart is the best quality in their Bluetooth music gadgets, they are lying. Anyone who, on the other hand, claims that they are likely to give the best quality at the cheapest is very much true.

Tronsmart Element Mega Pro 60W Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker SoundPulse IPX5 Voice Assistant NFC TWS Pairing

This is usually the case with Tronsmart stuff. Better-than-average sound quality, a bit of exaggerated bass to have dynamics, average mid and maybe less high than necessary. This is a proven formula if you want to listen to music on a small speaker, or add sound to movies.

Tronsmart Force Pro 60W Bluetooth Speaker Broadcast Mode ATS2835 IPX7 15H Playtime NFC Type-C SoundPulse

I dare say that I was satisfied with all the Tronsmart stuff I have been a guest on so far. The quality of the assembly, the materials are perfect, even beating the much more expensive competitors. They can squeeze amazing depths out of even small boxes, and we’ll find a TWS feature on virtually every speaker, allowing you to connect two speakers to a stereo system. Well, that's how it really hits!

Tronsmart Force Pro 60W Bluetooth Speaker Broadcast Mode ATS2835 IPX7 15H Playtime NFC Type-C SoundPulse

The two speakers in the current action, Mega Pro and Force Pro, are essentially exactly as described above. They are similar in form, they are also similar in performance. The Force Pro has better water resistance and there is an application for it. Check them out to see if you like any of them!

Trosmart Element Mega Pro - coupon code: NNNMP019 [DE-3 warehouse]

Tronsmart Force Pro - coupon code: NNNTSFP027 [CZ-4 warehouse]


The third special item on sale today is the Apollo Q10 headphones. It is a medium-sized, comfortable to wear. Of course it has a Bluetooth connection, of course it has active noise reduction in it and what is not so naturally, it has 5 microphones in it.

Tronsmart Apollo Q10 ANC Bluetooth Headphones 35dB 100 Hours Battery Life 5 Mics - Black

The 40 mm membrane is not small, especially compared to the size of the tab. With a charged battery, it can be used for 50 hours on a single charge at 100 percent volume. The manufacturer prefers to say this, with one hour of music a day running for 100 days on a single charge. That’s true, it’s true too, but the manufacturer’s text sounds better.

Of course, I'll add the coupon to this too, if you like it, you'll get it cheaper this weekend!

 Tronsmart Apollo Q10 headphones - Coupon Code: 5UZXEFXG [DE-3 in stock]


Discounted Tronsmart stuff for the weekend 2

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