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Tale: The Kamariki and the Wolf

We never had to run out of Scythe products and the company has recently started invading again. After the recently published Core i7 Scythe cooler article and the article about fresh accessories and fans, we now want to introduce the manufacturer from a new page about which we have known less so far. There are already a lot of Scythe cooling solutions, air circulators, supplies floating in front of everyone's eyes, but if we are talking about a house or a power supply, it is not an archive of our wide memories.

Tale: The Kamariki and the Wolf 1

In this presentation, we’re going to change that, as Scythe has sent us the smallest member of the latest family of food called Kamariki 4, which has been accompanied on the way to the editorial board by not just any house. He is none other than the very serious-looking Scythe FenrisWolf designed by the German guy. Before we move on, we would like to introduce the Kamariki 4 power supply family in a few words in the rest of our first page, the 450 W, Plug-in subfamily member of which will be examined in detail on the next page.

Tale: The Kamariki and the Wolf 2

The modular line of the new family

The Kamariki 4 currently consists of 6 power supplies that can be divided into 2 parts, one side compressing the modular and the other the non-modular members. Accordingly, the former models are Kamariki 4 Plug-ins, while the latter simply listen to only Kamariki 4. Both lines consist of a 450 W, a 550 W and a 650 W member (the manual also includes a 750 W unit, but we did not find any reference to this on the Hungarian or foreign Scythe pages, so we do not include it in the list yet. , however, we can expect its arrival in the near future). We feel that Scythe has chosen these power values ​​well, as the 450 W piece is also enough for a large proportion of machines, whoever wants a small spare for safety may choose the 550 W, but who knows in advance that brutal multi-card systems it starts building with 5-6 hard drives on board, the 650 top model gives itself to it. There is no noticeable difference between the two lines other than modularity, they are all equipped with the same Scythe Kaze Jyu 100 mm fan, tuned to higher maximum speeds per type (towards higher power). The power supplies, of course, have stocked cables, and their efficiency reaches 20% even at a load of 50/100/80%, which means that they meet the criteria of the 80 Plus certificate. They have overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit protection. They measure 150 × 160 × 86 mm and weigh 2,2 kg.

Tale: The Kamariki and the Wolf 3

Technical parameters - Ps (modular) and plain (non-modular models) do not differ

Tale: The Kamariki and the Wolf 4

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