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Cheap at the “eaten” speed

This is not the first and probably not the last time you can read an article about Edimax tools on our site. There are several reasons for this, and these are really prosaic reasons. On the one hand, we know the domestic distributor among our partners, and on the other hand, we love Edimax, as it delights us with excellent products. There is a third reason, and that is that n-standard wireless devices are slowly becoming dominant in the cheaper category as well, which is good news.

True, we have been using standard-ending standard hardware for a long time and with great satisfaction, but it is time to move on. The n standard promises more bandwidth, with up to 300 megabits per second data transfer bandwidth. In this sentence, it even sounds like some kind of junk advertising that we can wash up to 2000 plates in a bottle with yellow lutes. The bad news is that in this article, we won’t even come across a tool that reaches that speed.

Cheap at the “eaten” speed 1

Now comes the why! Because we can only achieve this speed by extending the n standard. If you are looking for one, pay attention to the boxes that have the 2T3R MIMO sticker. This abbreviation is specific to multi-antenna systems, where the antennas are capable of transmitting and receiving signal streams separately, thereby making the basic bandwidth multipliable. We have some bad news for someone who wants that, it has to reach a little deeper into their wallets.

However, we also have good news. For those who want a new one instead of the old gs hardware, but are satisfied with a little less speed, they already have the "ennes" gadgets in the article. So what is the difference between normal n and extended n? As we wrote above about the number of antennas, at least externally we will notice this.

Cheap at the “eaten” speed 2

At Edimax, these products are called nLite, and what they have in common is that they have one antenna instead of three, and a transfer rate of 150 Mb per second. Instead of the 2T3R mark mentioned above, the 1T1R mark can be found on these products. What are the advantages of these products over three antennas? Of course the goods! Despite the friendly price tag, we get a pleasant speed!

So let’s see what models we can offer you from this segment! 

Cheap at the “eaten” speed 3

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